Disgruntled Heroes

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Disgruntled Heroes
Abbreviation: DH
Group Numbers: About 15 dedicated members
Leadership: See below.
Goals: To put the zombies back where they belong: in a box, six feet under…
Recruitment Policy: See below
Contact: [1]

Disgruntled Heroes started off as a group of humans who got tired of having to share their city with zombies. They decided to take action and put the zombies back in the graveyard where they belong. Disgruntled Heroes is a 100% anti-zombie group that only cares about hunting and killing zombies. We will accept anyone as long as they are willing to go with the hunting parties or help where available.

Current Leaders

Absolution: Current leader Grigori: Nexuswar division leader

Relations & Other Organizations

The M.A.I.M. Society The M.A.I.M. Society came to us seeking an alliance. We more than happily agreed to join guns and sides with them. They were a great help in the defense of St John's Cathedral.

Army of Dave Disgruntled Heroes are friends with Army of Dave. After a small skirmish involving territory, the DH and AoD have formed an alliance.

Malton Fire Department The Disgruntled Heroes support the MFD's actions, and the Disgruntled Heroes will send forces should they need help.

Paradox Paradox has saved us many times, including during the Crowbank fiasco (See below).

Murder Death Kill They have proven valauble allies in the latest upsets with the Big Bash, and we maintain active communications with them.

CDF- We have started communications with them and consider them allies.

Buildings Protected by Us

We have comissioned Reason Towers as our official Headquarters for it's strategic location and the fact it is unoccupied. Taverner Towers in Edgecombe also acts as a base for us. Whish Towers and Loveiband Auto Repair are also protected by us.

Current Events

December 31, 2007- The DH is now defunct until further notice.--Grigori 20:54, 31 December 2007 (UTC)

July 24, 2007- Vinetown is overrun, revive points are packed. Most active members are dead.--Grigori 02:16, 25 July 2007 (BST)

March 11, 2007- Mitchem Mall is overrun with zombies, and most of the DH are swaying at Bhore, but the Mall Tour has left and the mall is salvageable.--Grigori 16:49, 11 March 2007 (UTC)

January 20, 2007 The Disgruntled Heroes urges all residents of Vinetown and anyone who reside in Mitchem Mall to read the Mitchem defense Plan. We're hoping it will save some lives when the inevitable Mall Tour hits.

January 1, 2007 Vinetown is as safe as ever and will hopefully stay (at least partially) that way for the coming year.

December 3, 2006: Moved to new forum, announced opening of Half-Life 2/Gmod 9 division

November 21, 2006 Anticitizen has returned to UD after a long disappearance. We are now looking to make a new, fresher forum and get some new members. We have also returned to Vinetown.

October 28, 2006 Several of us have gone north to help the CDF with their newest operation. Currently holding down Tynte Mall.

October 4, 2006 Mitchem Mall still firmly in human hands, Vinetown is still a safe suburb.

September 16, 2006 Mitchem Mall is back in human hands, and the Disgruntled Heroes are sttling in for a more peace-time existence. A few of our members have taken up positions in the mall, several others in Edgecombe.

September 3, 2006 We are generally moving back towards Vinetown, although a few of us remain in Edgecombe to maintain a Revivication service.

August 23, 2006 We have established a base in Edgecombe so we can be closer to a Necrotech building.

August 9, 2006 The Disgruntled Heroes are back in Vinetown and are once again defending it.

July 5th, 2006 The Disgruntled Heroes relocate to Tapton after being razed by the Big Bash.

June 24th, 2006 The start of a new Disgruntled Heroes. Currently in transition to Ruddlebank, where our new home shall be.

Defense of Vinetown

This section has been archived. Please go to Defense Of Vinetown. Also here are the Sections on Crowbank and other escapades in the area.

Group History

Disgruntled Heroes was first founded when Ash Wednesday and a few others decided to work together more formally as a group. Since then recruitment has been steady and our ranks grow every day.

Our first objective was simple: to retake Fort Perryn and make it our base of operations. Sadly, the fort was a tougher nut to crack than we thought--we had less than ten members, and were forced to abandon it.

After lingering for a time in Whittenside, one of our members suggested Crowbank as a desirable location, given as it was between four malls, and moved northwards to scout a possible safehouse. After two or three days, his position was overrun and he moved southeastwards, where, yet again, he and a few others were overrun, forcing them farther east to Vinetown.

In Vinetown the Disgruntled Heroes finally found a home. A base was established and operations commenced immediately.

Vinetown was rocked hard by the Mall Tour, but since then has been very stable and is very welcoming to survivors. In April/May 2006, the Mall was once again sieged by the Mall Tour, under a new name, The Shining Ones. The Disgruntled Heroes stood their ground, and were forced to retreat later on. Since then, efforts to retake the mall have been sucessful.

Now, we sit in Vinetown, enjoying good times. The Disgruntled Heroes have decided to branch into the worlds of Nexus War and Half-Life 2, to further their influence.

Operations of the Now, and the Past

Transition Beginning with May, the state of Vinetown was going downhill. No zombies at all, and after the TSO massacre a lot of members lost intrest. We are moving to Ruddlebank to hopefully find solace and bring our membership back up.

Transition2 Ruddlebank was a tad too hostile, so we transitioned back to Vinetown.