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This page is about the Needle Blitz, a special operation of the DEM.

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Needle Blitz is a temporary concentration of District forces into an area with the intention to revive a given amount of survivors in a short time (a week or less). The hope is that the newly revived survivors will help reclaim the local area. DEM personnel will report back to their regular assignments after a Needle Blitz operation is complete.

Example of an operation



Purple R Revive Point Primary Objective
Black E Entry Point Keep at VSB or Ransacked
Red Border Primary Safehouses Keep at EHB
Orange Border Secondary S.H./E.P. Keep at VSB until needed
Yellow Border Backup Safehouses Keep at VSB or higher until needed
Green Border Secondary Objectives If all goes well, secure these buildings

Revival Priority System

  1. Needle Blitz operatives
  2. Other DEM personnel
  3. Revive request listers
  4. Local survivor groups
  5. Other survivor groups
  6. Other pro-survivor Zombies standing in line

Rules of Engagement

  • The operation will use volunteer District personnel.

Needle Blitz will last no longer than one week and all personnel will return to their regular assignments after the operation is complete. For maximum success, District personnel should be scouting potential new areas for future operations during their regular duties.

  • Needle Blitz operatives are authorized to drop Brain-Rotted Zombies standing at Revive Points.

Rotters "clog" the line and prevent further scanning at that location. Since dropping a zombie is AP intensive, Needle Blitz operatives should make every effort to take advantage of the "unclogged" Revive Point while the opportunity exists.

  • All revivifications should include a speech to encourage local reclamation and/or DEM recruitment.

Welcome back to life, courtesy of the DEM. Want to give it purpose? Help reclaim the local area and/or join the DEM (see Ask for a revive at

  • Needle Blitz will utilize temporary Barricade Plans.

While the operation will try to conform to local Plans, Needle Blitz operatives are authorized to barricade as the commander sees fit to maximize success. Since the operation is short-lived and focused on reviving, a temporary disruption to the local barricade plan is acceptable.

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