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This page is out of date and is preserved for archival purposes only.

Department of Field Operations
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Welcome to the Department of Field Operations, the command and control center for DHPD Operations in the DMZ and through out our sphere of influence.

Please direct any and all questions to the DHPD Captain at DHPD HQ.


The primary offensive units of the Dunell Hills Police Department are the squads. Typical squad activities include securing resource buildings, defending safehouses, and clearing revive points as needed. Large squads can break into teams to operate independently at the squad leader's discretion. Some squads have traditional roles and missions, which are outlined below. Squads will also occasionally travel outside of the DMZ to perform missions.

Squad activities are semi-autonomous; however they are subject to direct control by the Department Captain during assigned operations.

Joining a squad is a high level commitment. Squads are very active in-game and on the forum. Ideally candidates should (under normal circumstances):

  • Be able to login to the game five or more days a week.
  • Check the DHPD Forum five or more days a week.

These are not absolute requirements, but best serve the needs of the department and provide for the maximum enjoyment of these positions. If you wish to join a squad, please contact the squad leader or the Department Captain on the DHPD Forum.

Operational Squads

Alpha Squad

Commander: Goldstar
Base: Classified
Specialty: Advance Scouting/Mobile Assault.
Recruitment: Currently Recruiting
Description: A heavy strike team that specializes in the occupation of suburbs, and the liberation of survivors from the local zed infestation. We secure and hold key resource buildings, and from time to time, wipe out groups of zeds if need be. When we're not on our own missions, we act as support to the other squads. Members from all walks of life are welcome to join, as we have roles designed to meet your specifics. Complimentary donuts upon joining.

Bravo Squad

Commander: Lee McCord
Base: Classified
Specialty: Front Line Combat/Field Ops.
Recruitment: Currently Recruiting
Description: A big attraction, and the largest squad, it handles most of the large attacks. Bravo is the heavy lifting squad, doing the hard work for little recognition. If your interest is doing good work rather than gaining praise, you're the man (or woman) for us.

Charlie Squad

Commander: pault
Base: Classified
Specialty: Combat/Occupation and Siege Defense.
Recruitment: Currently recruiting.
Description: Squad recently reactivated.

Delta Squad

Commander: Arthur Birling
Base: Wherever we find a place to sleep
Speciality: Recon/ Procurement
Recruitment: Accepting Applications
Description: A very active squad that is the "jack of all trades" so to speak. Recon one day, securing buildings the next. We are the headhunters of the department. While all officers are authorized to execute warrants, Delta squad actively seeks out the worst of the worst to execute them wherever they hide. Very competetive squad to get into, with a few Delta alumni currently commanding squads of their own now.

Dixie Squad

Commander: Marty Banks
Base: Broadbelt Grove Precinct
Speciality: Support/Medical Services and Revives.
Recruitment: Currently Recruiting
Description: For those interested in being a medic or reviver more than killing those dastardly zombies! If we had helicopters, this would be our para-rescue squad. These valiant men and women run into combat under fire to heal, barricade, and revive, then jump right into the fray. Always on the look out for hard-charging zombie killers and survivor defenders.

Ghost Squad

Commander: Tarabon
Base: Any unoccupied ruin
Specialty: Real Time Strikes
Recruitment: Selective
Description: A small squad consisting of officers that are available around the same times. We coordinate in our chat with ruthless effectiveness. The Top Brass points, and we're the tip of the spear into any desired building or area. When not on our own or prepping for a strike, we support the main body of the department as scouts, medics, PK hunters, or meatshields. This unit has its own corpsman (medic), therefore is able to operate without support. Prospective recruits must recieve a 2/3 vote from active Ghost members to be allowed in, and must be available in the same time-frame for coordinated strikes.

Omega Squad

Commander: Kulko
Base: Classified
Speciality: Training and support
Recruitment: Currently recruiting.
Description: The DHPD's academy squad. New recruits in the Department join Omega to gain experience. More seasoned applicants also join Omega as an introduction to DHPD operations.

Deactivated Squads

Echo Squad

Commander: None
Base: Cotty Street Precinct
Specialty: Recon/Combat.
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: The force reconnaissance squad. They perform long range recon in prep for operations, and also do long range interdiction missions.

Foxtrot Squad

Commander: None
Base: Ostrehan Towers
Specialty: Barricade Maintenance/Phone Mast Defense
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: The boys that defend our homes and our communication networks. They fight the good fight against anything that is dead and moving, though the phone mast is their principle operation (who doesn't like to use their phone?). They are always on the ready to receive a new trooper who is willing to go through anything.

Gulf Squad

Commander: None
Base: Classified
Specialty: Eliminating Threats.
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: This secretive squad takes members from the ranks of other squads, and by special appointment only. Referred to occasionally as the "Gothcha Squad," they exists to hunt zergers within the DHPD, and zergers and other most wanted outside of the DHPD.

Hotel Squad

Commander: None
Base: A Factory
Specialty: Real Time Strikes
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: The DHPD's real-time attack and reaction team. See the Swat Hotline for more detailed information once you have joined the DHPD.

Indigo Squad

Commander: None
Base: Classified
Specialty: Rapid Deployment/Counterstrike
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: The one squad you dont want coming after you. They are what nightmares are made of. Striking fast and from seemingly nowhere, hope that you are not their target...

Rogue Squad

Commander: None
Base: Classified
Specialty: Anything And Everything
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: Rogue Squad is one with no standing orders, one where the team can jump from situation to situation as needed. Rather than having a set mission or missions, we as the Rogues represent everything outside of order: We don't act so much as react.

Dunell Hills Expeditionary Force

Commander: DJ Frank
Base: Classified
Specialty: Operations in Suburb's outside of the DMZ
Recruitment: Currently Not Recruiting
Description: This department wide, joint task force is dedicated to taking the fight against zed oppression to the deepest and darkest corners of Malton in an attempt to curb the Zeds in their own backyard before they can come to us.


The DHPD used to operate precincts which were the department's primary defensive units. They were Operational Headquarters for DHPD Officers and usually consisted of a Station Chief and his/her staff. Precincts can vary in size, from a bustling HQ filled with assigned staff and associated officers to a small outpost which may be staffed by as little as one officer.
Changes in game mechanics and an increased zombie presence within the DMZ led to a change in tactics employed by the DHPD, with the department becoming a much more mobile force. As such, the DHPD no longer maintains a full time precinct presence, but still holds strong connections to a number of the DMZ's key precincts and these areas are still the scenes of some of the fiercest battles occurring within the region.

Active Precincts

Inactive Precincts

Bunter Street
Broadbelt Grove
Burrell Way
Cottam Way - Kept Active by Zombie Squad (DHPD Ally)
Cotty Street
Kenefie Lane
Rodwell Row
Ruggevale Walk
Swinnerton Square
Yea Drive

  • Operations
Alpha Squad Alpha
Alpha Squad Bravo
Delta Squad Delta
Dixie Squad Dixie
Omega Squad Omega
  • Communications
Dhpds.jpg DHPD Newsletter
Dhpds.jpg Internal Communications

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