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DHPD - Dixie Squad
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About Dixie Squad

Interested in being a medic or reviver more than killing those dastardly zombies? Then this is the squad for you! If we had helicopters, this would be our para-rescue squad. These valiant men and women run into combat under fire, heal, barricade, and revive, then jump right into the fray. Always on the look out for hard-charging zombie killers and survivor defenders.

Dixie Squad is now giving away little puppies to new Dixie recruits. Cute Pugs and Jack Russell Terriers, all the way up to terrifying Rottweilers. Join today and bring up your friendly canine to be a pet companion or breed him to be an evil-eyed, insane, psycho killer!!


Membership to Dixie Squad is closed untill running a squad is viable.

Dixie Squad
Squad Leader: Paul Freed
Goals: Support/Medical Services and Revives
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
AlanTuring 527766 Officer MIA
ali2234 417717 Officer MIA
Amdir 1827036 Officer
Arwald 717252 MIA
ASharpFork 571958 Squad Leader
Ben Charron 347024 Field Medic
Beth Fields 498474 Field Medic
Bill Turner 334195 Squad Leader
braunwyn cleanslate 1043875 Squad Leader Bryn Became DFO-C
Chris Woo 1375237 Field Medic, Revivification Officer Character of chrisco
Cisisero 583628 Medic, Barricader Moved on to command Indigo Squad, Became DFO-C
Cyrus Hanley 1075851 Squad Leader
Deadly043 1458360 2IC
Dr Allison 491945 Field Medic Wandering Saint of Malton
Dr Snow 426293 Squad Leader Snow
Dr SykoKiller666 1689890 2iC Dr Syko, Syko Maker of fine sigs
EDogg 600877 Officer
Fredi 338507 Officer
Hali Phax 1219214
Highpants 716442 Squad Corporal Highpants
Hockeyruler 547797 Field Medic Hockey Moved on to Alpha
Iam YourMedic 2040129 Officer
James Davey 1425927 Officer MIA
Jelito 1701699 Officer
KoronofHearts 1040454 Officer Koron Caiger Mall Medical Support
Logan Scott 1358663 Medic Logan
Londonbrig0 7658232 Field Medic
Marty Banks 575384 Marty Squad Combat, Combat Revives
mreid13 1645395 Jessie Reid MIA
OfficerKalashnikov47 1385602
Officer Moony 490149 Field Medic
ohfrigg 1653305 Officer Frigg MIA
Papa Roge 551926 Revivification Officer, Field Medic Recognized for leadership abilities, promoted to lead a squad
Paradox244 536733 Recruitment, Field Medic
Paul Freed 1932316
PlutoNeptun 275428 Officer
Purple Cat 164793 Medical Chief PC Chief Kitten Advocate
razi 553796 Officer Squad Combat
sanpedro 367647 Pete Also Assistant Chief of DHPD
Sgt Partridge 450239 Squad Leader Moved on to better things in Precinct Command
smellytoes 596656 Field Medic
St Aden 697387 Revive Technician, Medic Johnny
Surfcop 450549 Dude, zombies are totally bogus!
Vicky Eames 1433331 Field Medic, Barricader, Scout, Revivification Officer Vicky
Victor McDade 502825 Revivification Officer, Field Medic
Viiag 612439 Medical Engineer Moved on to Foxtrot Squad Leader
Zwelgje 258428 Officer

Mission History

  • Operation Dixie Defiance - Completed
  • Operation Cleaning the Pooll - Completed Successfully
  • Bunter Renovation - Completed successfully
  • Setting up viable support network based around revive points - Completed successfully
  • The Battle for the 'Belt - Completed successfully
  • Operation Meat-Shield Management - Completed successfully
  • Operation Meet & Greet - Canceled
  • Operation Yoko Ono - Completed
  • Anti Riot Patrol - Completed
  • Operation Tag and Bag - Completed
  • Operation Sweep and Clear - Completed
  • Operation Weedkiller - Completed
  • Operation Stepping Stones - Completed
  • Operation Habitat for Humanity - Completed
  • Operation Fragger's Mad Mad Circus II - Completed
  • Operation Traveling Circus - Completed
  • Operation Calling All Cars! - Completed with Thanks to Purple Cat
  • Operation Back to School! - Completed
  • Operation School's in Session! - Completed
  • Operation Field of Dreams - Completed
  • Mini-Op Grab What We Can While We Can - Completed
  • Operation Rise From the Ashes - Completed
  • Operation Ho, ho, headshot - Completed
  • Operation Dunell Hills or Die - Completed
  • Operation YOU ARE HERE ===> - Completed
  • Operation BACK TO THE FRONT! - Completed
  • Mall Tour at Caiger - Completed
  • Operation Fortress DMZ - Completed
  • There's a sale at Caiger Mall! - Completed
  • Dunell Hills Spring Break! - Completed
  • Urban renewal in Molebank - Completed
  • Shoes. Let's get some shoes... - Completed

Field Reports

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