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Downing Library
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Downing Library

Reganbank [17,56]

St. Theodore's Church a factory Garde Avenue
a cemetery Downing Library The Whitmey Arms
a carpark Adams Lane Ord Alley

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Downing Librarylol.jpg

Downing Library

The home of Clan Hometwig, Downing has become a beacon of hope and feral zombie attacks in Reganbank. The cries for 'BRAAAIIINZ' are head often. Not the grandest Library in all of Malton, it does it's job. Rows of books line the many shelves offering 1xp occasionally. The staf canteen has been converted into a kitchen for the occupants to increase their cooking skills (Note - Wrong game). A large book fort has been created at the back of the library for the Clan to play in as sometimes boredom can settle in a building that is overbarricaded. Want out? Become a freerunner. The zombies that have beseiged the library in the past have been seen to play with survivors attacking the book fort, and reminding them of their days as Harmans.


Opened in 1804, Downing Library was the first to be built in Reganbank, followed by Hewish in 1867 and Farthing in 1932. Reganbank sufferred bad incendary damage during the war which caused it to fall into disrepair during the forties. But luckily thanks to the toolbox technology, the ruined building was brought back to working order and was once again the center of learning in Reganbank. Before the outbreak the Librarians would manage Downing and its sister buildings making sure all books were returned on time and in pristine condition. However in recent years since the spread of infection throughout all the suburbs of Malton all of the Reganbank Librarians have either been killed or become feral survivors.

Barricade Policy

As a center for learning, at the beginning of the outbreak, the librarians of Downing demanded its doors be left open so all those seeking knowledge, could enter and do so freely. However as soon as those valiant men and women were killed for their delicious 'BRAAAIIINZ' the policy soon became EHB. When the Clan moved in, they saw no reason to lower it.

Stay safe... Stay at EHB.

Current Status

Books are currently overdue. People with fines are: Pustrian - The new Terry Pratchet novel Rumour has it, it is the only copy in Malton and was smuggled in via air cannon from across the border..

I uh, it's behind the chair somewhere. Puustrian 12:40, 27 February 2008 (UTC)

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