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This page is out of date and is preserved for archival purposes only.

DHPD - Office of Public Relations
Dunell Hills Police Department Dhpdbanner5.png Dhpdbanner2.png
Office of Public Relations
Public Relations Chief: Officer S
Goals: To Inform the Public
Recruitment Policy: Open to All DHPD
Contact: Internal Communications


Welcome to the Public Relations Office, here we maintain everything necessary to spread the word about the DHPD's mission and work in the community of the DMZ, extra spraycans are on the shelf next to the portable radios we use for hooking up with Radio Free Dunell Hills. Listed below are Tags commonly used by DHPD members, as well as suggested tags for future use. Please list known DHPD tags here, If you make a new one, please add it; Please help keep this list current, if you see a tag that has been painted over, replace it. When spraying tags outside the hallowed walls of Dunell Hills don't be a wanker and write over other groups tags if their tags are real; otherwise, by all means write over "teh zombies are ownzed" with something meaningful and helpful. This is the chief, out.

The Public Liaison is in charge of Communicating with the public and raising awareness of DHPD facilities and services.

DHPD Manifesto

  • Stay Human.
  • Consolidate Dunell Hills Residents at headquarters.
  • Tag the area to direct wandering survivors to safety.
  • Maintain headquarters barricades at Very Strong.
  • Members are encouraged to contribute and to communicate on most DHPD pages.
  • News updated daily, please read it and contribute to it.
  • Do not paint over DHPD tags, except with new DHPD tags.

Public Service Announcements

Previous announcements are moved to the talk page.

  • New recruitment drives have been started, pushing for more members.

--Officer S 9:35, 11 May 2010 (GMT)

  • In a push to spread vital information for fellow survivors, DHPD officers are asked to resume tagging their areas of operation. --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 18:00, 12 August 2009 (BST)

Propaganda and Communications

Dunell Hills Radio Journal: Radio Free DHPD is up and running. Tune in and make broadcasts! This is a regular journal of life in the DHPD, the dangers of Dunell Hills, and general personal updates. Members should feel free to contribute. Who knows, maybe that long-lost relative or loved one is listening?

New Podcasts will be coming out in the next month or so. Also our youtube page is being updated continuously.



  • Officer S reporting here. I'm your new PR Chief. We would like to thank Marty for all of his hard work as our previous PR Chief. --Officer S 9:35, 11 February 2010
  • I have now been assigned to take over the PR department after a long hiatus following the retirement of Officer Otep. --Marty Banks (aka. Mundane) <DHPD> 17:31, 12 August 2009 (BST)
  • Following the recent promotion of FmrPFCBob to First Commissioner, the Public Relations Department will now be managed by Officer Otep. 14:35, 16 Nov 2006 (UST)
  • A Number of suggested tags have been gotten rid of. If you want to suggest a tag please do so.

16:51, 15 Feb 2006 (GMT)


  • "We put the dead in undead-DHPD"
  • "Shoot zombies first, then eat donuts later-DHPD"
  • "To serve, to protect, to kick Zombies butts" - DHPD headquarters
  • "Dunell Hills gone and done you in, boy!"
  • "Sharko Lives!"
  • "Dunell Hills Police wiki, if you want to live!"
  • "You can find me in da club-Sharko (DHPD)"
  • "Go to Dunell Hills Police wiki if you want to live"
  • "Go to Dunell Hills PD wiki to join"
  • "If DHPD is wrong, I don't want to be right"
  • "Thunder Chunky"
  • Somebody has spraypainted "Dunell Hills Police Dept in pee" onto a wall.
  • Somebody has spraypainted "Dunell Hills Police Dept Revival Point in pee" onto a wall. - Coffins Drive
  • "Put down the bloody leg and give me a hug- DHPD"
  • "DHPD Prince of Thieves"
  • "DHPD Will Rock You"
  • 4 out of 5 zombies agree, DHPD tastes better"
  • Somebody has spraypainted "DHPD Rulez by projectile vomiting" onto a wall.
  • "DHPD is now nacho cheesier!"
  • "DHPD has the strength of 5 gorillas"
  • "Cholera Party is from South America"
  • "DHPD post [location coordinates]" - put inside barricaded buildings
  • "Zeds will be shot on sight. This means you! - DHPD"
  • Somebody has spraypainted "DHPD onto a wall. A zombie head is hung" onto a wall.
  • "DHPD, where zombies run freely into my axe..."
  • We are the DHPD. everything else, is just a toy.
  • DHPD: We are professional grade.
  • This building protected by DHPD.
  • Same great taste but with half the calories!
  • DHPD. Leaving a path of zombie orphans.
  • DHPD - Carpe Zombem.
  • Once more unto the zeds, DHPD, once more!
  • Who you gonna call? DHPD
  • Standing Our Ground.
  • The Few. The Proud. The DHPD!
  • DHPD - Making Our Mothers Proud.
  • The Force is strong with the DHPD.
  • DHPD - No more running. We aim to misbehave.
  • DHPD kicks zombies where it hurts!
  • DHPD - My anti-zombies.
  • I live, die, & hopefully get revived for the DHPD!
  • Pray for the dead Fight like hell for the living.
  • In the Bush Crescent Fire Station.
  • You Have the Right to remain dead. DHPD
  • Dewfall Plaza Railway Station.
  • DHPD-Your source for zombies n' donuts since 1952.
  • DHPD-Defending your right to kill and dismember.
  • DHPD-Guns and donuts, what more do you need?
  • Badges? We don't need no stinking badges! -DHPD
  • Be all that you can be, in the DHPD!
  • We who are about to die salute the DHPD!
  • When the going gets tough, call the DHPD!
  • The best part of waking up is the DHPD!
  • You're in good hands with the DHPD.
  • Zombies check in, they don't check out. - DHPD
  • DHPD - We happy few, we band of brothers.
  • DHPD - The zed stops here.
  • DHPD - Baggin' zeds and making donuts

Extra-Mural Tags Owsleybank

  • Kittle Alley School - "Dunell Hills Police Department...You know you want it. Wiki us!"
  • "Welcome to the Dunell Military Zone... "(DMZ, get it?)

Suggested Tags

Great tag ideas but all out of precious, precious spray paint? Post it here and hope for the best. If you make one of these, remember to erase it and add it to known tags. These requested tags will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Please wait your turn or grab your own spray can. I'll try my best to do all these tags. If you painted it with your own spray can please cross it out so I know. Thanks a lot.

If you want to suggest a tag make sure it's under 50 letters. Thanks.


  • 1.) When the going gets tough, call the DHPD!
  • 2.) Zombies: If you can read this, you're already undead. -DHPD Too many letters to fit in graffiti letter box.
  • 3.) The best part of waking up is the DHPD!
  • 4.) I regret that I have but one life to give for my DHPD Too many letters to fit in graffiti letter box.
  • 5.) You're in good hands with the DHPD.Mattick Walk Fire Station. (PV)
  • 6.) Zombies check in, they don't check out. - DHPD
  • 7.) DHPD. Eviscerating zombies since about 7:30 this morning. Too many letters to fit in graffiti letter box.
  • 8.) DHPD - We happy few, we band of brothers.
  • 9.) Cake or death? With the DHPD, it's cake!
  • 10.) DHPD - We brought a flag.
  • 11.) DHPD - Destined Heroes of Peddlesen District
  • 12.) Give me syringes or give me an axe! - DHPD
  • 13.) DHPD - Get a dead one, have a cold one.
  • 14.) Somebody has spraypainted 'DHPD Rules, also there's a zed stuck' on a wall
  • 15.) DHPD - Kicking Zed and taking names.
  • 16.) You are Tokoyo, DHPD are Godzilla!

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