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The NW-1 district consists of the suburbs Gatcombeton, Chudleyton, Darvall Heights, Eastonwood and East Becktown.

Containing Caiger Mall, the district has seen quite a lot of carnage. The DEM is working around the clock to revive the dead and secure safehouses.

DEM Badge.jpg Department of Emergency Management DEM Badge.jpg

DEM Recruitment | The Academy | Contact Information
Malton Fire Department CoC | Malton Police Department CoC | Malton Forensics Unit CoC
Malton Marshals | Malton Civil Defense Unit

Strategic Partners: Black Berets | FANNY | Fortress | Knights Templar | U.S. ARMY INFANTRY

UBP | Sacred Ground Policy | Pay It Forward | RESCUE | River Tactics | No Random Revives

Request a revive | DIAL 112 (contact the DEM) | Join the DEM Contact the DEM on Discord

I'm dead, what do I do?

  • Go to one of the revive points.
  • Register a revive request at We try to avoid reviving at random.
  • Note if you are infected in your revive request. We'll try to get you a FAK.
  • Stay standing. We can't revive you while you're lying down.
  • Be patient! The queues are long, and we're doing our best.

General tips

  • Carry at least one emergency FAK to use on yourself in case of infection.
  • Don't sleep in resource buildings. They draw zombies like moths to a flame.
  • Change your sleeping location regularly. Don't be predictable.

How can I help?


We need to get people back on their feet and you can help! One revive means another survivor to help with the effort.

  • Use the RPs listed above.
  • Don't revive at random.
  • Don't combat revive.
  • Use for applicants.
  • Otherwise do a DNA scan first.
  • Don't revive at random.
  • Don't revive known members of zombie groups.
  • Don't revive known criminals.
  • Don't revive those who have an overwhelming majority of zombie skills. (Make a call if the survivor/zombie skill ratio is equal)
  • Don't revive at random.
  • Revive those with reviver skills first.
  • Revive high levels before low levels. It's harsh, we know, but it'll gain us more in the long run.


Barricading, or cading, is our most effective weapon against zombies.

  • Barricade empty buildings first! More safehouses means more targets the zombies will have to cover.

When entering a building with both zombies and survivors, we advise the following sequence:

  1. Dump bodies first. You don't want them to stand up with full health and ruin your work.
  2. Barricade as much as you can. That prevents other zombies from getting in.
  3. Heal survivors. That'll increase their chances for survival and for fighting back.
  4. Drop zombies. Dump their bodies immediatly before moving on to the next one.


Help your fellow survivors. Heal those in need. Healthy survivors can fight longer.

Share information!

Tell other survivors what you're doing. Did you spot open buildings? Did you see a hurt survivor? Was a building powered?


Note how this is far down on the list! Barricading, reviving and healing is always better than dropping zombies. The only exception is saving someone from getting killed.

  • Don't kill zombies outside buildings. It is a total and utter waste of your energy except for gaining experience.
  • Clear buildings with one or few zombies first.

Known zombie groups

This lists the known members of active zombie groups in the NW-1 area. Add them to your contacts, avoid reviving them, be careful around them in human form.

Please report any additions to these groups to the DEM.

The following profile lists may be out of date.

Eastonwood Ferals

The EF are wanted for murder, aggravated assault, breaking and entering, destroying public property, defaming public property, assaulting police officers and generally being an annoying nuisance.

The MPD has issued a Kill On Sight order for members of the EF.

Unknown Armies

The Unknown Armies is a zombie support group, lending their forces to different groups. They are working closely with the Eastonwood Ferals.

Pathetic Bill

The mass murderer William "Pathetic Bill" Lucas has plagued the area of Eastonwood for quite some time. He has also seemed to gather quite a gang of copycat killers with him.

House of Wax: Hall of Villans

This PK group consists of people who are seemingly wax copies of other known murderers in Malton. They have been known to target DEM members specifically.

About the DEM

The Department of Emergency Management is an umbrella group consisting of the Malton Fire Department, Malton Emergency Medical Services, Malton Police Department, Malton Marshals, Malton Forensics Unit, and Malton Civil Defense Unit. We also have several strategic partners and allies. We are a city wide organization that strives to keep Malton safe for all survivors.

Se our recruitment page for more information and how to join.

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