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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Drunken Dead
Drunken Dead Logo.jpg
Abbreviation: We will stick with Drunken Dead for now.
Group Numbers: 56
Leadership: Edith Bauer
Goals: To have fun doing zombie things, except with more alcohol.
Recruitment Policy: Post your profile in this thread, and join our discussions
Contact: Post in aforementioned thread, or send an email to deadlyedith@gmail.com

The Drunken Dead is a small alliance of Zombies currently engaged in a pub crawl across Malton who picked a name because it sounded good, rather than for any role playing purposes. They formed around Oake Walk Police Department on the 28th of October. The exact reasons are as yet unclear. Perhaps it is the result of Spontaneous Horde Formation, a little understood phenomenon.

Currently, the Drunken Dead is engaged in a Shake, Rattle and Roll tour, where we intend to get high on Medical and NecroTech drugs as well as all the alcohol we can drink.

Warning - Blatant Advertising

Zombies – Tired of the endless bashing of barricades, getting pumped full of lead and then getting tossed out of the building like a piece of refuse? Rather have a beer with your brains, or even a dance? Having problems with timed attacks and would rather sway for a little longer? Sick of the same old banana routine?

This may be the group for you! The Drunken Dead are an alcohol loving, dance loving group of zombies who are on a pub tour of Malton. If there is alcohol to be had, then we will be literally breaking down the doors to get to it. Sometimes breathers might get in the way but hey, they look like bar snacks to us!

Just pubs, you wonder? No way! We’re not above using medical drugs for a quick high. Also the best dancing is to be had at the many dance clubs spread across Malton. Also, we have discovered that PDs and Fire Departments often have a bar and are usually full of protein. Everything a modern zombie needs!

Humans – Lived your life in fear for too long? Got all those skills only to wonder what next? Radios driving you crazy? Just want to put the guns down and have a drink?

This may be the group for you. Zombies fear nothing! Ever heard a zombie say “OMG, humans! Lets get out of here? Of course not! Leave all that behind and join a fun loving group who just want a beer and meet new people (we do get kinda hungry).

I know what your thinking – “What about brain rot? Relax! Brain rot does happen a lot but we have discovered the cure. The key is to keep the body fully loaded with alcohol – it’s a natural preservative! If you see us swaying, its not from early onset of brain rot – its because we’re plastered!

If you are breathing and find a friendly group of undead charging through the door yelling "Baarh an Bra!nz!" Its just us letting you know we here and you'd better line up those drinks fast because man, we are thirsty!

How do I join this hip group? Easy – put on your seventies disco gear, click on the link in the group box, and post a message on the forum


The history of the Drunken Dead, as written by its members.

October 28 2005

The Drunken Dead is formed. Zombies from nearby suburbs converge on Oake Walk Police Department in Dulston.

November 3 2005

The Drunken Dead sacks Oake Walk Police Department. They congratulate each other, eat a few brains, and rummage around the police department to try and identify what makes them so attractive to Humans. After turning up countless guns and uncovering large stockpiles of ammunition the Zombies give up. They cannot find a drop of booze anywhere within the building. Tragically, it appears likely that the mystery of why humans gather in Police Departments will never be solved. The horde then marches on St Anacletus's Hospital.

November 14 2005

The Drunken Dead, alongside the Bela Lugosi Fan Klub eat the last humans in St Anacletus's Hospital. Finally, alcohol has been located, and it explains the fierce and relentless defense mounted by the humans that lasted 11 days. The Drunken Dead celebrates, and resolves to march onto the nearby Necrotech building alongside their new friends.

November 16 2005

The Drunken Dead launch thier assault on the Bridgman Building and wipe out all the occupants within a matter of hours. Human resistance was minimal, and at least one Zombie went on the record as saying "Graaagh hrr gramma", or "They tasted funny... Oooh! Look at the shiny lights!". Unfortunately, even after a thorough search, no booze was located inside the building, much to the dismay of the horde. All that has been located are traces of white powder in small plastic bags, the purposes of which remain unclear.
After they completed their investigations, the Drunken Dead lurched back to Oake Walk Police Department, which had once again been infested. The barricades were quickly removed by the conscientious zombies who rightfully saw it as an eyesore and a blight on the otherwise visually attractive police department (Could this be why humans like hiding in them? Speculation continues). The Zombies then went inside to reprimand the humans responsible for such a travesty. The humans refused to apologise however, and the Zombies ate thier brains as a punishment.

November 17 2005

After a raid by the Drunken Dead on Clewett Alley Police Department, the surviving humans fled the building. This would not have been so bad if evidence had not been uncovered out around the back that indicated that they had moved two kegs of what appeared to be alcoholic beverages to the neighbouring Police Department at Spicer Row. It is a sad day for the Drunken Dead, but they swear vengeance on the thieves and vow to retrieve the kegs the next day, no matter the cost.

November 19 2005

On the second day of fighting at Spicer Row the Kegs were recovered during a breach. After the loss of the kegs to the undead their morale collapsed and all those that failed to flee were eaten under the Dulston Suburb Beautification Act. After the battle the Drunken Dead partied into the night, enjoying their booze-up. When dawn finally arrived, the Drunken Dead marched on Anne General Hospital, hoping to acquire stronger stuff.

November 21 2005

After two days of fighting the humans occupying Anne General Hospital have fled or have been eaten for the dual crimes of guarding the liquor cabinet and ruining the scenery of our fair suburb with unsightly barricades. It was from the top of the hospital that the Drunken Dead spied the Much Arms, and have vowed to empty its wine cellar, regardless of the cost. The Drunken Dead are now shambling towards the greatest undead drinking binge the world has ever known.

November 22 2005

The Much Arms fell swiftly to the Drunken dead, who, showing unnatural constitution, drank the establishment dry in hours. However, as everyone knows Beer goes well with brains, the Drunken Dead decided to raid the nearby Necrotech Buildings. All they found upon arrival was dissapointment. The Humans were dead, and thier brains all eaten. The next day they marched on the Whitlock Building, the only Necrotech building thus far untouched.

December 2005

After getting completely pissed in Dulston, the Drunken Dead lurched into Pescodside and Dunningwood alongside their good friends, the Bela Lugosi Fan Klub, and drank the towns dry. It comes as no suprise then, that the memory of the events early in the month are a little blurry.
Following a few weeks of binge drinking earlier in the month, Drunken Dead members sober up enough to realize the injustice plaguing zombies of Malton and decide to take action. Armed with free spirit, democratic ideals, an entire barrel of aged Kentucky bourbon, a stolen refridgerated truck stacked with kegs, imported lager and cases of cheap ghetto wine, the Drunken Dead left their northeastern hunting grounds to travel to Whetcombe Park for the On Strike protest.
The Drunken Dead was one of the most vocal groups at the protest. Many were impressed by the eloquent speeches given by Drunken Dead memebers, as well as the group's collective beer bonging prowess. After many days of peaceful demonstrating and mornings spent barfing up human flesh and whiskey, the Drunken Dead was satisfied with the results of the protest and returned to Pescoside and Dunningwood to continue prowling the streets.

Early January 2006

Returning to Pescoside, the Drunken Dead sack the Millerd Walk Fire Station and neighboring Inman NT Building. After the excitement of the strike, the sleepy village of Pescoside offered little to match the entertainment the horde had grown used to over the prior weeks. The horde, along with fellow brethern The Bela Lugosi Fan Klub, amass on the sidewalks of Treweeke Mall and begin a two week long siege of the mall which resulted in several breeches and attacks per day.

January 22 2006

Aware of the valiant efforts by the outnumbered Drunken Dead and Bela Lugosi Fan Klub, auxillary members of Mall Tour '06 arrive at Treweeke Mall to support the combined hordes. Happy for the support, the Drunken Dead threw an enormous kegger outside of Treweeke to welcome the battle worn Mall Tourists. After a long night of debauchery, bile and 4 oz shots, the Drunken Dead, BLFK and Mall Tourists woke up at one in the afternoon and began what would be the final assault on Treweeke.

January 24 2006

Treweeke Mall was crushed beneath the bootheels of Zombie Tourists, Drunkards and Worshippers of the great Bela Lugosi. The contribution of the Drunken Dead is questionable at best, since once inside they immediately stampeded the liquor store, and were only seen briefly afterwards staggaring to the restrooms and back.

January 25 2006

The Drunken Dead Pub Crawl begins! Their first stop was Younghusband Square Police Dept, where the Drunken Dead raided the confiscated goods section, and found several humans sleeping behind the booze. The predictable result followed, with the zombies using their magical claws and teeth to kill humans without waking them or anyone else.

January 28 2006

After raiding all the pubs in Rolt Heights, the Drunken Dead storm Schreiber Drive Police Dept, and are so inebriated that they are repelled, with Zogor getting into a drunken argument with an ATM outside. Eventually it came to blows, and though Zogor succeeded in removing the ATM from the wall, he was crushed beneath its weight.

January 30 2006

The Drunken Dead, in a desperate fight to stave off sobriety, attempt to consume chloroform as a replacement. It is generally agreed among the zombies that it is foul, and is hurled into Schreiber Drive Police Dept. Several minutes later, with desperation driving them to feats of strength unrivaled, the horde stormed the police department to find all the humans sleeping. The cause of this mysterious sleep state is still unknown. Investigators suspect Voodoo. After consuming the humans, the horde found its salvation in an untapped keg, and commenced drinking themselves back into a stupor.

February 2006

The Drunken Dead regroup at Parry Drive Fire Station on the 27th of February, after a string of rapid victories saw the Drunken Dead strung out in a Conga line across the suburbs of Heytown, Randallbank and Huntley Heights. The amount of booze consumed during this time left the memory of the zombies fuzzy, with vague recollections of a pink anthrpomorphic zombie bunny named Steve giving them white pills with strange markings followed by an embarrasing, albeit brief stint where they believed they were pidgeons.

March 2006

The Drunken Dead's Pub Crawl attracted a considerable number of ferals and other zombies, with a traveling horde in excess of 70+ zombies. The remainder of Huntley Heights as ravaged, as was Raines Hills and Pashenton. The Drunken Dead has proven to be unstoppable, toppling neighborhood after neighborhood, draining each of brains and booze.
Noting the large number of inexperienced harmans found in Raines Hills, some horde members began experimenting with a new drink called "Noob Shots". Shot glasses are placed in the empty eye sockets of recently clawed and gouged Level 1 players, filled with Bacardi 151 and quickly slurped through a straw made of a hollowed out finger bone. Sucking on a lemon or pancreas serves as a chaser. Members take turns taking shots until the noob quits screaming, either from passing out or by expiring.

May 25th

After what some believed would be the never-ending siege, Hindmarsh PD finally fell before the combined might of the Drunken Dead and their comrades in BARHAH, Pwotters. All but a handful of trenchcoaters fled as the barricades fell for the last time. Chants of 'Baarh ahn brahnz!' and 'GRAB MANBAGZ!' still echo across Rhodenbank as the after party continues unabated.

Serious Stuff

Serious stuff about the Drunken Dead.

Zombie Spies

The Drunken Dead neither use nor approve of Zombie Spies. They feel that is is pointless and demeaning for zombies to stoop to the level of breathing to obtain information. If you see a member of the Drunken Dead in your safehouse, you should either ask them to leave (If you are a paranoid idiot, this is the option for you!), or you should ask yourself what is more threatening: A level 0 human passing out heals, or a level 13 Zombie kicking down the door and infecting everyone, possibly followed by the Drunken Dead laying siege to the safehouse in retaliation.

Revive Points

At the moment the Drunken Dead are leaving known revive points clear of Zombies with Brain Rot, simply because we dont have the corpsepower to block them, and we use them for our own nefarious purposes, such as getting revived so we don't get headshot. If you disagree with this policy, and decide to move or hide your revive points, you may suddenly find Brain Rotters to be a big problem.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to zemukt, for creating the logo.
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