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DEM Disaster Response Teams
Abbreviation: DaRT
Group Numbers: Undisclosed
Leadership: DEM Council
Goals: To Protect Lives and Property
Recruitment Policy: Membership Requirements
Contact: DivComs and Group Leaders

Disaster Response Teams (DaRTs) were special joint-branch units under the Department of Emergency Management. Unlike regular units, these teams were mobile within a DEM Division allowing them to move from one suburb to another as needed.

The concept of Disaster Response Teams is not currently used by the DEM.

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Operational Guidelines

1. DaRTs operate under a Team Leader, a rank equivalent to Captain/Inspector, who in turn is under the direct command of the DEM Council.

2. If operating in a suburb with active DEM officers of Suburb command rank or higher present, then the DaRT is expected to cooperate fully with local command. Team Leaders should always keep DivCom informed of their general operational status.

3. DaRTs operate primarily within one Division. There will be at most two teams in any given Division at any time.

4. Each team shall consist of 5-8 members.

5. DaRTs are expected to spend most of their time assisting stationed teams in their Divisions during times of acute need and responding to nearby alarms. The Council Chairman may at times dispatch DaRTs to fulfill specific missions, such as helping (re)secure a Suburb or coming to the aid of an Ally or Strategic Partner. DaRT operations can consist of any duties generally performed by any branch of the DEM other than Bounty Hunting.

6. The team shall care for its own (un)dead and wounded as a priority. When operational parameters permit, and between missions, they should provide relief to other DEM personnel, then Partners and Allies, then civilian casualties, prioritizing those with NT and First Aid skills. To this end, team members should always keep FAKs and syringes on hand.

7. The Team Leader is responsible for making sure the team closely coordinates its movements (given the game set-up, this means everyone arrives within 1/2 a day of each other) and activities through whatever means is most effective for the team members.

8. Even when not operating in an area with active stationed staff, one team member shall issue a SitRep in the appropriate thread after each mission detailing the outcome.


Applicants must be members of a DEM group in good standing, with at least 3 weeks post-Academy experience. You must be at least 6th level to join and possess the Free Running skill.


The idea of having strike teams was first discussed on the DEM boards. Now that membership is sufficient in many Districts, some thought more mobile units would be of use in responding to emergencies and bolstering local personnel, without depleting nearby stations. The first Disaster Response Teams where organized in the SW district mid January 2006 by Battalion Chief Boom boom Barbara and headed by Captains Craptaculon and EnForcer32.

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