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District NW-1
Chudleyton Darvall Heights Eastonwood
East Becktown

Resource Buildings in District NW-1.

Radio Frequency: 26.01 MHz
Latest EMR: and Mast Statuses
Latest EMR:
z: 10-i: ***
p: CFeb 07

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (24,16)

St. Maximillian's Church


Update Mast

Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: ---
p: FFeb 3

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (14,27)

The Donovan Building


Update Mast

Darvall Heights
Latest EMR:
z: ~20i: **-
p: BFeb 15

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (24,26)

The Herman Building

Maltel-active-small.jpg Update Mast

Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: ***
p: BFeb 16

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (34,25)

The Hosken Building


Update Mast

East Becktown
Latest EMR:
z: ~0i: *--
p: FFeb 15

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (25,35)

The Percival Building

Maltel-unknown-small.jpg Update Mast

Located centrally in the northwest quadrant of Malton, the first Northwest district has colloquially come to be known as the Heart of the Northwest due to its pivotal nature in the affairs of the quadrant, and consists of Gatcombeton, Chudleyton, Darvall Heights, Eastonwood, and East Becktown. This district has a storied history with plenty of memorable groups, locations, and events to set it apart from many of the other districts in Malton.

Prior to the outbreak, the district was a bustling area of activity and influence within the greater city of Malton. In the center of it all was Caiger Mall, sitting on the border between eastern Chudleyton and western Darvall Heights, which attracted shoppers from all over the city and catered to an upper-middle class clientele. As is to be expected, along with the wealth being brought in by the mall came crime, and while the historically religious population of East Becktown fought to keep the crime from their streets, and the authorities in Darvall Heights and Chudleyton sought to maintain the prosperous image of Caiger Mall through the use of force, Gatcombeton was not as fortunate, owing perhaps to poor civil engineering which resulted in an undesirable and difficult area to navigate and live in. As a result, crime flourished there, yet the other suburbs continued living the high life until the outbreak occurred, with Necrotech even building a record six facilities in Eastonwood alone in order to have their offices closer to where their well-paid employees were living.

In the days following the outbreak, zombies began congregating in the area, forcing the survivors to stage a defense at Caiger Mall. Later known as the First Siege of Caiger Mall, the end result was a decisive victory for the human survivors, who, after a month-long siege, successfully drove off the zombie horde. Their success was repeated several months later, when Mall Tour '06, attracted by the still-shining lights at the mall, led their forces in the Second Siege of Caiger Mall, but failed to evict the human residents. As a direct result of these successes, Caiger and the district earned the reputation of being a bulwark of humanity in the chaos of the zombie apocalypse.

That, however, was the turning point for the district. In the days that followed, the Eastonwood Ferals were formed, helping to keep their suburb in ruins, and following the survivors' catastrophic defeat at the Third Siege of Caiger Mall thanks to a horde involving the Ferals, the once-proud bastion of humanity fell. In its wake, The Caiger Resistance Front was formed to maintain the mall in its ruined state, but other historical groups, such as the Crossman Defense Force and the Liberation of Crossman Department, rose to fight back as the years went on, seeking to maintain the area.

Remnants of those groups still remain today, and though the "glory days" of Caiger still linger in many survivor's minds, it has never again reached the point where it once stood. Today, the Heart of the Northwest is a district torn apart by the constant struggle between zombie and human, with both sides claiming frequent victories over the other.

Resource Buildings

NecroTech Facilities

The Attwell Building (20,36) The Cheeke Building (37,22)

The Coutts Building (37,20)

The Daubeney Building (26,35) The Harold Building (35,26)

The Harraway Building (13,25)

The Herman Building (24,26) The Kening Building (23,30) The Latrobe Building (21,28)

The Minshull Building (10,26)

The Nettleton Building (34,24)

The Stonnard Building (30,22)

The Sugg Building (24,32) The Tryme Building (33,23)


Barbara General Hospital (23,38) Cuthbert General Hospital (16,23)

Edward General Hospital (22,39) Felix General Hospital (30,26)

James General Hospital (28,31) Patriarch General Hospital (37,29)

St. Anselm's Hospital (34,21)

St. Cyprian's Hospital (23,11)

St. Eleutherius's Hospital (24,34) St. Elisabeth's Hospital (27,36) St. Ethelbert's Hospital (27,33) St. Eutychian's Hospital (25,23)

St. Godric's Hospital (26,15)

St. Luke's Hospital (12,22)

St. Matheos's Hospital (27,25)

St. Matthew's Hospital (27,17)

St. Pius's Hospital (26,24)

St. Simon's Hospital (33,21)

Theodore General Hospital (29,10)

Police Departments

Boorman Way Police Department (29,14)

Crossman Grove Police Department (25,20)

Halse Crescent Police Department (20,20)

Kenefie Lane Police Department (15,23)

Lamport Walk Police Department (24,13)

Loney Row Police Department (24,39) Pooll Crescent Police Department (35,25)

Rodwell Row Police Department (12,27)

Tayler Lane Police Department (29,23)

Timewell Drive Police Department (39,26)


A factory (10,20)

A factory (15,20)

A factory (22,36) A factory (24,20)

A factory (24,30) A factory (26,29)

A factory (29,32) A factory (31,27)

A factory (32,26)

A factory (37,26)

Auto Repair Shops

Adney Auto Repair (25,29)

Baring Auto Repair (11,24)

Bennet Auto Repair (23,36) Blanford Auto Repair (26,19)

Crate Auto Repair (22,35) Cross Auto Repair (20,39) Dandison Auto Repair (24,21)

Elers Auto Repair (35,23)

Holloms Auto Repair (21,27)

Gomm Auto Repair (27,37) Lush Auto Repair (20,33) Roadnight Auto Repair (12,21)

Spirrell Auto Repair (26,18)

Tennant Auto Repair (16,24)

Wheelhouse Auto Repair (26,23)


Caiger Mall [19,27] – [20,28]

Calvert Mall [25,9] - [26,10]

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Building Status Key

Safe Rebuilding Under Attack Under Siege

Ruined In Zombie Hands Pinata Unknown

Revive Points

Suburb Location Coords Maintainer(s) Comments Timestamp

Darvall Heights 21, 29 SoC, UBCS, CMS CMS Revive Point back up and running. Please make Revive Requests. Aichon 23:51, 7 February 2012 (UTC)
Darvall Heights 24, 27 Sacred Ground Aichon 23:51, 7 February 2012 (UTC)
Darvall Heights 25, 21 Soldiers of Crossman Aichon 23:51, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

East Becktown 21, 32 Son of Sin 00:33, 16 October 2011 (BST)
active slow inactive dangerous unknown

Radiotransmission.gif Radio

Barricade Plan

For a good picture of how the individual district plans mesh within the district, see District NW-1 Barricade Plan.

District Map

To be filled with a map of the district (if possible)

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