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Dentonside Power

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Current Operations

Okay, the current operations within the suburb are as follows.

  • Rapid Cleansing & Maintenance

This basically involves Barricade Strafing within the suburb while adhering to the set Barricade Plan of Dentonside. Hopefully this will allow the suburb to return to a state of relative safety. Although failing this the second plan is to defend critical points within the suburb and expand from there.

Other than that there currently are no other set operations!

Work Places

Now to keep things clear you are not to sleep inside and defend Denner Towers, Simplicius General Hospital or the Maney Lane Police Department! Instead you are to only supply these buildings with regular refills of fuel for running generators, replacement generators if necessary and to clear/repair these buildings if they are ransacked or fall into ruin! The job of defending these buildings is a job to be carried out by groups and survivors who intend on staying within these buildings and require their services and items located within.

The only buildings we are required to defend are the factory and the three Auto Repair shops. This is because they hold necessary supplies which are vital to our task and are less likely to be attacked in the long run by feral zombies.

Now the position at the revive point is a no-brainer. Basically you collect syringes from the nearby Necro-Tech building if it's secure and take a DNA sample from zombies at Cowdry Walk before reviving them if they aren't suffering from Brain Rot.

And the weekly scout basically involves you making an observation from the top of Denner Towers with a pair of binoculars every week and updating the Necrowatch section on the Denner Towers page. More than one person can do this if they want and work in a rotation scheme but be advised you will be required to have other work duties!

Suggested Items You Should Have

These are just a few items I suggest all members should think about having or have on them.

  • 1X Binoculars - Help keep us updated! Report what you see from Denners Tower on our news page! Good to have a pair, but don't bother searching if you don't have them.
  • 1X First Aid Kit - One is a suggested minimum as to cure infections you may gain. You should have one on you at all times.
  • 1X Fuel Can - You should have at least one on you at all times.
  • 1X Mobile Phone/Cell Phone - Not all that useful, although if you already have one, keep it. If not, don't bother hunting for one.
  • 1X Generator - These are horrifically heavy. Only have one if you need to install one in a building.
  • 1X Toolbox - You should have one of these on you at all times! They are necessary to repair ruined buildings and to repair broken generators and radio transmitters!
  • 1X Radio - Not necessary, although if you have one keep it, if not don't bother searching unless you need it.
  • 1X Spraycan - Have at least one of these to promote the group and the barricade policy etc.
  • 1X Fire Axe - They don't need bullets and are more ideally suited for the job. You should have at least one on hand.
  • 1X Flak Jacket - Not necessary although it does help to defend you slightly from any wannabe Pkers who target you.

You can also carry extra items of your own choice and may carry firearms and ammunition if you wish to. Please remember this is just a general guide to what you should think about having on your person and what is generally necessary as to remain efficient while working in the suburb.