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Dulston Defense Death Squad

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Strategic Barricading

The DDDS created the Dulston Optimal Defense Diagram, which the Dulston Alliance has embraced and enforced as the official barricade strategy for the suburb of Dulston. It should be noted that all buildings within Dulston should be barricaded in accordance with the Dulston Optimal Defense Diagram (which uses principals similar to those dictated by the standard Uniform Barricading Policy). As such, no building will be less than Very Strongly (VS+2) barricaded while Extremely Heavily (EH) barricaded buildings will be maintained throughout the suburb to provide optimal protection and limit risk to key resource buildings. The reason the Dulston Alliance deviates from the UBP is in order to provide more safehouses that are not high-priority zombie targets to lower level survivors. It also allows for more entry-points for those survivors with Free Running. Use this diagram to be informed as to the location and barricade level for all buildings in Dulston.

DDDS members are reminded to follow and enforce the Enforcement Policy, as monitoring these barricade levels is the task of all Alliance members. Be sure to follow procedures though to avoid confusion among resident survivors.

Standard DDDS Procedure

All DDDS members should keep the following tactics in mind at all times:

  • Never use all your first aid kits. Always keep one first aid kit in case you become unexpectedly infected. Wait until you are safe from further bites before using it.
  • Carry a portable generator, fuel can, and mobile phone. Periodically check the mobile phone to see if phone service is working. If not, replace the suburb's generator when feasible. In Dulston the mobile phone mast is located in Parrott Towers.
  • When a building is under siege from zombies it should be evacuated. After that hit-and-run counter strikes should be conducted from a non-priority building. The smallest number of targets should be presented to a zombie horde. This strategy is called River Tactics.
  • Stay dispersed within the most secure and least crowded safehouse when resting/sleeping. The safehouse should also not be a high-priority target.
  • When passing though a building in Dulston check to make sure that the barricade is at the correct level (refer to Dulston Optimal Defense Diagram). If not raise/lower the barricade to the correct level.
  • Always respect the Optimal Defense Diagram of our neighbors and allies in Rhodenbank. As above, enforce the RCDC's barricade policy if feasible, as we are all members of the Dulston Alliance.
  • Never hold a grudge for being killed while a zombie, even if at a revive point. It happens, more often than survivors like to admit.
  • Never hold a grudge against someone who mistakenly kills you while collecting on a bounty for a false crime, that is if they provided "proof". Instead determine the source of the "proof" and refute it. In the past convicted murderers have been known to use the screenshot of their execution as fake proof that a bounty hunter was in fact a killer. Use the screenshot you took during the official execution to prove otherwise.
  • When entering a building with survivors inside check for obvious zombie sympathizers or those already on the DEATH LIST. If any such traitors are found then they must be either summarily executed or, if not feasible, other DDDS/Alliance members must be alerted as to their location. Use the DDDS forum to post the alert.
  • When executing a traitor always first announce your intention and the reason (charges against them). This is very important if there are other survivors at the same location. After executing the traitor take a screenshot as proof not only of the kill, but that you followed procedure and to later show anyone else as proof you are not a murderer yourself. Post the screenshot in the Discussion page and edit the DEATH LIST to increment their "Executed" counter.
  • Be aware of a suburb's revive points so as not to confuse a "revivification line-up" as a zombie mob. As an extra point of reference be sure to check if the suburb condones the Sacred Ground Policy, in which case cemeteries are also off-limit revive points.
  • If feasible, use a DNA Extractor to confirm that the initial zombie at any revive point is a legitimate candidate or has Brain Rot. Any zombie identified as a rotter should be declared as such (if there are any other zombie survivors there), have their profile listed, and then be summarily executed.
  • Never revive a suspected death cultist, it wastes a valuable Revivification Syringe and gives them access to behind the barricades.
  • Never, ever combat revive, it is NOT worth it. Refer to the previous point.
  • Always alert other survivors, and post an notice on the DDDS forum, if you should encounter a group of 9 or more zombies in any location or close proximity (i.e. one block apart).
  • All members of the DDDS should wear a name tag that states "IF DEAD, PLEASE REVIVE" in their survivor's zombie description in order to help revivers distinguish loyal members of the human race from death cultists.
  • When attacked by a zombie check to see if it has Brain Rot. If so, add it to the brain rot list.
  • DDDS members will not participate in a zombie horde while they are a zombie. Roleplaying a feral zombie or passive zombie is acceptable.

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