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As far as the DHPD is aware, this sub-group no longer exists. This page is retained for archiving purposes only. Purple Cat ~ DHPD 17:45, 16 June 2010 (BST)

BRS&D stands for Brain Rot-Search and Destroy. Aka "Brassed"

Brain Rot Search and Destroy
Abbreviation: BRS&D
Group Numbers: Open to Any Survivor
Leadership: None
Goals: To Kill and Eliminate Brainrot from Malton
Recruitment Policy: By Word of Mouth
Contact: No One...edit this Wiki and Go for Splatter


Members of this program do not typicaly associate with other survivors outside of the organization unless it involves using a FAK or a revive syringe. Members of this program may carry a number of syringes to perform Lifestrikes on Zombies surrounding a Zombie with brainrot, and a sizable amount of wepons and ammo to deal with one or more of the "Rotters". Although the orginization started in Dunell Hills, it is by no means limited to that suburb, and had members in over 30 suburbs at one point.

Original Mission

Their sole purpose is to familiarize themselves with Zombies known to have Brainrot and to terminate said Zombies on sight.

We aren't PKers, normally, but we will sure as hell ruin the day of someone who is.

We are not Bounty Hunters, we don't want recognition, money, or beer.

and we certainly are not a bunch of newbs...

What we are are a group of people who have decided enough is enough, we are mad as hell, and we ain't going to take it any more. We'll light up your most wanted... all we ask for in return is the occasional revive and FAK. We should be able to take care of our own, but just in case...

Sleep Tight, We gots yer back. One way or another.

Click Here To Join the DHPD, that is if you would rather work with the best damn group of people in Malton rather than go solo.

Note:This Group is now a fully functioning sub-unit of the DHPD.

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