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                                        Deck of 52
                                      Training Guide

This guide will help you perform up to the standards expected of you as a member of the Deck of 52. It will give many strategies as to how to play the game, including common terminology and slang, and information on how to gain XP (Experience), what skills to earn, and other general information.

As a Deck of 52 Recruit, you will be given this training guide. You will then be given one week to study it, and will then be given a test on it’s contents. Depending on your score, you will assigned a rank in the Deck of 52. If you fail, you will not be assigned a Face Card.

(If you have a mid or high-level player in Urban Dead, you don’t have to read this…You’ll easily pass the test.)

Lesson 1:

        Terminology & Slang

This is a simple list of terms and slang you will need to know to understand the game of Urban Dead better.

GKer - Generator Killer. A player who destroys generators.

PKer - Player Killer. A survivor who kills other survivors.

Rotter - A zombie with the Brain Rot skill. Cannot be revived in most circumstances.

RKer - A player who destroys radios.

Zerger - A player who uses two or more players to accomplish the a goal.

Zed - Common term for zombie.

FAK - First Aid Kit

Genny - Generator

NT - NecroTech

RP - Revive Point

KOS - Kill on Sight; Used to Classify Player Killers (see above)

Cades - Barricades

VSB - Very Strongly Barricaded

EHB - Extremely Heavily Barricaded

HP - Health Points

XP - Experience Points

AP - Action Points

UD - Urban Dead

Lesson 2:

        Gaining Experience (XP)

This lesson will discuss how to quickly gain XP and level up, particularly in the early stages of your character. There are several different strategies for different players to gain XP; the major ones will be discussed here. You need 100 XP points to buy a skill.


XP gained is equal to damage dealt for human-zombie combat. For example if you shoot a zombie for 5 damage with a pistol, you will gain 5 XP. A bonus of 10 XP is granted when you kill your targets by reducing them to 0 HP. This is the most common way to gain XP. It is recommended you get Axe Proficiency and Hand to Hand Combat as soon as possible for your character, as this is the easiest way for a new character to level up using combat. It is not recommended you use firearms in the until your character has more firearm skills, because if you use firearms, you must also search for ammo often, wasting valuable XP.

                                       First Aid

A player who uses a first-aid kit on another player gains 5 XP. Players healing themselves do not earn XP. A reliable way to gain XP. Diagnosis is vital if you wish to be a medic.

                                     DNA Extraction

Players with the NecroTech Employment skill can use DNA Extractors on zombies they find to receive data on a zombie and gain 4 XP. Each zombie can be "tagged" only once in calendar day (by UK time). A semi-reliable way to gain XP.


A player with the Lab Experience skill who uses a revivification syringe on a zombie that does not have Brain Rot gains 10 XP. It is Deck of 52 policy to scan a zombie and confirm they survivor friendly before they are brought back to life by our personnel.

Lesson 3:

        Overall Guide

This section will make a quick run through how to survive in the war zone that is Malton.

                            Equipment, Weapons, and Buildings

Different buildings offer different things. For example, you'll find weapons and ammo in a police station, and you'll find First Aid Kits (or "FAKs") in hospitals. Below is a list of important buildings:

Police Station - Good for weapons, but don't rest here. Zombies will frequently break in. You can find Pistols and Pistol Clips, Shotguns and Shotgun Shells, Flak Jackets and Flare Guns here.

Hospitals - Hospitals are good places to rest in. If you're hurt, more experienced survivors with the Diagnosis skill will frequently heal you. You'll be able to find First Aid Kits here. These are incredibly useful, for if you're infected, you'll need one to stop yourself from turning into a zombie. If you get bitten and you don't have one, do not despair. Simply enter a building and ask someone to patch you up. It works every time.

Fire Stations: Not much to do here, but it's pretty safe to rest in one. You'll find Fire Axes, Flare Guns and Portable Generators inside these buildings.

NecroTech Building: You'll not know if the building you're in is a NecroTech building unless you enter it or you have the NecroTech Employment skill. Never rest in these buildings. This is the first place zeds will attack if they come in force, which they often do. You'll find useful science items like Syringes, Extractors and GPS Units inside. You may also find books inside.

These buildings are useful, so stay in safe ones or buildings that are nearby to them. There are many other buildings that you may find, but the most useful is a Mall. They haven't put it on the above list because they are nearly always Extremely Heavily Barricaded, so all new survivors will not be able to get in.


These are the main skills you need to survive in Malton.

Free-Running - You cannot survive in Malton without this skill. Without Free-Running, you cannot enter any building that has been barricaded higher than VSB+2. Ninety percent of inhabited buildings in Malton are EHB, including places such as police stations and NT Buildings you need access to.

Diagnosis - Tells you the HP amounts of other survivors, and very plainly saves you AP. If you attempt to heal someone with full HP, you will waste one AP. However, you will never waste AP on healing already healed survivors with Diagnosis, because you’ll know who to heal. Construction - You need barricades to survive. End of story.

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