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A dummy building is a building kept either at Very Strongly Barricaded or Extremely Heavily Barricaded which also have a running generator kept inside. This gives the illusion from the street that this building has a large number of humans inside, an illusion made even more convincing if the building in question is a resource building.

However, the truth is that no survivors stay within the baited building (or at least none who know of its use as bait.) The idea is for zombies, during a general suburb siege, to break open the building only to find no one inside. The tactic can be effective even against groups that utilize spies, because the building can be prepped within a few hours through metagaming, and it is AP/IP intensive to send spies to inspect every building in the suburb, and even then zombies would have to act immediately to guarantee that the information is accurate.

To ensure the likelihood of a break-in, one could post on the outside to maintain the buildings at a certain level of barricades, usually VSB, VS+2, VS++, or EHB, as this will give the illusion that the building is an integral part of a suburb's defense.

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