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Archival interest only. The DHPD no longer operates any Precincts.

DHPD - Cottam Way Precinct
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About Cottam Way Precinct

Located in the SW of the suburb of West Becktown in Malton, this particular precinct is the area surrounding the police station located at [12,39]. The Cottam Way Precinct area boasts fantastic facilities including adjacent NecroTech and hospital services. The Police Department itself is located a mere 3 blocks away from the familiar sights and sounds of Dunell Hills. See this map for area details.


Cottam Way Precinct is not currently operating.

Squad Leader:
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Precinct Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Razi 553796 Chief
EDogg 600877
John Nevins 632460
Highpants 716442
Constable Komaln 744833
Whatshisname 215648


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
A Jesuit
Brian Smitzer
Saul of Tarsus
a trip hazzard
a can of spray paint

Precinct Reports

25th September 2007

After a lull that followed the LUE push through the neighborhood, the CFW area is up and running. With Caiger Mall in good hands once again, efforts to revive those left in the wake of the zombie horde are underway.

14th January 2007

Excellent work clearing the hippies out of the area! The Hospital should now be at VS+2 to allow entry for newer players- let's show them how the game should be played and why it's so damn fun.

Cottam Way Precinct is a shared HQ with Zombie Squad, please be friendly and helpful towards them. Barricades in and around the precinct are extremely heavy due to the hippies outside trying to get to our beer. The current entry points are the Junkyard [12,40] directly south of the PD, Urben Alley Fire Station [10, 39] to the west and Ayre Place Railway Station [13,37] to the north. Officers are encouraged to be vocal to communicate with others in the Precinct. Talking encourages camaraderie and makes the game fun.

Unknown Date

Do you crave excitement and adventure, interesting people to talk to, and a safe home to stock up and sleep? Do you like beer?

If so, then the Cottam Way Tri-Resource Area needs your help! We're always looking for classy and valiant officers to fight the Zombie Menace.

The CFW area is also a good crossroad point to meet interesting people- from the south in Molebank to Caiger Mall in the north, without getting too far away from the good old 'Hills. In the surrounding areas, Molebank boasts six NT buildings and the beautiful St. Jude's Cathedral. Also close by is scenic Owsleybank and the Ruggevale Walk PD, just a stone's throw away. The Uppill neighborhood is close at hand as well for the more daring adventurers.

We also offer a top-notch health care package, fresh* coffee with real filters (imported all the way from Scarletwood), and enough beer and scotch to drown a mammoth, courtesy of the liquor research facilities in Flowar's sub-basement three!


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