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SouthWest Expedition for Eradication and Protection from Zombies
Abbreviation: DvB:SWEEPZ
Group Numbers: Unconfirmed
Leadership: Cheeser
Goals: Exterminate zombies and unite Ruddlebank.
Recruitment Policy: Join us! Read about it here.
or in this forum

Dead vs. Blue: S.W.E.E.P.Z. Branch

History of DvB:SWEEPZ


Formed in February 2007, the "SouthWest Expedition for Eradication and Protection from Zombies" (S.W.E.E.P.Z.), was the newest branch formed by Dead vs Blue. The SWEEPZ Branch was tasked with two primary goals: wiping out the zombie threat in Ruddlebank, and restoring security to the enbattled suburb through the uniting of the suburb's active survivor groups. Those members of Dead vs Blue who were enlisted from the group's main stomping grounds, Dulston, were well aware that this would be the last time, for a long while, that they would walk their home suburb's familiar streets. No longer would they be able to call Downe Towers their home, or party all night at Treweeke Mall with other members of the Dulston Alliance. Still, led by Stone Parts, the men and women of the DvB:SWEEPZ intended to blaze a path of glory through the undead hordes all the way to their new home in Ruddlebank. As much as the zombies of Dulston knew the DvB, so too would the zombies of Ruddlebank.

For those members who would later be recruited from ranks of Ruddlebank's survivors, the DvB:SWEEPZ represented a means by which the zombie menace could finally be pushed back, once and for all, from their suburb. After all, Ruddlebank was made by humans, for humans, and the zombies would learn they could never take it from them. Stationed and operating from their new headquarters at the Baillie Hotel, few realized it was the dawning of a brighter day for Ruddlebank.


  1. Relocate to Ruddlebank and familiarize ourselves with the area.
  2. Begin protection operations.
    1. Keep the following Buildings safe and powered.
      1. The Cheeke Building.
      2. Suter Blvd PD.
      3. Knapp Blvd PD.
    2. Maintain the revive point at the cemetery southwest of the Baillie Hotel.
    3. Maintain power inside Tompson Mall.
  3. Recruit and increase membership.
  4. Participate in an alliance that effectively brings cooperation to its members.
  5. Eradicate the zombie presence in and around Ruddlebank.


All DvB:SWEEPZ members are reminded to date and sign their news posting. The newest news items should be placed at the top, with older items moved to the bottom.

Dead vs. Blue Expansion
A few members have decided to form a new branch of the DvB group in the suburb of Ruddlebank. Dulston has become relatively safe lately, due in no small part to the cooperation of the Dulston Alliance members. This seems like the perfect time to take a core group with extensive experience in organizing, fighting, and healing, to other parts of Malton that still need help. If you are interested in helping this new branch, please join us and leave a message in this forum. Welcome to Dead vs Blue: SouthWest Expedition for Eradication and Protection from Zombies (DvB: SWEEPZ).
-- Cheeser, DvB:SWEEPZ   23:32, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

General Information

So you enlisted and now you want to know what you got yourself into? Well first off the DvB:SWEEPZ group is located in Ruddlebank, a suburb near the very southwest corner of Malton. The DvB:SWEEPZ's headquarters can be found at the Baillie Hotel (18,82), with resources supplied by the Tompson Mall located only 2 blocks east in nearby Lockettside. The nearest hospital to the HQ is St. Alexander's Hospital, also located 2-3 blocks away in Lockettside. The DvB:SWEEPZ's goal in Ruddlebank is to work together with the suburb's already entrenched survivor groups and maintain order, which usually translates to killing lots of zombies and defending vital resource buildings.

Recruitment Policy

Any (non-PKer) survivor in Ruddlebank, or the surrounding surburbs, who is interested in joining our group needs only to post their request on the group's official DvB:SWEEPZ forum, along with a link to their character profile. All new recruits will be informed, via the forum, when they have been accepted. At that time new recruits are asked to update their character profile's group affiliation to read: DvB:SWEEPZ.

DvB: SWEEPZ Radio Frequency

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.37 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates:
Ruddlebank: [10,80]-[19,80]-[19,89]-[10,89]

The DvB:SWEEPZ group will use the frequency 26.37 MHz, just 10 KHz from our home station of 26.36 MHz. Keep in mind this is an open channel and should not be used for "secret" suburb defense communications.

Neighborhood Allies

Octopope-Coloured.jpg Legion of the Octopope