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Descript Survivors
Abbreviation: DS
Group Numbers: 30+
Goals: more color to the game through descriptions
Recruitment Policy: you drop in, we drink, we chat
Contact: at the Hardinge Arms

Descript and beautiful

Loved by their neighbours the Descript Survivors are taking the biggest efforts to reinstate dignity and a sophisticated air to Shore Hills. At least, that is, if you consider a hangover an essential value.

Mercilessly mocking anybody who actively rejects or simply "forgot" to have a description in his character profile, the Descript Survivors combine two of their favourite activities: gossiping and using expressions that are really too elaborate (therefore often missspelled) for both their vocabulary and state of drunken stupor.

By now a stable asset to their suburb, Descript Survivors in various capacities are active in the fight for a better Shore Hills. They clear the area of zombies, give medical assistance, barricade buildings, give their support to young survivors, bring back to life the ones who die, help maintain the phone network ... they are really too good to be true, when you think of it. All in the hope that, one day, they can take down the tables and jukeboxes in front of the windows of their humble abode, the Hardinge Arms, and have some fresh air while still being the irritating hedonists and vexatious wiseacres they already are.

The ONE and ONLY!

The Hardinge Arms - "Classiest Bar in Malton" was awarded full points in The Malton Good Beer Guide!!!

Workshop "Ideas for new game features"

The ever social place, our beloved Hardinge Arms, recently has been buzzing with ideas about how to improve quality of life, Shore Hills and the city as a whole. Not that we need any improvement, really, our beer here is great! Anyway, here come the latest ideas (feel free to add more):

Unlife Ender: "How about a chat window, one that doesn't take up AP."

MegaJenks: "One that encompases a building, a suburb or the entire city? I think new skills/exp sinks should be brought in. I've got 5.5k of exp doing nothing, I should be able to convert it into AP or get a new uber-expensive skill"

Unlife Ender: "I think maybe something that you can only use once would be a good idea, so there would be a point to all the extra XP. 200xp for a custom airbrushed shirt at the mall, or 300 to hide in the rubble when you are out of AP and can't get in a building"

MegaJenks: "I have a couple of bad suggestions XD : Baricading past EHB at the cost of special items from the junkyard and xp. So you could get three more levels of cading if you paid, say, 600 EXP and three metal sheets. Or being able to boost your inventory size by 25% for skill to make your clothes immune to damage for 2000xp..."

Bad Faith: "I like the idea of something like fortress building. Where you can bring debris from other buildings."

How to Take Back the Hills

So...we're all sporting some nifty zed green. And I mean ALL of us. Well Stop waiting at Randle. Stop wandering around. And stop, zombie brothers and sisters, killing other zombies. We just need to mortally wound zombies and then let somebody with the capacity for the headshot to finish them. We have to grief this menace out of the Hills. Killing them is fun, but sending a message isn't working. They just get up, again and again.

Now that means that one or a couple of us are going to have to make the long walk and get themselves revived (oooh ooooh me me). As far as we know, all our friends are greenies too. It's a tough time in Central Malton. But we need a leg to stand on. We need somebody to pick off the wounded zeds. I'm going to take a walk and see about getting stuck and finding some syringes. Fight on, and leave me some scraps. Or take a walk of your own...

Here's to our eternal Happy Hour, Bad Faith


The Descript Survivors, once more, are going new ways. Since shooting, hacking and smashing the rotting fellas seems to have only temporary effect, we thought it might be time to try alternative methods. What Bad Faith came up with after ...oh, let's not count... beers, though, seemed absolutely outrageous. He suggested to do what humans do best, to not only fill the earth, but also to subdue it. The zombies are wild, hostile and uncontrollable, so let's change that and DOMESTICATE them!! We did it to cows, pigs, chicken...we can do it to ZOMBIES! We are not entirely sure what they would be good for, but hey, they do make a pretty cool PET, right? Well, this clearly is a pilot project, so the outcome is by no means sure. However, we are willing to take the risk. Stepping up for humanity, we are going to have Malton's first pet zombie, and we will let all you people out there know, whether this might be the way of the future.

Now, we do think our pet-zombie-to-be deserves a proper name. And it is up to YOU to come up with it! Post your suggestions here (max. 2 per person), together with your profile link, and you might win a month of free drinks in Malton's Classiest Bar, the HARDINGE ARMS, as well as an honorary membership with the DESCRIPT SURVIVORS! Alternatively, drop in at the Hardinge Arms and tell us your ideas in person.

Recent happenings at the Hardinge Arms

  • February 2010

After a long period of inactivity, Raccooncityangel, one of the founding members, has returned to Shore Hills and The Arms to rally the Descript Survivors. Though many have fallen to the putrid side, she has been searching left and right for the original Descript Survivors and attempting to recruit new members. RCAngel 17:24, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

  • March 2007

You may think what you want about art. We Descript Survivors in general tend to think only on occasion, so there is really not much to say about the official DS taste in art. Beginning animosities between a European art faction, who favoured especially Dutch masters and their inclination towards depicting rural drinking scenes, and another group cheering for contemporary artist because of their innate ability of depicting nothing at all, a fact that makes you feel drunk even before the first beer, were settled as usual. So when we all woke up and were done dealing with our hangovers, it was, quite reasonably, decided to leave all the numerous paintings that had amassed by then in the pub. Unfortunately, that included the splotchy burned one and also the creepy one with the eyes that follow you wherever you go....Seriously, it is eerie...and one eye has that red glint to it...who put that here, anyway?

  • CHRISTMAS 2006 at the Hardinge Arms

This season turned out to be especially lovely. The whole neighborhood came together for mulled wine and other spirits. Everybody was seated around a recently cut fir tree with coloured lights in order to indulge in the particular spirit of Christmas. At the Hardinge Arms, many our friends especially from the Village People of the Damned and the Black Berets joined us in the celebrations. The only problem was arising on the 6th of January, when nobody felt like cleaning up and taking the tree out. Fortunately, we came up with an idea in real DS style and simply opened our doors to let the rotting mob from outside take care of our celebratory leftovers. By now, we all got our favourite seats and drinks back.

  • As of the 21 September 2006 the Descript Survivors are a confirmed group. With our numbers swelling we are now ready to take on further tasks. Times are getting darker for the meagre zombie population of Shore Hills!
  • The most recent event is a sudden surge in non-bounty hunter PKers frequenting only long enough to kill one or two people, then either disappearing into the crowd or hiding as a zombie. Due to the unusual upswing following the bounty hunter incident, some suspect that it is more than mere coincidence.
  • Lately we have been at variance with the bounty hunters at the Rogue's Gallery. In fact, at times our cosy home was a mess with the blood of both, ours and bounty hunters mingling in big stains on the floor. But, thanks to the efforts of Arcos, a peaceful resolution was reached shortly after the violence and name calling hit a peak.
  • Like the rest of the survivors in the area, we were disposed of both, our precious dwelling and our lives during the Big Bash. Maybe we were too absorbed in watching one of ours knock down a new record number of undescribable drink creations. Maybe we were distracted musing about the pink dress and the diaper one of those undescript shadows calling themselves survivors must obviously be wearing. Or maybe we were just really close to finding the world formula. However, we were quite unaware that all of a sudden hundreds of zombies were grunting and sniffing outside the door, creating a rather unpleasant sight even for someone who is just sitting back in his favourite chair and having a cold pint of something. During the last minutes a kind of freaked out neighbor came in, yelling something about withdrawal and flight before, well, running like a rabbit on crack. If remembered correctly, the last words came from our member Arcos. Looking back and forth between the window and his favorite drink, he muttered: "Uhm, we are staying, right...?"


The following characters are proud Descript Survivors:

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