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As far as the DHPD is aware, this sub-group no longer exists. This page is retained for archiving purposes only. Purple Cat ~ DHPD 17:42, 16 June 2010 (BST)

A sub-group of called DHAJET has also recently been formed. Dunell Hills AJET is an organization for JETs living in Dunell Hills and is seeking to make contact with the Daikon Gumi. They are characterized by their ability to speak English well and Japanese poorly. Chris, a big boy, was their leader. Vern was not interested in school. Teddy had many problems. Stephen wishes Bret's mom was there with him in Japan, but at least she's at DHPD. They were all different, but they were all friends. They are mostly bored AETs from small inaka schools with severe discipline problems. They were largely unaware of the zombie transformation going on in Malton-ken, but survived quite accidentally because axe-ing attacking zombie children was part of their daily routine anyway. They are not sure of their organization's purpose, and everyday they seriously consider quitting.

It is not known how much they actually work. Reports ranging from 6 to 7 "jikanme" a day seem contrived but not impossible. Equally astounding is that some have been known to go for whole weeks at a time doing absolutly nothing. Known as "BOE" days, they are always terribly boring, poorly scheduled and all around lame. Causing similiar excitment are testing days, where there is no actual teaching involved. Approach the following people with caution, and whatever you do, don't say "herro".

UPDATE: all members of DHAJET are at present being forced not only to battle zombie children and people who smell like the tobacco graveyard, but are also now subject to sub-zero temperatures and the possibility of a kerosene-related death.

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Known members: Post your name and secret identity here.

  • Sharko - Hokkaido, Taiki-cho
    • Stephen Sosnicki
  • SatelliteOfLove - in Geo-Syncronus Orbit with Hokkaido, Japan.
    • Jesse Black
  • Siglienda - Hokkaido, Land of the Horsefly Ricefield
    • Heidi Jo
  • HildegardVonDeuters - Up his Own Bum, which is a gigantic whirling vortex of darkness, Obihiro
  • Dont Eat My Brain - Hokkaido, Obihiro (CIR)
  • Cholera Party - Hokkaido, Ikeda, South Africa/ South America/ Australia because, hey, they're all the same thing, really.
    • Amanda Cooper
  • Victor McAxeman - Hokkaido, Obihiro and "parts unknown"
  • Sammy Vimes - the northern island, Lake Toya

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