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Foxtrot Squad has been disbanded and is no longer an active DHPD Squad

DHPD - Foxtrot Squad
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About Foxtrot Squad

Foxtrot Squad is the reinforcement and maintenance team. We routinely check important buildings in the DMZ to make sure that they are barricaded and powered to maximize resistance efforts. Foxtrot Squad is less about killing zombies and more about supporting and securing areas within Dunell Hills territory. We do what we can to clear, barricade, and power buildings to improve our ability to fight back against the zombie horde. As such, we communicate on a daily basis and great commitment is necessary in this line of work. Remember, Foxtrot Squad is not about heroics and flash; it is about fulfilling the basic necessities of the survivors of Malton.


Foxtrot Squad is not currently operating.

Foxtrot Squad
Squad Leader:
Goals: Defence and Maintenance
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
The Surgeon General Squad Leader
DJ Frank Corporal
Viiag Command Sergeant Major
spudwagon Specialist
Jackboot Pete Waterboy
Dickhole spy Private
Doctor J Stark
Gus Cole
Pvt Vukov

Mission History

Field Reports

September 16

Since the last update, the DMZ has really begun to shape up. Foxtrot has continued its creed of repairing buildings and providing light for our zombie shooting and reviving brethren. Fortunately, Extinction seems to be withdrawing into the far north-west to consolidate their holdings, allowing us to fill in the areas they leave behind. Time will tell just how long it will take before our next serious encounter. - The Surgeon General

September 9

With the North-West sector of Malton in such disrepair, the DHPD has become mobile in order to combat the infestation, constantly moving between different safehouses. Although nothing specific can be written for obvious reasons, the DHPD is still operating within the DMZ. On another note, I would like to welcome two new members of Foxtrot: Pvt Vukov and AwPhuch, the second of which will be having a sort of dual membership between the DHPD and Zombie Squad. - The Surgeon General

August 20

With so many zombies moving in from the north-west following the fall of Caiger Mall, Foxtrot has been commissioned with barricading and maintaining building in Peddlesden Village. Also, I'd like to welcome the newest member to Foxtrot, Pault. - The Surgeon General

August 2

Foxtrot has been charged with assessing the situation in the suburb of Molebank. - The Surgeon General

July 13

Dunell Hills is in a real mess and we're going to help clean it up. Foxtrot is currently moving to resecure infested buildings inside of the suburb, one building at a time. We would like to say goodbye to OfficerButler, who has decided to join Bravo squad in order to suit his playing style. On a brighter note, Foxtrot would like to welcome Gus Cole, our newest member. - The Surgeon General

June 25

Foxtrot would like to welcome our newest recruit, OfficerButler, thus bringing our current squad membership up to three. - The Surgeon General

June 20

Foxtrot obtains its first orders since its reinstatement: barricade building and maintenance on the eastern edge of Molebank. Not exactly the most exciting work, but nevertheless necessary. - The Surgeon General

June 5

Foxtrot would like to gladly welcome our newest recruit, Doctor J Stark. Progress is going along smoothly and we'll be ready for grunt work in no time. -The Surgeon General

June 3

Foxtrot has been recommissioned. Recruitment for positions within the squad will begin shortly. -The Surgeon General


Foxtrot has been disbanded. All members have been re-absorbed into Dixie Squad.
The end of an era. -Jackboot Pete

January 31

The Surgeon General was promoted within the ranks of the DHPD. A very skilled candidate was chosen to replace him as Foxtrot Squad Leader, Viiag. -Cisisero

January 2

We've been helping to secure Darvall Heights for the past week and a half, with great results. There's been an increase in PKer activity, but that's to be expected with so many survivors around. We've moved down to Owsleybank to Ruggevale Walk Precint, to help out Chief Saxony with the area. There are a few survivors around, and even fewer zeds, although the border with Grigg Heights is anything but a pretty sight. More to come as we continue operations in the area. We've also increased our squad number to five with the addition of alt of the famous (or should I say infamous) dickhole guy, by the name of Dickhole spy. We're happy to accept him and strengthen our ties with the Malton Rangers. -The Surgeon General

January 10

After a brief stint helping out the Malton Rangers lure the Eastonwood Ferals back into their home suburb(which was a sucess, although most of us died in the process), we're now residing in Caiger again for the moment, restocking on munitions and syringes. Once we renew our supply, we'll go where the wind takes us, most likely back into Eastonwood. Caiger is looking much better now, with hundreds of survivors within the mall. Latrobe is also in survivor hands, although there are frequent break-ins. Overall, the area is looking much better. -The Surgeon General

January 1

Happy New Year from Foxtrot Squad! Our current haunt is Uppill Precint, taking a small break after helping retake Caiger Mall. It's been non-stop for a few weeks, so we're enjoying a relaxing well deserved break. The survivor population within the area is low, so we are sprucing up the area to make it more inviting. -The Surgeon General

December 21

After a brief stop in southern West Becktown to assist in the retaking of several key buildings in the area, we've moved north to begin helping in efforts to reclaim Caiger Mall and the surrounding area. After Caiger fell in early November, survivors have finally begun to reclaim many buildings within the still heavily infested suburb. We have also been cooperating with many of our allies to increase the effectiveness of the survivor population within the area. -The Surgeon General

December 2

Things are really taking a turn for the better. Many of the buildings are back in survivor hands, despite still frequent break-ins by zombies, but thankfully there have been no massive coordinated strikes. We're currently securing buildings in the North-West section of Dunell Hills, mostly around Cotty Street Police Department. As long as another massive horde doesn't move in, Dunell Hills will be ours soon enough. -The Surgeon General

November 20

We've been making real strides in the suburb. Many buildings are barricaded and powered within the area, and the zed presence is dropping rapidly. We are making preparations to start moving to nearby areas and retake whats rightfully ours! -The Surgeon General

November 16

We're finally making some headway back into Dunell Hills. Multiple Buildings are being secured and we shall be delivering some well deserved buckshot, dimemberment, and general destruction to the zombie population there. We've added another member to our group, spudwagon, and brought an old member back into the fold, Jackboot Pete which brings our numbers up to... four. Still not much, but hopefully we'll be getting more soon. -The Surgeon General

November 12

Now that Caiger Mall has fallen to the zombies, we are currently reinforcing Dunell Hills in preparation for the oncoming zombie horde. Although currently at two members, we are getting much accomplished in securing and powering important buildings within the area. -The Surgeon General

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