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District SE-4
West Grayside East Grayside
Wyke Hills Hollomstown

Resource Buildings in District SE-4.

Radio Frequency: 26.19 MHz
Latest EMR: and Mast Statuses
Latest EMR:
z: 0~i: ***
p: CMar 09

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (53,73)

McNeil Towers


Update Mast

West Grayside
Latest EMR:
z: 10-i: ***
p: BApr 13

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (54,85)

Statham Auto Repair


Update Mast

East Grayside
Latest EMR:
z: 0~i: **-
p: CApr 17

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (66,82)

Cousins Towers


Update Mast

Wyke Hills
Latest EMR:
z: 0~i: ***
p: BMar 31

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (55,93)

Hitchens Towers


Update Mast

Latest EMR:
z: 10-i: ***
p: CApr 18

Update EMR

Phone Mast: (64,94)

The Roddoway Building


Update Mast

A very quiet district along the southern border of Malton, which is made up of Kempsterbank, West Grayside, East Grayside, Wyke Hills, and Hollomstown.

Prior to the outbreak, the local economy was based largely around retail and entertainment; The sports stadium, two malls, ten dance clubs, fourteen movie theaters, and seventeen Pubs brought in bored consumers from most of southern Malton. The district also had a modest financial sector centered in the Southeastern area, as well as relatively extensive housing throughout.

Nowadays, the area is most notable for containing both Buckley and Pole Mall. The two buildings are close enough that, should one fall to the undead, it would be practical for survivors to use supplies from the other in the attempt to reclaim the first, yet they are also too far from the other eighteen shopping malls for any notable connection. In this way, it is very similar to District SW-1. This mall duo, as well as a variety of smaller factors, has lead to the area being frequently in the hands of the living. Ironically, the availability of weapons and the rarity of zombies (partially excluding Kempsterbank and Wyke Hills) makes the district a major hotspot for PKers, especially around the two malls.

Resource Buildings

NecroTech Facilities

The Angerstein Building (63,89)

The Copeland Building (56,82)

The Craigie Building (52,93)

The Dobbs Building (50,75)

The Jillard Building (56,75)

The Lodder Building (53,98)

The Needs Building (56,96)

The Porter Building (68,96)

The Topleaf Building (55,84)

The Western Building (63,99)

The Wicksted Building (58,96)


Adalbert General Hospital (69,81)

Egbert General Hospital (56,88)

Ephrem General Hospital (58,93)

Gall General Hospital (69,95)

Julie General Hospital (56,76)

Julie General Hospital (50,97)

Neot General Hospital (53,72)

Piran General Hospital (50,88)

Sixtus General Hospital (61,89)

St. Ferreol's Hospital (57,72)

St. George's Hospital (54,71)

St. Hilda's Hospital (65,80)

St. Matheos's Hospital (56,70)

St. Odile's Hospital (60,83)

Titus General Hospital (56,73)

Theophan General Hospital (63,94)

Police Departments

Barnerd Way Police Department (54,76)

Binning Way Police Department (65,85)

Burdett Way Police Department (58,75)

Cockayne Grove Police Department (52,91)

Creedy Way Police Department (58,88)

Dampney Grove Police Department (56,84)

Holly Crescent Police Department (56,81)

Rodman Boulevard Police Department (63,86)

Screech Lane Police Department (53,97)

Tutchen Walk Police Department (67,87)

Waterlow Street Police Department (61,90)

Witchell Street Police Department (69,82)


A factory (51,75)

A factory (52,70)

A factory (55,92)

A factory (56,89)

A factory (56,98)

A factory (62,80)

A factory (62,82)

A factory (64,93)

Auto Repair Shops

Ackland Auto Repair (51,94)

Bramwell Auto Repair (50,74)

Bythesea Auto Repair (59,89)

Coxon Auto Repair (53,86)

Dimmock Auto Repair (58,84)

Gaywood Auto Repair (58,86)

Ha Auto Repair (67,88)

Holmyard Auto Repair (60,80)

Lihou Auto Repair (58,82)

Liminton Auto Repair (66,85)

Marchia Auto Repair (57,82)

Marston Auto Repair (58,91)

Mudford Auto Repair (65,91)

Scarman Auto Repair (60,88)

Shakelton Auto Repair (64,82)

Shepherd Auto Repair (58,95)

Statham Auto Repair (54,85)

Whensley Auto Repair (59,86)

Whitemore Auto Repair (67,99)


Buckley Mall [49,98] – [50,99]

Pole Mall [52,80], [53,80], [53,81]

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Building Status Key

Safe Rebuilding Under Attack Under Siege

Ruined In Zombie Hands Pinata Unknown

Revive Points

Suburb Location Coords Maintainer(s) Comments Timestamp
Kempsterbank 51, 74 Knights Templar and locals only one zombie waiting JD 04:45, 10 February 2011 (UTC)
Kempsterbank 57, 76 Knights Templar and locals Several bodies reviving JD 04:45, 10 February 2011 (UTC)
Kempsterbank 59, 79 Locals Clear JD 04:45, 10 February 2011 (UTC)

West Grayside 56, 83 Malton Fire Department DEM Revive Request Tool Son of Sin 01:19, 16 October 2011 (BST)
West Grayside 52, 83 Malton Fire Department DEM Revive Request Tool Son of Sin 01:19, 16 October 2011 (BST)

Wyke Hills 51, 93 Local Survivors Son of Sin 01:23, 16 October 2011 (BST)
Wyke Hills 54, 97 Local Survivors Son of Sin 01:23, 16 October 2011 (BST)
Wyke Hills 55, 95 Local Survivors,Wulves and Tactical Area Rescue Checked by Wulves every 24 hours --Belisarius17 20:28, 17 October 2011 (BST)
Wyke Hills 58, 96 Rotter's Relief Operation as rot revive clinic is disputed. --Herr Gerdongerdorf 22:12, 8 March 2013 (UTC)
Wyke Hills 51, 99 Buckley Mall Survivors --Herr Gerdongerdorf 11:43, 11 March 2013 (UTC)

active slow inactive dangerous unknown

Barricade Plan

For a good picture of how the individual district plans mesh within the district, see District SE-4 Barricade Plan.

District Map

To be filled with a map of the district (if possible)