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Archival interest only. The DHPD no longer operates any Precincts.

DHPD - Kenefie Lane Precinct
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About Kenefie Lane Precinct

Located in suburb of Chudleyton in Malton this particular precinct is the area surrounding the police station located at [15,23]. The Precinct's head is in charge of Kenefie Lane Precinct Station operations, security and resources. See this MAP for area details.


Kenefie Lane Precinct is not currently operating.

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Recruitment Policy: Closed
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Precinct Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Harry Likos 837943 Chief

Precinct Reports

1st April 2008

After the report in January the KLP once again fell silent, and Likos went missing in the general chaos of Malton. However, on April Fool's Day the DHPD again received a report from him after he awoke in a pile of bodies outside Caiger. The KLP was empty, he said, although a small group of survivors were trying to restore Caiger as best they could.

December 2007 - January 2008

The following two months were mainly a series of ups and downs for the Precinct. Precinct forces once again found themselves part of a roving band of DHPD officers, traveling the DMZ to restore order. One stop along the way brought the group back to the Precinct, and they remained there for several days. However, in a terrible blunder (he blames the lack of hot chocolate), Chief Likos overslept and was left behind when the group moved on. When he awoke, he discovered that the reason that he was not undead was that a group of civilians had moved into the building in the wake of the DHPD force. What followed was a brave week-long defense by the Precinct and the local civilians, even managing to reactivate Harraway and scavenge needles before being overrun again.

Later, the majority (if not the entirety) of the DHPD rallied to lead an assault on zombie-held Caiger. What resulted was a siege centered on the Latrobe Building, lasting more than a week and ending in a success for the DHPD. While things calmed down at Caiger, Chief Likos moved out and confirmed that the Precinct had been recovered by opportunistic survivors. He remained there for several days before being ordered south in what would turn out to be a futile attempt to retake the Hills. For some time the KLP remained out of touch, but on January 23rd a previously MIA Likos reported to HQ that the Precinct was still in survivor hands, and that he was remaining at his Precinct for the time being.

27th November 2007

A letter from the chief: Kenefie Lane Precinct is about as far from the Hills as you can get before leaving the DMZ altogether. We're out on the Frontier, with most of our fellow officers too far away to give us timely assistance. But that just makes our job all the more important. We are the thin blue line between the citizens of the DMZ and the rest of chaotic Malton. We are often among the first DHPD officers a civilian moving into the DMZ will meet. And we are the first line of defense against Extinction invasions from the north.

Through outlaw attacks, Caiger sieges, and zombie raiders, the KLP has stood strong. Even when our buildings are sundered our people fight on, saving lives and pushing the attackers back. We are not in the Hills, true. We do not walk the same streets as many other DHPD officers. But we are still part of the same grand Department, so get out there and show them what we can do!

-Kenefie Station Chief Harry Likos

25th November 2007

Looking for some levity among the zombie apocalypse and the recent fighting with feral survivors, Chief Likos called his old friends in the Drama Club and scheduled a performance of Army of Darkness. After dealing with some delays due to zombie and serial killer interference, the Club performed for 36 survivors.AoD 11-25-07.JPG

November 26th, 2007 No sooner had the actors cleaned up and cleared out than zombie numbers spiked. The barricades were strengthened, and for a while it looked like the precinct would hold. But when Harraway went down, and as civilians continued to flee, Chief Likos ordered the evacutation of the precinct. It fell a few days later, and any hopes of recovering it quickly were dashed when Red Rum successfully launched a Crusade upon Caiger Mall.

13th November 2007

In a startling and completely unforeseen event, a group of serial killers calling itself Project T.I.M.E. invaded the Precinct's area of jurisdiction, for all intents and purposes attempting a takeover of the area by squatting on the Precinct and attacking DHPD officers. Officers all over Chudleyton, in fact, came under attack. The T.I.M.E. members quickly became notorious for their claims of avenging murders from the future and for masquerading as people from AMS, CMS, and even the DHPD itself. The response was swift, with Bravo Squad being ordered into Chudleyton to help the KLP and local officers push the invasion back.

What followed was several days worth of gunfights, nighttime assassinations, and covert stalking of targets that not only enveloped the Precinct but much of the suburb, although the KLP was the center of the fighting. After more than a week the T.I.M.E. force had been scattered and the Precinct remained firmly in DHPD hands. The hunt for Project T.I.M.E. continues, both within Chudleyton as far out as Caiger Mall and in other suburbs.

9th October 2007

Fowler Crescent Railway Station had, in the past, troubled the Precinct as a hideout for serial killers and other lawbreakers. Starting on the 5th it again became an issue as the murderous group known as the Malton Narcotics Unit (who routinely posed as Malton police officers during their crimes) set up shop there and began attacking the Precinct. However, Precinct forces and the still-present Charlie Squad mounted a counterattack and quickly forced the MNU to bunker down within the Station. Assistance from local survivors and other DHPD allies (who wish to remain anonymous as they were on a black ops assignment at the time) eventually broke open the station and virtually wiped out the MNU, ending the threat for the time being.

3rd October 2007

The skirmishes had, by this point, become a drain on the Precinct. Quick revives by survivors in the Harraway Building kept the Precinct active, but it was a constant fight to hold on to territory. Zombie numbers began to gain a level of equity with those of the survivors. Chief Likos put in a request for backup, and the call was answered. Charlie Squad made a quick response and entered the Precinct, swinging the fight in the DHPD's favor.

20th September 2007

The Precinct HQ was reclaimed by the Dirtnappers with the assistance of several local survivors who had been in hiding. Afterwards, the Dirtnappers moved on, leaving Chief Likos and the locals behind to secure the area. A period of skirmishing began between feral zombies and the DHPD/civilian force.

19th September 2007

A month had passed since Kenefie was overrun. The Precinct had lain barren, and for several days the officers who once served there were not even seen in other suburbs. However, on this day they reappeared as part of a SpecOps force, the Dirtnappers. The team had been secretly raiding deep inside enemy territory to the north and now stormed the Precinct, capturing several of its buildings including Hodson and Cuthbert. The fight to reclaim the KLP had begun.

19th August 2007

Once Caiger fell it was a matter of time. The Precinct was overrun quickly, with Club Hodson holding out as the last bastion for a few extra days. But eventually both Likos and Bull were killed, and the entire Northwest was overrun.

HOWEVER, the fight was not over. The Kenefie Lane force quickly joined a DHPD strike force on a mission to resist the invaders, attacking swiftly and raiding supplies. The mission consisted of multiple operations, including Operation DeadArrow, Operation Smash and Dash, and Operation Khan. After the success of Operation Khan on September 12th, the Kenefie Lane Force vanished off the face of Malton alongside several other prominent DHPD officers.

18th August 2007

When Caiger Mall fell to an LUE-led force, it triggered on all-out assault on Chudleyton in general. The Precinct was, for the most part, promptly overrun. Many of the civilians died, and Station Chief Likos only survived by a lucky choice of building to sleep in. However, there was a small ray of hope: Bulldog C6, a soldier of the Independent Nation of Owsleybank, arrived and pledged to help the Precinct in its darkest hour yet. The Precinct had its first true ally.

2nd August 2007

When Officer Likos first arrived in the Precinct, it had been a shambles still dealing with the recapture of nearby Caiger Mall by survivor forces. But over the months things stabilized and the Precinct came alive again. The Officer decided to independently pursue a way to further breath life into the Precinct, and found the right tool in the guise of Malton's Drama Club. The Club was eagerly taking requests for their performance of 'Apocalypse Now: Death of Kurtz', and negotiations for a showing at the KLPD were arranged for August 2nd. The performance was successful, with a total of 40 survivors attending. The Club's Stagehand was kind enough to film the event: AN 8-2-07.JPG


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