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"There are things worse then death. One of those things is standing here, waiting to die."
It is highly possible, nay probable, that every survivor in Malton someday will succumb to the zombie horde. Should that happen, we find ourselves robbed of revives, robbed of fellow survivors to hold weapons, to barricade buildings, or to even joke with. Should the day come when the citizens of Malton one day succumb to the massive hordes, humanity will be extinguished.

The Death Bringer's Legion is dedicated to stop the hordes wherever they thrive. We assist all survivor groups should they come under siege. We envision a zombie free Malton, and we will not allow a zombie controlled Malton to ever come about. Anyone who wishes to join us in our cause is welcome too.

We, the Death Bringer's Legion, shall bring death to the undead scourge.
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