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Malton Department of Defense
Malton Department of Defense

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Frequency: 26.32


The Defense Security Service is the multi-mission, all purpose division of the Malton Department of Defense dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Malton. DSS personnel have been well trained in the ways of warfare. DSS members are organized into strike teams (primarily based on members' timezones), and launch synchronized assaults on zombie infested territory. The primary mission of the DSS is to eliminate the undead infestation, reclaim valuable infrastructure, and provide aid to citizens and pro-survivor groups in distress. The DSS does not actively engage PKers unless fired upon first.

Two DSS agents surveying a possible recon point.

Division Commander

The DSS is commanded by Malton veteran Icenine.


The DSS conducts day to day operations which involve the securing of buildings and maintenance of barricades on safehouses. Each DSS fireteam follows a localized set of orders issued by the highest ranked officers. In the event of large scale suburb or regional threats, MDD High Command will coordinate with all units to ensure a timely response.


The Standard DSS Uniform consists of the following clothing items, though members are free to modify to suit their own preferences and comfort:

  • a black beret
  • a pair of mirrored sunglasses
  • a set of Fort Creedy dog-tags
  • a black short-sleeved shirt
  • a camouflage jacket (assumed to be in subdued urban camouflage)
  • a pair of camouflage trousers
  • a pair of black leather boots

Regardless of clothing items worn, uniform or otherwise, a Defense Security Service unit patch should be included in the character's survivor and zombie descriptions.

Organizational Structure

The DSS is divided into a number of 6-man fireteams, each assigned a DHHS medic. Each fireteam is equipped to work cohesively together to accomplish goals in isolated areas, away from other MDD backup personnel. DSS fireteams can also work together during larger, full operations, where they will be supported by DHHS personnel and possibly the NSA.

Each fireteam includes:

  • a Designated Medic (Provided by the DHHS)
  • a Designated Repairman
  • a Secondary Medic
  • three Dedicated Combat Patrol Units

Each fireteam member carries a predesignated loadout of equipment into combat. This ensures that all DSS fireteams are able to accomplish the maximum possible in a short time span.


The DSS is actively recruiting. If you are a survivor and have grown tired with the lone ranger lifestyle, consider joining the DSS! We maintain active fireteams and coordinate closely with our brothers in the DHHS and NSA.

A Special Incentive:
If you are currently part of a defunct group serving alongside a handful of other members, considering joining the DSS. MDD High Command will grant special dispensation for new fireteams if new recruits have previously served together in a different group. This means all you Malton vets who have clung to the badges of groups long gone can continue working with the still active members of your past group, but as part of an active community. For more details on this offer, visit the MDD Recruiting Office.

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