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Josh Clark: The man may retire, but the legend will live forever!

Now sign the damn card before he shoots you!

Sign here

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That's right. One of Malton's finest bounty hunters is hanging up the firearms

Josh has been serving the greater Malton Community since early 2008: first as an independent, then as the founder of Team Xtreme, then as a part of Cannonball crew and later SDN. In each capacity, he has brought the fight to PKers, taking on some of Malton's largest and most feared Player-Killing organizations. From the echelons of polite PKer society to the depths of the ignore list, Josh has made his presence known and impacted the landscape of UD. Now is the community's chance to say goodbye by signing the above card or dropping by Wyke Hills on or before Jan 6th. Revives will be provided on site at the Needs and Wicksted buildings and in surrounding RPs.

Photo Album Shots from the party

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