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Rogue Squad has been disbanded and is no longer a DHPD Squad

DHPD - Rogue Squad
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About Rogue Squad

Rogue Squad is one with no standing orders, one where the team can jump from situation to situation as needed. Rather than having a set mission or missions, we represent everything outside of order: we don't act so much as react. We also need to be extremely variable in our skills, so that we may better be able to react to any situation, whether it be many wounded needing healing, a large zombie threat to be disposed of, revives to be done, or simply barricading buildings.


Rogue Squad is not currently operating.

Rogue Squad
Squad Leader:
Goals: Situational Response
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Commanderian Squad Leader, Medic
Prosperina 2IC
Plashricrem Revival Officer

Mission History

Field Reports

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