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The Dunell Hills Police Department is a group of like-minded individuals who work in the suburb of Dunell Hills and the suburbs surrounding the Hills. We heal survivors and revive the fallen, repair our six suburb Dunell Military Zone and combat both zombies and PKers.

We actively oppose the largest zombie group, The Dead, doing what we can to contain their influence. If you want action and to fight those who wished to take over all of Malton and turn it's entire population into zombies, we are the group for you. Don't let the zeds occupy the city again.

The DHPD is well organized with several squads:

Our active forum is used for coordinating the departments activities, but we're not all serious and such. We have forum sections for fiction, non-UD game coordination, and other general randomness, including the critically acclaimed comic "Coffee on the Left".

If you are a survivor looking to help your fellow citizens while having a good time, visit the Dunell Hills Police Department forum and join up. Membership is open to every survivor, regardless of experience level.

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