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The Disciples of the Rusted One (or the DRO for short) is a group dedicated to keeping Urban Dead fun for everyone. It is open to both zombies(as long as they don't have brain rot) and survivors. It was founded by Carrion Jack, a zombie who got tired of seeing other characters making people miserable. "After all," she reasoned "is not the purpose of this game to have fun and enjoy oneself?" continuing this unprecedented stroke of brilliance (for a zombie that is) she continued to think on the subject, wondering why humans would help zombies? After all, the nature of the unliving is to consider all survivors as food sooner or later-these survivors were merely shoving others in front of themselves to prolong their own wretched lives a little longer. Another question sprang to mind and then another, making Carrion Jack the first zombie to ever have a real philosophical epiphany. Eventually, Jack went on to found the DRO to make humans' lives and zombies' empty carnivorous existences everywhere more fulfilling, though they remain just as short and violent as ever.


The DRO has several tenets that its members are strongly advised follow. Members with more experience are more trusted when it comes to using personal judgement in certain matters (for example, a level 41 character is not really set back if it dies and as such they can be expected to deal with the situation in a more suitable manner).

1) No player killing unless the other player attacks first. We are not bounty hunters but we will protect ourselves. This is a one kill, one retribution system. The DRO does not support Griefing.

2) Zombies should not attack other zombies unless they are both low level and have no other food source available at the time.

3) NO ZERGING, ALT ABUSE, OR ANY OTHER CHEATING! ANY DRO MEMBER FOUND TO BE DOING THESE THINGS WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE EXECUTION AND BANNING OF ANY MEMBER FOUND TO BE PARTY TO THESE PRACTICES. (Note that having more than one character in a region is perfectly acceptable as long as they do not interact in any way). It is acceptable to possess more than one character that is part of the DRO as long as they do not interact in any way. In other words, if you can't play two characters like they are two comepletely separate entities, then you are cheating. This includes using info gained through one character to aid another. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4) Survivors are not to kill radios or generators, but barricades may occasionally need to be lowered to VS+2 to allow survivors without free running into the building. Otherwise, survivors should not lower barricades.

5) Act in character. Zombies should not work with survivors-they should eat them (An exception is while standing at a revive point which is perfectly acceptable). Survivors should try to kill/revive zombies; they should never spy for them or heal them (other than unintentionally being digested).

6) Cemetaries are Sacred Ground. No killing should take place in a cemetary, with the exception of brain-rotted zombies which are fair game for trying to halt voluntary revivification. Zombies are allowed to attack survivors that are hiding in a cemetary if the survivor in question lacks the skill needed to revive/scan the zombies within (because they are probably there to kill zombies who are waiting to be revived). Zombies that are in massive lines waiting for revivification (lines of 10+ zombies) are allowed to attack each other while waiting for a revive (this insures that they can continue to gain at least a few experience points while waiting to be revived-oftentimes getting revived can take several days of waiting which could otherwise have been spent making progress towards the next level).

7) No brain rotters. The skill brain rot is essentially to piss off revivers, and rotters all too often lurk in cemetaries. Thats just going out of their way to make others miserable.

8) Have fun. With the exception of rule number three, the rules above are general guide lines. We strongly urge you to follow them from day-to-day, but can see the occasional need to break some of them.


Recruitment: For the moment, our numbers are low, so just change the "Group" entry in your profile to read "Disciples of the Rusted One" and add your name and a short description of yourself to the members list below (new members at the bottom please!). Once we have enough members, we will begin using more stringent methods to insure that our members live up to our standards of conduct. Please add "(now recruiting!)" behind the group title, we need all the members we can get. SEE THE DISCUSSION PAGE.


Members: 13 and counting!

Carrion Jack (Founder of the DRO and a prominent member of the unliving community. Has attained the forty-first level of enlightenment. She has an undead parakeet named "Little Jack".)

High Priestess (Group leader. The woman, not the "zombikeet"...)

Ironhyde (Jack's right hand man. Or left hand man, depending on which side of Jack he stands on...)

Chief Acolyte (Second in Command)

Ortallem (Our personal physician.)

Acolyte (Officer)

Hamatos (A guy with an axe and the guts to use it. He is also a pretty good radio jockey.)

Acolyte (Officer)

Tobias Rowan (No longer the newest member of the DRO.)

Initiate (Member)

Hemophage (A figment of your imagination.)

Initiate (Member)

Jack of Legends (Every character named "Jack" in every story ever written.)

Initiate (Member)

A Lost Boy (I'll zomb-out on the next user who calls me 'Peter'.)

Initiate (Member)

Dountboy (Always packing heat.)

Initiate (Member)

Duke Bolo (I'm not a fox bummer.)

Initiate (Member)

Crusnik 04 (skilled marksman while living, expert face render when dead)

Initiate (Member)

Aya Tanaka (On the Way to become a Doomsday Weapon)

Initiate (Member)

Claudia Wolf (Stoically living in paradise on a heavy-metal rampage. You don't have to get my religion to be sent to my maker. ;) )

Initiate (Member)


The ULC, who have shown themselves quite adept at having a good time.

The Malton Mayhem Militia, who have officially extended an offer of friendship to us. We seem to have similar goals, and anyone who loves getting drunk and going on zombie hunts is always welcome to join us on our expeditions.

Black List

The blacklist is a list of people to be avoided, or killed on sight in some cases (only individuals who repeatedly kill members of the DRO or members who violate certain tenets will receive a Kill on Sight verdict). These individuals have been found violating certain tenets of the Disciples of the Rusted One. This list is intended to help our members survive, not be used for bounty hunting (though we wouldn't mind too terribly much if it was...). Members of the group are encouraged to add new individuals to the list as they encounter them.


Skarzx (for killing other players)

Crowbank killer (for killing other players)

Dilpo (for killing other players)

Dysphagic Fish (for repetitive killing of our members) KILL ON SIGHT AND DO NOT REVIVE

MadLatvian (for repeatedly destroying generators, in a mall no less)

Wildarms2021 (for killing of our members)

LuZ'er (For killing our members, calling our tasetful advertising "clan garbage" when he claims to be part of the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY-a group famous for what was possibly the most obnoxious recruitment drive in the history of the universe, and insulting our members without provocation-literally adding insult to injury!)


SillyLillyPilly (for killing other players)

Kannibal Kids (for killing other players)

BrainROT RUM (for killing other players)

DORIS (for killing other players)

D.A.R.I.S. (for killing other players)

Flowers of Disease (for killing other players)

Maltonian Inquisition (for killing other players)

LUE (for killing other players, for using zombie spies, and using death cultists to lower barricades and to destroy radios and generators. We don't care about their misinformation tactics. KILL ON SIGHT ADVISORY-IF THERE IS A MEMBER OF LUE IN THE BUILDING KILL THEM IF YOU CAN, THEY ARE PROBABLY A SPY OR PARACHUTER AND/OR THERE TO LOWER BARRICADES, DESTROY RADIOS, AND DESTROY GENERATORS.

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