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DHPD - Alpha Squad
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About Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad is the DHPD's first attack squad. We design simultaneous attacks on mass amounts of zeds, be it ferals or mobs. In other words, we're a heavy strike team. Members of Alpha Squad will get into position two or three blocks from the reported sector before engaging as a group at the command of our squad leader, or anyone with the balls to call the shots. Any individual can kill a zed, but zeds really feel the pinch when they don't have groups of their own likeness backing them up against survivors.

When we're not bagging zeds or liberating suburbs (which is what we do most, by the way), we often find ourselves baking donuts and taking care of the stills that fuel our organization as a whole. Sorry, but we're not going to tell you where they are.

We are also specially trained in gorilla warfare. Not guerrilla warfare, mind you.


Membership to Alpha Squad is closed until running squads is viable

Alpha Squad
Squad Leader: Ahmad Bradshaw
Goals: Advance scouting and mobile assault
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Ahmad Bradshaw 1193353 Squad Leader
AlphaNine 501764 Monkey Wrench
Arthur Birling 1417556 Promoted to Dixie Squad Leader.
AvilesC 1675884 Rook
babydufus 1811506 Officer
Bad ass mom 392411 Bam
Barry Burton 8728 Officer Ian, Very Mysterious Character of Commanderian
beny1991 881484
beaulah 1172615 Officer
Betard 441962 Officer
Cat Winter 1061273 The Conquistador
plash ricrem 394495
Cisisero 583628 Cis
Copwhodiesfirst 349481 Bait
Clarence H DeGroot 399770 Officer
Geoff Rowley 1825286 Officer CptFastbreak
Deadly043 1458360 Officer Promoted to Dixie 2IC
Dr Aryth 1181077 colntrax
Earc Kerr 280476
Eddie the Cop 1899216 Officer
Ender the Xenocide 284628 Flag Thief
Eric Hudson 262696 Prodigal Captain
Ezekiel UK 381125 Zeke, Freaky Zekey
ff Faceman 173244 Face Everywhere But Here
Francis Farmer 241133 Scythe Chick
Gold Star 290940 Bugler Goldy
Jaurez 1468215 Officer
Jits Dhaliwal 1939161 2IC
John Garai 18285 Minor Threat
Kalliel 506808 Replacement Baker
Kara Murat (Kurtr) 1653895 Officer
Keleios 1922608 Officer
Kosaka 787636
Kulko 1393096 The Incredible Kulk
Kyrre 368750
Lucian Brown 264278 The Baker Now lives on as Kalliel
Marcus Payne 207997 Runaway Medic
Mike Valdemar 208885 Storage Liberator
Monty123 768967
MooseyCakes 965396
Morganus Hyrar 741120
Nephilim Arvadite 405986
Officer S 1608789 Officer Biohazard
Old Man McGillicuddy 1767616 Officer
pault 265169
Robert eid 1056389 Officer Robby
RobKiller5 1495955
SanPedro 367647 Officer Pedro
Dr Snow 426293 Officer
Surfcop 450549 Officer
Tarrok 249209 Officer Transferred to Delta Squad
Templeton Face Peck 173163 Officer Face
Theo McAvoy 1694905 Officer
Thom Solo 319359 Resident Artist Often paints murals in safehouses
Ussr1943 779760
Waaaaaayne 302784 Not John
Will helm 1137023 Officer Promoted to Delta Squad Leader
Xanarack 1327138 Officer

Mission History

  • Operation Black Sheep - Ongoing
  • Operation North by Northwest - Successful
  • Operation Yoko Ono - Successful
  • Operation Red Cross - Successful
  • Operation Muffin Man - Canceled
  • Dunell Hills Riot - Failed
  • Operation West Side Story - Minor Success
  • Operation Home Coming- Success

Field Reports

Molebank is currently looking good. Minimum Zombie activity, very few if any PK'ers in the area. --jits dhaliwal DHPD Report Filed:11:33, 11 December 2012

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