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DHPD - Omega Squad
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About Omega Squad

Omega Squad is the police academy of the Dunell Hills Police Department. New department members work together with the help of a seasoned veteran or two as the Omega Squad Leader and Omega Squad 2nd in command. The Lead and 2IC position rotates through-out the department for each batch of rookie cops. The rookies are then run through operations and trained to operate within a squad of the DHPD.

The Squad Leader will choose operations appropriate for his recruits. Some rookies (commonly called 'Rook' or worse by the veterans ;) ) come in with more skills than others. Some will need to AP bank, while others already have a strong skill base. The Squad Leader will maximize the fun and productivity of this very fluid squad.

Once a recruit class is deemed ready to graduate from the academy, they are incorporated into current active squads.

So join the DHPD today and get a taste of what we're doing! Join Omega Squad! "Fortes soli superstites sunt" ("Only the strong survive")


Membership to Omega Squad is open to all new recruits. Veteran DHPD officers may also join the squad to assist.

Omega Squad
Squad Leader: Damien Laplant
Goals: Training new DHPD members
Recruitment Policy: Open to all new recuits
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Membership of Omega Squad changes rapidly as recruit graduate and move into other squads. As a result only the permanent squad members are listed here.

Name Profile Role Comment
Damien Laplant 2017077 Squad Leader
Sgt Partridge 450239 2IC
Doctor Snow 2192685
Hibwa 2180393


The previous Recruit Classes have been archived on its own page for space and organizational purposes.

Mission History

Field Reports

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