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Dulston Defense Death Squad

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Death to Traitors

As a member group of the Dulston Alliance the DDDS requires all its members review the Alliance's posted list of killers and rotters. At the same time though members of the DDDS will find our personal list of traitors below. This list allows DDDS members to recognize anyone considered a traitor in their midst and dispatch them accordingly.

Who is a traitor in the eyes of the DDDS?
Traitors are those survivors who have been judged as having committed one of the following illegal actions, and as such, are to be summarily executed on sight by DDDS members. These crimes are:

  • Survivors judged to be zombie sympathizers or death cultists by their actions or voiced opinion.
  • Survivors who kill innocent survivors (i.e. those not judged as traitors) will be summarily executed.
  • Survivors who actively work to sabotage DDDS efforts towards community safety. These acts include, but are not limited to: destroying portable generators, spray painting pro-zombie messages over DDDS public service messages, deliberate over-barricading or lowering barricades to aid zombies.
  • Survivors who possess the Ransack zombie skill.

In addition, survivors associated with the following group(s) are considered cold-blooded killers and, by group association and no previous criminal charges required, are condemned to summary execution on sight:

Where can I find a list of every local traitor?
As noted, the Dulston Alliance maintains such a list of traitors in its official Black List. The DDDS also maintains its own list which can be found below.

DEATH LIST - Known Traitors to Humanity

This list of traitors is maintained by the DDDS and it should be noted that the revival of survivors condemned as traitors is strongly discouraged. If a survivor is found to be repeatedly and deliberately reviving traitors from the DEATH LIST that survivor will be considered a collaborator and summarily executed for their crimes. Therefore, DNA Extraction before revival is strongly encouraged.

Members of the DDDS are asked to refer to the following category indicators when determining the nature of any traitor's activities in the suburb. This in turn may allow DDDS members foresight into other possible traitors in their midst at that location. The crime tags are:

  • (DC) - Death Cultist; a survivor who secretly or blatantly supports a Zombie Horde by spying, killing survivors, destroying generators, or illegally raising/lowering barricades.
  • (GK) - Generator Destroyer; a survivor who destroys a portable generator.
  • (Gr) - Griefer; a survivor who uses insults, slanders, raises/lowers barricades illegaly, or overwrites location tags with misleading/anti-Alliance messages.
  • (SP) - Serial PKer; a survivor who kills an innocent survivor.
  • (ZERG) - Zerger; a player who controls more than one survivor in the same suburb.
  • (ZH) - Member of a Zombie Horde; a feral or horde-aligned zombie.
  • (ZP) - Zombie Spy; a survivor who secretly supports a Zombie Horde by informing them on survivor locations, numbers, plans, and barricade levels.

Please note, that while certain crime tags appear to cover the same acts in most cases a survivor is tagged based on the totality of the acts performed. So a griefer is not a death cultist unless it can be confirmed that zombie activity in the area warrants collaboration. Also a PKer is not a death cultist unless he kills survivors in a location under siege from zombies. Simply put, a connection must exist.

IMPORTANT: To submit a survivor's name to this list you MUST visit the DDDS Discussion area, as proof will be required. Any unfounded edits to this list will be removed and the offender added to the list as a griefer. The Tracking (XP) column exists for the purpose of tracking a traitor's current level or experience, or more importantly whether it has increased, since this is proof the traitor is still ACTIVE. Otherwise the traitor's status is INACTIVE. The only update that does not require permission is adjusting a traitor's group affiliation, should it have changed since their entry was last updated. Please keep this in mind at all times.

Traitor's Name Crimes Associated Group Tracking (XP) Status
Alema Rar (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 17/118xp INACTIVE
APWZ (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 19/132xp INACTIVE
Bakaneko (DC) N/A Lvl 24/66xp INACTIVE
Bob Scharin (ZH) On Strike Lvl 06/14xp INACTIVE
booboobrian (SP) Zerg Hunters Unlimited Lvl 41/7540xp INACTIVE
chewme (SP) Hellborn Lvl 20/88xp INACTIVE
Chopper Read (ZH) N/A Lvl 24/101xp INACTIVE
cornholio bunghole (SP) Hellborn Lvl 41/1222xp INACTIVE
Dan McGruder (SP) The Dirty Dozen Lvl 41/5661xp INACTIVE
deadself (DC) N/A Lvl 29/80xp INACTIVE
England (SP) N/A Lvl 38/229xp INACTIVE
EwanEater (SP) Hellborn Lvl 19/28xp INACTIVE
Fenrirwolf (ZH) Satanic Mechanics Lvl 37/68xp INACTIVE
Fire Falcon (ZH)/(DC) N/A Lvl 41/2488xp INACTIVE
FUBAR the Mighty (DC) N/A Lvl 42/884xp INACTIVE
Fuggles (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 11/25xp INACTIVE
Gonzo Ganesh (ZH) N/A Lvl 10/83xp INACTIVE
Halfdan Hadrada (SP) N/A Lvl 41/1699xp ACTIVE
Harry the Bastard (ZH)/(DC) Drunken Dead Lvl 41/9396xp INACTIVE
Hirk2 (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 02/153xp INACTIVE
hoggyboy (ZH) N/A Lvl 41/5314xp INACTIVE
Hooks (SP) N/A Lvl 40/5635xp INACTIVE
jcundiff (SP) N/A Lvl 41/8384xp INACTIVE
Jack Erratic (ZH)/(DC) Guns of Brixton Lvl 37/793xp INACTIVE
JamesLeeDX (SP) N/A Lvl 41/10192xp INACTIVE
Jelcin (ZH) Albright Survivor Squad and Evacuation Drive Lvl 39/1731xp INACTIVE
John Denver (ZH) Drunken Dead Alumnus Lvl 25/1867xp INACTIVE
Kanadarin (ZH) Caiger Resistance Front Lvl 41/3579xp INACTIVE
Keichix (SP) Malton Police Department Lvl 41/7593xp INACTIVE
Malnourish (SP) Hellborn Lvl 22/94xp INACTIVE
Nomad Jones (ZH) Ridleybank Resistance Front Lvl 12/85xp INACTIVE
pappa prostate (DC)/(SP) N/A Lvl 15/52xp INACTIVE
Pyro Joe (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 26/233xp INACTIVE
Redneck Hank (ZH) Bela Lugosi Fan Klub Lvl 29/433xp INACTIVE
River Pheonix (DC) Caiger Resistance Front Lvl 28/2077xp INACTIVE
rosettapearl (SP) Zerg Hunters Unlimited Lvl 41/5849xp INACTIVE
ROKFDJR DV (ZH)/(ZS) Drunken Dead Lvl 38/2xp INACTIVE
roomsweeper (ZH)/(SP) Hellborn Lvl 33/27xp INACTIVE
Silas Slear (SP) Dulston Fan Klub Lvl 41/6826xp ACTIVE
Slagor (ZH) Bela Lugosi Fan Klub Lvl 42/10000xp INACTIVE
SlimScotty (DC) N/A Lvl 24/9xp INACTIVE
slug02 (SP) The End Lvl 41/2639xp INACTIVE
Snoadtow (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 21/5572xp INACTIVE
SpiderCorpse (DC) N/A Lvl 16/322xp INACTIVE
Stonewall Meeks (SP) Jamoombahadeen Lvl 36/490xp INACTIVE
teresa is fine (SP) Zerg Hunters Unlimited Lvl 40/4915xp INACTIVE
Trench MacCoat (SP) Red Rum Lvl 19/87xp INACTIVE
Unmei (GK) Pescodside necrotech generator destruction agency Lvl 23/70xp INACTIVE
Viyan (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 34/349xp INACTIVE
von Lichtenstein (SP) Caiger Resistance Front Lvl 38/312xp INACTIVE
yellgore (ZH) Drunken Dead Lvl 17/1840xp INACTIVE
ZombieHulk (ZH) Zombie Super Heros Lvl 20/132xp INACTIVE
Zogor (ZH)/(DC) Barhah Brigade Lvl 41/4522xp INACTIVE
ZZTop (ZH) Mockers Lvl 35/2312xp INACTIVE