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Operation: "Rural Revive"
Commanding Officer: Officer Murphy
Local Headquarters: Downe Towers, in the suburb of Dulston


To station our group across Dulston with the aid of the Dulston Alliance and it's allies;
Secure the suburb by clearing out the undead from each building one at a time. Then repairing/barricading it so that it can be used by other survivors.;
Once the suburb is back under control, we must drink heavily and hold a LAN party. Rinse. Repeat.


Dulston Alliance

Dead vs. Blue helped form, and is currently a member group in, the "Dulston Alliance". Therefore the following survivor groups, who are also members of the Alliance, are our allies (by default):

Other Allied Groups

The following non-Dulston Alliance survivor groups are also considered our allies in the fight against murderers and zombies that threaten the NE Corner of Malton:

Allies of our Past

The following list are those allies who faithfully served by our side and are now no longer with us. We will continue to fight in their honor.

Important DvB Locations in Dulston

  • Downe Towers [95,3] - Group Headquarters (occasionally used).
  • Treweeke Mall [92,7]-[93,8] - Hangout spot to get away from life (and undeath) for awhile.
  • The Whitlock Building [92,5] - NecroTech facility... members often smoke/drink/pee in what looks like a urinal but is really a syringe terminal there.
  • Duport Avenue [92,4] - Revive point.
  • Hamerton Road [98,1] - Revive point.
  • Troubridge Cinema [99,1] - The only source of entertainment besides Halo and conversation. Currently managing it is Unsunghero10.

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