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DeadAnimals GroupIcon.jpg Dead Animals, Oz time is the scary hour.

Dead Animals
Abbreviation: Animals
Group Numbers: <10
Leadership: decisions by consensus
Goals: mutual aid, coordinated actions
Recruitment Policy: open to zombies
Contact: Political Animal Forum

Dead Animals was formed when several individual zombies grew sick of flailing at barriers, only to run out of AP's just as the final barricade falls away. We didn't want to join any of the big hordes and become mere footsoldiers in somebody else's battle, and we didn't want to be faces in the crowd gathered around a mall. We wanted enough support to actually achieve something in the game, but still have the freedom to decide our own goals.

Dead Animals was founded on the Political Animal Australian Politics Forum, where several members are playing the game. Membership to the forum (which is free) is not compulsory, though at present most of the planning will be going on there. This may change in the future if a majority of new members are not members of Political Animal.

At the moment, Dead Animals are involved in a long-term siege of buildings in Pescodside. We will move to other suburbs as fortune dictates, we are out to enjoy the game, not to claim or hold territory. Nor are we out for revenge or war against other groups, though if war is declared, we'll fight as long as we're still having fun.

We are choosing goals and working toward them day by day. If you have any suggestions for targets, all members are free to bring them up.

Our tactics are to break down the barricades, then use Feeding Groan to call all nearby zombies to the open target. We then make a point of smashing any generators, especially in Necrotech buildings.

If you're looking to get something more fulfilling for your zombie but you don't want to get locked into heavy monotony or give up your free will, Dead Animals would like to hear from you.


St. Matthew's Cathedral

Gibsonton [81,26], [82,26], [81,27], [82,27]

Sawday Bank
[80, 25]
The Cahill Building
[81, 25]
The Goulding Hotel
[82, 25]
Eelms Alley
[83, 25]
Jermyn Lane
[80, 26]
St. Matthew's Cathedral St. Matthew's Cathedral Sprod Boulevard
[83, 26]
a warehouse
[80, 27]
St. Matthew's Cathedral St. Matthew's Cathedral Factory 83,27
The Kebby Hotel
[80, 28]
The Burne Motel
[81, 28]
Churchey Road
[82, 28]
a warehouse
[83, 28]

Basic Info:

  • Cathedrals are 2x2 square buildings. Although their doors can't be closed and secured, they can still be barricaded. Cathedrals are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from.

2007 - Redux!...

10 December 2006 Having lost interest in the fat and lazy survivors of Pescodside, the few surviving Dead Animals Shamble off to Gibsonton in search of a worthy target.
July 25: Laid seige to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, ransacked and occupied it for days... eating whoever decided to try to re-take it.
June 29: Despite being adjacent to a Mall and packed with meat bags with weapons Pegrum Place Police Dept falls within a day.
June 28: Ludwell Lane Fire Station ransacked.
June 27: The Waish Building emptied.
June 25: Contacted by Murdoch X of the zombie group H.A.N.D.
June 24: Clewett Building once again cleared, seems the meat bags didn’t even bother to fight.
June 21: After the longest siege in Dead Animals history, the last two meat bags are dragged out into the street and St. Ninian's falls and after the traditional Disco, animals engage in a little ransacking.
June 11: Dead Animals return to St Ninian's, and settle for another siege.
June 8: Reavers assist and the Clewett Building is cleared for dancing.
31 May: After 7 days of knocking on the doors of St Ninian's Hospital, at one point defied by the brave stand of a single Dr Shrinker, and dismayed by the flys and mounds of dead, Dead Animals turn away and start knocking at the doors of the surrounding buildings.
May 24: St. Herman's International House of Doctors has 86'ed brains off the menu. It seems we have eaten them all. The building stands devoid of life.
May 12: Having had their fill of scientist and librarians, Dead Animals recover form their hangovers and move on to a light breakfast of doctor brains at St. Herman's International House of Doctors, just over the border, in Rolt Heights.
April 25: For the first time in an intense siege, The Featherstone Library is completely devoid of life. The Dead Animals turn the building into a disco and hold a dance party with a swingin' Beach Boys soundtrack.
April 17: It's only Love, that can take a human being and turn him inside out. Oh, and apparently so can zombies. The inhabitants of The Love Building have been annihilated.
April 16: Groser Crescent Police Department is the first building in Pescodside to fall.
April 11: Mylrea Walk Police Department is breached overnight, and completely devoid of life by lunchtime.
April 10: The Hewetson Building and The Mouter Arms both lie empty.
April 9: St. Odile's Hospital has been completely sterilised.
April 8: Skarin Row lays open and desolate with 25 dead bodies stacked outside.
April 6: With meat scared away and pickings slim in Gibsonton a cross border reconnaissance in force was done and a tipster (thanks Ssarl) indicated that the Skarin Row Police Department looked a worthy target. 38 full strength meat bags were discovered cowering inside. Despite a warning that “Only the brainless mess with Dead Animals�? placed on the wall, the meat bags stayed to fight. .
April 4: Contacted by the Undying Scourge to discuss joint operation.
April 3: St. Arnold's Hospital is declared clear.
April 2: Amatt Place School is sacked.
April 1: Chanter Museum is cleared. Some Dead Animals report Vampires in the area. Multiple action launched against the Ayliffe Street Police Department by Dead Animals who reported too late for the Chanter feeding frenzy.
March 30: After several days of action when Dead Animals are ejected only to rise again in the Oz hour the Oram Walk PD is declared sacked. It lays open and vacant, not even dead bodies.
March 28: The Dead Animals return to the Oram Walk Police Dept., cleaning out the neighboring Lumb and Brockliss Buildings, before emptying and occupying the PD.
March 27: The Lumb Building falls; the same day, action is commenced against the Oram Walk Police Department
March 26: St. Alciun's Hospital was completely emptied of survivors.
March 24: Alcuin's Hospital is sacked
March 24: St. Arnold's Hospital in Gibsonton was completely emptied of survivors.
March 24: The Patterson Building (Necrotech) was completely emptied of survivors.
March 22: Oram Walk Police Department in Gibsonton was completely emptied of survivors.
March 7: St. Columbanus' Hospital was completely emptied of survivors
March 5: Cotterrell Crescent Police Department, once a powerful base for zombie hunters, was completely emptied of survivors after a prolonged seige.
February 23: A loose alliance is formed with The Reavers.
February 11: A couple of zergers in the Dewe Building (Necrotech Lab) were targeted, and eliminated.
February 5: Cotterel Crescent Police Department was sacked and overrun.
February 3: St. Boniface's Hospital was sacked, destroying the generator.
January 23: The Hall Building (Necrotech lab) was sacked by Dead Animals, destroying the generator.
January 22: The Dewes Building barricades were smashed down by Dead Animals, allowing the influx of zombies that sacked the building.
January 12: Heckworthy Towers (mobile phone mast) was sacked by Dead Animals, destroying the generator.