Doc's Crew

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Doc's Crew
Abbreviation: Doc
Group Numbers: secure
Leadership: Doc Savage
Goals: protect the innocent
Recruitment Policy: None
Contact: not yet

Doc Savage has devoted his life to helping innocents, righting wrongs, and vanquishing evil. His crew of mighty men has eagerly aided him in his adventures. His cousin, Pat, comes along for the ride as often as permitted. Together these allies make a formidable team. Evildoers beware! The Man of Bronze is here - in Malton.


Our Leader

Doc Savage

Since infancy, Clark Savage Jr. was molded to be the awe-inspiring man he now is. He has rigorously trained both mind and body daily with exercises which give him seemingly superhuman abilities. His life is devoted entirely to the aiding mankind and snuffing out criminal activities wherever they arise. He has limitless funds and loyal compatriots to assist his endeavors.


The Crew

Patricia Savage

Despite youthful tragedy culminating in the loss of her only living parent, Pat has a cheerful and exuberant outlook on life. Her sharp mind is able to easily conquer the challenges thrown its way, and she is always ready for adventure. She eagerly joins Doc on many of his adventures, and often takes a crucial part in their outcome. Her enthusiasm is refreshing, though she has a slight reckless streak that Doc works hard to curb.


Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Blodgett Mayfair

A world-class chemist with a strong sense of mischief, Monk is not easily overlooked. His constant and heated rivalry with Ham, may cause some to mistakenly suppose that these friends regard each other with great animosity. In truth, their habitual bickering disguises their timeless friendship. Still, Monk loves a good prank, especially if Ham is the butt of the joke.


Brigadier General Theodore Marley Brooks

Ham is a dapper lawyer of unrivaled skill. His greatest joy is to sharpen his considerable wit on his ape-like comrade. His next delight is expensive and fashionable clothing. He may not look fearsome, but woe to the criminal who underestimates him! They may find themselves facing the business end of his sword-cane.


Colonel John Renwick

A giant of a man with a perpetually long face, Renny is a force to be reckoned with. Though top of his field in engineering, Renny is happiest when facing danger with his beloved leader. And informed observer would note that the graver his face, the more excited Renny is. Another indication would be the booming voice shouting, "Holy cow!"


William Harper Littlejohn

Johhny is very tall and very gaunt, giving him an almost corpse-like appearance. He wears glasses with a peculiarly thick lens over the left eye, and looks like a half-starved, studious scientist. Johhny is probably one of the greatest living experts on geology and archeology.


Major Thomas J. Roberts

Long Tom does not look like and individual accustomed to adventure, or even exercise. He is quite thin, not very tall, and with none too healthy appearing skin. Though he is the physical weakling of the crowd, Long Tom is by no means easy to best in a fight. He is a wizard with electricity, and boasts an extremely large vocabulary. He will never use a small word if he can find a large one to fit.


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