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Clock.png Inactive Group
Death's Embrace are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 10:59, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Death's Embrace
Abbreviation: Embrace
Group Numbers: <5
Leadership: Nogginbasher
Goals: Visit the districts of malton.
Raze the buildings.
Bring carnage to the survivors.
Recruitment Policy: Invite only!
Contact: Leave a note at the talk page.

Death's Embrace

....currently inactive......

!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
This user or group is part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah.

News.gif News


08 of november 2oo7
Our brethren have gotten fat. The long period of resting is over and our nice comeback call goes out to one of our arch enemies, the YRC.
The raids of the last days have left the south of Yagoton a ruined mess, and today we stepped up with our attacks and invaded The Whatmore Building once again. Alongside a few Republicans we attacked and hit hard! Stay tuned!
16 June
Long time no news ?! Yes, sadly i must admit some of us lost interest in the game. This has several reasons, but we stay semiactive.
We fought on to many fronts at one time for our rather small capacities of a good dozen members. We lost on all of them. I got mad, left the group, rejoined them....blabla.. and we are back in business and back again at one of our favourite subs Yagoton. We crushed into good old Whatmore Building a few days ago and started the killing there, alongside various other zed groups.
Special greetings and salutations to
New noise and
keep the good work going.

23 April
Survivor breakins in Stickling Mall and Bale Mall have become daily. The pressure has increased and many harmanz which have fled the subs in the past weeks have returned. The Whatmore Building is still overpopulated and under siege by the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah and various other zeds. But the number of survivors inside is growing. It has become a rather hard battleground for the zeds in Yagoton and Shearbank.
21 April
There's a constant struggle going on in Shearbank about the domination over Stickling Mall. Due to the increasing numbers of survivors in the sub I hardly doubt that the zeds will hold the mall. We will fight anyway, but it looks grim.
19 April
Woohoo. The whole mall, Bale Mall, was taken again by the NMC. Of course we couldn't just swallow this bitter pill. Counterattacks were made. Lets see who wins this struggle. A bunch of outnumbered filthy zeds or the survivor armada, remember group numbers are about 1000(!?omgwtf). We'll see.
18 April
Stickling Mall was reataken by survivors. It seems that the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY was the spearhead of the attack. Various other survivors follwed them, some known faces from Yagoton and others from Millen Hills, which currently seems to be a survivor haven. Some of us did a few raids there, but we couldn't gain any ground.
We have no other choice but constantly attack the mall and it inhabitants. We'll see over the next days who gains control. The status at the YRC headquarter, btw for shame GoYRC, remains the same. Its almost the whole time ehb and there plenty of survivors inside.
16 April
A new month has brought up new survivor tactics. They can't take/hold the whole Bale Mall, so they only repair one corner and gather items there. Clever or lame ass tactics? You decide, i already made my decision.
Still no news from Shearbank or Whatmore Building.
14 April
The survivors begin retaking the suburb of Shearbank. The mall is still in zombie hands, but it is only a matter of time before they recade this main resource building.
The siege at the Whatmore Building is going nowhere. The survivors inside a far too many for the ~70 zeds in front of it. Revives are even so quick, that one could kill the same survi twice a day. We do constant breakins and hold the outlying resource buildings alongside other republicans and ferals.
13 April
Bale Mall was retaken by harmanz today. Of course we couldn't allow them to build up their supply base again. So we immediately launched a counter-attack and killed the handful of survivors inside. A few ran away and hid in the surrounding buldings, as usual.
And apparently we have some new very special "friends". A big welcome for the Boyscouts. They try to tell us what we should post on our page and what not *applause*.The problem is, that we only mentioned their tactics at the siege of Stickling Mall during Mall Tour '07. The truth seems to hurt these poor souls, as Blutrabe said, they like their history/reality in their own special way.
Someone of you lazy bums in Shearbank or at the Whatmore Building could fill in some news here....
10 April
The Whatmore Building has become as very powerful again. Survivors inside have breached the 100 and i can only assume that there are still growing. So our main objectives have become the same as before. We try to hold the other resource buildings in Yagoton, while a part of our group is spreading fear in Shearbank. Always keeping an watchful eye on Stickling Mall.
9 April
The onslaught was succesful. Bale Mall is ransacked again. We had to pursuit every surviovrs we could find, but i'm sure enough succesfully did their "chicken run". The growing numbers of survis in the Whatmore Building leaves a clue where they might have gone. Speaking of it, it seems that Whatmore has its old power back, as survivors inside are almost 100 again. What has ended nearly a month ago will now begin in the same way.
Some key resource buildings in Yagoton even have their lights on, they should be our prime targets.
8 April
Well well. We just started a breakinn into Bale Mall this morning, same procedure as yesterday, but today was more succesful, because our reinforcements from Stickling Mall were back. Half the mall is ransacked and the survivors seem to be outnumbered, but, as usual, they left the sinking ship like rats, so check the surrounding non resource buildings. Specially the amazingly EHB ones. It looks promising and if we hold the mall for a little while we will surely pay the good old Whatmore Building a visit too.
During the bale raid today one of our members has been found to be pking. This is because he got combat revived by some poor scientist in order to clear out a building, so please don't complain about pk's or spying if you combat revive. It is clearly visible that he is a member of our group so kill him, he won't take this hard.
8 April
As promised part of our raiding troops paid the Ranahan library a visit. We only had the urge to read a few books, noone would have get hurt. But we zeds can't use damn stupid objects, so we had to suck the information out of the skulls of its inhabitants. Quite a few got eaten and some got dragged out on the street for our brethren to share. If your still hungry you should try the library again, because it was crawling with juicy brains. Location is 54,21 in the suburb of Shearbank
Combat revived members of our group have been forced to scout a bit and found out that there are a lot of the MCDU hiding in the south of Shearbank. Try the non resource buildings and you might find some neat surprise.
7 April
Stickling Mall is ransacked again but the amount of zeds inside is quite low, so this could change again soon. Surrounding buildings are under pressure too. Part of our horde is on its way to deliver the Malton Rangers what they asked for, death. The chosen playground seems to be Bale Mall. I don't know how things are running up there, 'cause i'm in Shearbank, where we gather to pay the good survivors in the library a visit, that light is so tempting...
5 April
The joined forces of several major survivor groups, U.S. ARMY INFANTRY, Malton Civil Defense Unit, Channel 4 News Team, Malton Rangers, and members from a few smaller survivor groups were necessary to retake Stickling Mall, Bale Mall and even Whatmore Building. They, of course, celebrate their victory in their arrogantly manner. Quote: "Recently captured by the Malton Rangers in a dashing victory like none before it." Dashing victory, yeah right, 7 zeds were in Bale *applause*. Stickling is currently under siege again and it looks quite promising, at least we got a good fight, which is something we hadn't in a long time.

3 April
The pressure in Shearbank increases. Quite a bunch of survivors is back in this sub and they try to retake Stickling Mall and the other resource buildings. Break inns into the mall are daily, and even one corner is barricaded but we're still holding it for now.
2 April
The game of hide and seek continues, as certain hardliners try to barricade single buildings in Yagoton. Especially the Style Building is tempting to them. Probably because they left their tags on the walls on which they tell stories about their glorious retake, which lastet almost 24 hours, good job (irony off)!
And we found another Ratpack today. This time they hid in Brooke Hills at the Motel. Blood was spilled and the feeding was initiated by groaning.
1 April
I must admit that Kevan really tricked me with his April fools joke. A much needed smile showed up on my face. Thanks for that.
30 March
Tumbleweed passes by blown by the wind, as well as old newspaper from the days before the outbreak. The neighbourhood of Yagoton and Brooke Hills are underpopulated, and it seems that the survivors have given up on Bale Mall. Things are almost to quite, except for very few groanings which promise feed.

26 March
It seems that some members of the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY plan an attack on Stickling Mall in order to get the zombies out. They killed a few zeds in the past days, and we were intrigued where they hide. Today we found them and invite every Feral to dig in deep in their cowardly hide. A group of them is in The Derrington Building 50,26 in Shearbank. Watch them carefully. Their group is known to amazingly increase and decrease in numbers, like gaining/losing 40 members in a few days.
We expected much more resistance from the Rangers, which started a raid in the northwest of Yagoton but have fled from the sub again. Same rangertactic as in Stickling Mall. If the shit hits the fan, they always the first to run.
24 March
A constant battle goes on between a few survivors and the zeds. They combinate the barricading with "zombie on zombie violence" from their group affiliates. First they "clear" the buildings with zeds, and then they cade it up again. But we get blamed if we kill them in human form, when we get combat revived....airheads.
22 March
UAG Agents and our group are roaming the streets of Yagoton to find the few survivors that are left there somewhere. We found some of the mentioned fresh troops and wasted them immediately. The Whatmore Building was captured by survivors again yesterday, but part of our horde killed the handful of survis inside right away. Things are quite in Stickling Mall, and Brooke Hills is a total mess.
21 March
We were called by allies from the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah to aid them in the north of Yagoton. It seemed that some rats tried to build their nest again in The Style Building. We couldn't allow that. There must be some fresh troops somewhere hidden in the district, but as usual they are hard to find, hiding in their dirty complexes and prolly crying...
Nothing has really changed since the promised arrival fo the survivor saviors, as excepted. The NT buildings in Yagoton are still ransacked. Bale Mall is a total mess since we recapped it, and Stickling Mall is still in our control.
Come out. We await you.


Well, it was not quite like the two times before, but we totally attacked Whatmore Building today. Viewers of our talk page might have guessed that something like this would happen in the near future, so we had to take the elemnt of surprise as long as we had it. We are now supporting the others ferals laying siege on this NT building, alongside our new friends from b/ and Undeadites our new allies.
We also saw some other zed group members today as we rushed in, and would like to honour them as well
Black Orchid
Feral Undead
Eastonwood Ferals
and of course Ferals
we're glad to have you all on our side and looking forward to the siege of Whatmore. Maybe we now have the zedpower to finally bring it down.
--Cyrill Dent 19:20, 13 March 2007 (UTC)


Second Rush Another infamous Mallrush
The progress in Yagoton was stagnant. It seemed like the harmans gave up their precious resource buildings. We knew , from older raids, that key buildings like Catherine Hospital or Holsgrove Row PD usually got reclaimed on a daily basis. So why not this time ? Because they were taking a short walk to Stickling Mall. In order to successfully siege the Whatmore Building we just couldn't allow this stream of supplies.--Cyrill Dent 20:54, 11 March 2007 (UTC)


Suprise Attack! The infamous Zombie-Blitz in action.
We’re done with the Zoo Tour and I think our hunger left enough to keep The Malton Zookeepers and their revive game occupied for a while. Other ferals are still running wild in the open cages and harvest the brains that where left by us.
So what to do next ? Most of us where homesick, so we decided to move back to Brooke Hills again. We reclaimed a few resource buildings, including our “HQ” Heathcote Building. After a good nights rest our troops slowly shambled north for a visit in Yagoton. We knew that republic forces had a hard time claiming the Whatmore Building so we decided to decrease the flow of first aid kits by a quick rush of the Bale Mall. Said and done, we claimed the NE corner. We'll stay there for a while and help at the siege.--Nogginbasher 16:15, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

A Zoo Tour?

As this idea rose amongst our ranks there was laughter at first, but then why not ? If there’s a Mall Tour 07 why not make a Zoo Tour. Ok we have only one in malton, but we allready got challenged by The Malton Zookeepers so why not make a complete zoo tour.
It wasn’t very hard to convince our members, and even got some support from the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah, as the Unknown Armies joint the carnage, because it seems that they have become victims of the unwanted revives from members of The Malton Zookeepers too.
Also among our ranks are The Apocalypse Horde
and various Ferals.
The zoo was brought down today, and all animals have been released. Of course we had to destroy the key buildings in Ketchelbank as well, so all NT buildings are ransacked and the hospital is a mess as well. We don’t know how you,The Malton Zookeepers, got beef with the other groups, but you brought this upon yourself by this ongoing combat revive shit. Safe your syringes for those who want to play survivors.--Gruntbrain 19:01, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

What's new ?

First of all we are now members of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah. It seemed that our raid at Stickling was proof enough for them to lets us join. We are proud to be members of this organisation. We will now try even harder to increase the territory of the republic.
The streets of Brooke Hills are safer for a few days, 'cause we got challenged by The Malton Zookeepers, who repeat their unwanted revives. So we had to visit their main Necrotech Buildings, Staples and Lockwood. Of course we had to destroy and ransack Turle Bank as well. The increased que of over 20 "mrh cows" at St. Piu's Church speaks for itself. I think most killings go to the account of
who combat revived us more than 5 times. Maybe you learn something from our attack ? We hope so.
And again the unwanted revivers grow in their numbers as
Death Hand
Twingo des bois
waste their syringes on us. Yes, if we get revived we take skills like bodybuilding and might even search for flak jackets. Of course we scout buildings and attack those who are occupied by many survivors, so your revives aren't useful at all. Don't do that anymore, or we waste your sorry ass.
--Nogginbasher 02:21, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

Good news for Brooke hills

Most of our members are back "home" at their turf wrecking havoc in brooke hills again. As before we try to keep the revive times high and the resource buildings ransacked and occupied, by zambahs of course. As far as i know the plan works well so far and as soon as all of our members have returned from the tour we will launch an even more vicious attack on brooke hills.
On another hand there are negotiations with the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah. We might join this fine organisation in the near future, so stay tuned ferals.
Also we must blame some poor fools which have combat revived us in our hood.
Helper Boy
all of you made scouting possible which lead to a lot of dead survivors. You should be proud of that.We don't use scouts/spies so please don't "force" us to spy on buildings. We are a zambah group and don't want to be alive. It sickens us. If you can't beat us fair and square go and look for someone who can.
--Cyrill Dent 23:34, 28 February 2007 (UTC)

Short visit to Stickling Mall

Good evening. Due to the fact that the supplies of fresh brains has become rather short in the suburb of Brooke Hills, our little group decided to take a short visit to our good neighbors in Shearbank. We heard about this Mall Tour awhile ago, but always thought it would be outside of our reach to join this fine event. Luckily we where wrong. So we gathered some of our scattered troops in the westside and paid our friends of the SunOrg a visit at their night club CrappyArms. They were, as usually, accompanied by their new help NightRavers and BinLadens Daughter. Everyone had to die.
After a good rest and still strenghened by our meal we attacked Whippey at first, but changed our strategy and where among the mob which finally entered the SE corner and began the ransacking. It was fun seeing so many survivors gathered together. Almost like sheep. And that was the way they died.--Nogginbasher 19:31, 25 February 2007 (UTC)

We got this all wrong...

I must admit we have made a little mistake.
We don't have any beef gonig on with TSO. It was brought to my attention that TSO The shining ones is in fact a zed group. So TSO The Sun Organization is just a lame group of copycats using the same abbrevation.
Apoligies to the real TSO aka the shining ones, and another reason to attack you Sunny boys some more.
Btw, you don't even know how the sun looks like.
Always crawling inside barricaded buildings. You all should have a chalky tone by now.

--Gruntbrain 23:10, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Mixed News. Tasty.

It seems to be an never ending story, which repeats itself right onto the suburbs page. New players get accused in an attemp to drive them off the game. Yes dear readers I’m talking about our friends from TSO again. Who keep accusing us ingame and at any given occasion on the wiki pages, because we coordinate our attacks, instead of mindlessly scratching at barricades. They do that as well, even in suspicious ways
, but that’s ok ‘cause they are good and we are the evil. They even have scientiest among their ranks who don’t value their lives at all, as long as its for the greater scanning goal
I really need to scan.JPG.
And we get the pointless record, which seems to have a scratch ‘cause it keeps repeating itself.
We don’t use spies, and we don’t react to “hints” which certain otherwise unknown characters gave us ingame. We open buildings which seem to be inhabited. Currently our main objective is to hold the PD’s. So we keep the streets saver for the other low lvl zeds.
On another hand I must say that I’m totally annoyed by this behaviour of certain people. We just joined the game and you give us a hardtime even from before day 1.
--Gruntbrain 14:12, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

Good evening friends and viewers


I must admit we haven't got the image of our good friend SuperMario24 right, so we have to upgrade it.
Also there were some coincidences today, to talk in the terms of SM24, which were quite suspicious. Some of our members got attack and talked to, in a rather, how to describe it, zerg-way. The Embrace investigators are still searching for clues, but it was brought to my attention that we have already screenshots. Maybe someone who is zerging should not accuse others of the same thing?! That's just my opinion. --Gruntbrain 22:01, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

Brooke Hills still safe ?!

Gaining advantage over our overconfident "friends" we keep destryoing buildings and killing survivors. Maybe it's time for humanity saviours to finally show us some resistence. None seen so far....
--Gruntbrain 03:32, 31 January 2007 (UTC)

A new friend for us?!

Apparently we have some news already. It seems that we have an enemy.
A warm Embrace welcome for SuperMario24
- --Gruntbrain 08:20, 28 January 2007 (UTC)

Allies.JPG Brothers in arms

We would like to honour the following groups/individuals ,who fought beside us or aided us on our missions.

DTourWikiImg.png Mall Tour '07We had fun at Stickling, we might even join other mall raids
Unknown armies.gif Unknown Armies tough taskforce
Horde.JPG The Apocalypse Horde which fought beside us in Ketchelbank, we never communicated but I think we had a lot of fun at the zoo.
UndeaditeRecruitment.jpg Undeadites Invited us to the Whatmore siege
Avatarthatgetubanned.gif b/ you gotta love their page
Legend.JPG Maxime Legend ,bullet sponge and hardcore YRC opportunist.

Graveyard sm.jpg Vanquished Enemies

Sunthumb.jpgThe Sun Organization
Good luck with your new group The Rising Sun in the sub Spicer Hills.

GoYRC.gifGuardians of the YRC
Good luck Gasbandit.

History.JPG History

A bunch of old UT veterans. We joined this game after we heard about it from a good friend of ours. The lack of zombies at the time being forced us to join their side. The tables have turned, but most of us already "bought" brain rot, so we have to stay as zeds, the superior side. Of course we had problems from the beginnning. We were accused of zerging and even other groups got blaimed for us. People we never met or even heard from. It almost seemed like some players didn't like a new zed group in thier turf. They pulled every string but we stayed in the game, i don't know how many they scared of the game with this behaviour before. After other game's, in which we partcipated, like DAoC or Diablo2 or Unreal Tournament or...... but mainly UT
So forces please try to keep your group right and don't use our abbrevation. Death's Embrace should stand at the group window in urbandead.

Nc2.jpg Number Cruncher
The vile numbers are the scum of Malton. Whether uncreative, unoriginal, or outright zergers, they must die.