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The Dunningwood Warriors are a group of survivors dedicated to cleansing the suburb of Dunningwood, in order to make it a safe place to live again. Though the name is decidedly militant, the Warriors only battle the walking dead when they absolutely must - i.e., when a crowd gathers outside a safehouse or when survivors are harassed while traveling through the suburb.

Dunningwood Warriors
Abbreviation: DW
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: Warchief Necrolepsy
Goals: Preservation of Dunningwood
Recruitment Policy: If you have a pulse, join the club!
Contact: us on our forums


Late November '05 - Warchief Necrolepsy scouted eastern Malton for an ideal base of operations. Dunningwood was selected primarily because it offered a variety of tactical locations while free of the inevitable burden a mall in the suburb would bring.

December '05 - Mikey Easton and Spoonerism join the Dunningwood Warriors. Originally, the group suffered many crushing defeats: inexperienced survivors trying to make a difference in Malton often spend more time waiting in line at a revive point than they do battling zombies.

January '06 - Power is restored to the Halliday Bldg and cellphones are useable once more in Dunningwood.

February '06 - This additional means of communication proves useful as the Warriors recruit many more members almost overnight. As the ranks swell, Lord Blvd PD, St Odile's Hospital and the Cater Bldg are all secured, with power restored at the hospital and NT building.

Additionally, contact is made with Dunningwood SWAT. An agreement is reached where the groups will share safehouses in the mutual defense of the suburb. Later in the month, an alliance is proposed by the group known as FOXHOUND. After helping to maintain the Halliday Bldg's barricades and power supply, the Warriors accept their offer.

March '06 - The Warriors establish a Barricading Policy for the suburb and go to work enforcing it across Dunningwood. All three NT locations are operational now, with services provided to rotters upon request. Expeditions are sent into the neighboring suburbs of Gibsonton, Pescodside and Paynterton and peaceful contact is made with the Sons of Korhal and Friends of the Featherstone Library.

April '06 - After a devastating assault by the BLFK, the Scourge and affiliated ferals, the suburb and a majority of the Warriors' influence in it were annihilated. Warchief Necrolepsy declared Dunningwood a disaster area and all non-Warriors were advised to leave until further notice. At one point, revivification services were suspended entirely. Near the end of the month, the horde broke up and moved away but many of its hangers-on still threaten the area; Risdon Boulevard is now fully operational. The Warriors have made a great deal of progress but more remains to be done.

May '06 - Peaceful contact is made with GibPro from Gibsonton, who have their own zombie infestation to quell. The Dunningwood Warriors, boasting more members than ever before and a complete revitalization of the suburb, agreed to lend a hand. Throughout most of Dunningwood it is now relatively safe to sleep outside. Several factors, all culminating in the momentum shifting decidedly in the favor of survivors, prompted Warchief Necrolepsy to step down from his position and pass the torch to other, more enthusiastic leaders. The barricades and tags still need to be brought under control but overall the Warriors can proudly say, "Mission Accomplished."

July '06 - there are small but frequent zombie attacks through some areas of the suburb but nothing the Dunningwood Warriors cannot handle. revive points are flowing smoothly and operation "paint da town" is about to commence!

January '07 - The previous warcheif Spoonerism has steped down and passed down his title to Rex Gore. With this new leadership the Dunningwood Warriors will now have a renewed focus and activity. This will allow the Dunningwood Warriors to be more co-ordinated against future Zombie strikes.

March '07 - Thanks to the hard work of the Dunningwood Warriors and other survivors in the suburb, Dunningwood's danger status has been lowered to green.

July '09 - After a long hiatus, the Dunningwood Warriors are back and are organizing to clean up Dunningwood and keep the streets safe.

September '09 - During a war between members of the Defenders of The Gummer Bank and the local Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile, hostilities have spread to the Dunningwood Warriors and to many random civilians who are not affiliated with either group. Though their wiki says they hate PKers and GKers "full stop," almost every member of the Defenders of the Gummer Bank in the suburb of Dunningwood has been witnessed PKing or GKing, not only in areas being used the members of Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile, but across the entire suburb. As a result of this, combined with a complete lack of response from members of Defenders of the Gummer Bank, open season has been declared on members of this group.

October '09 - Representatives from both the Defenders of Gummer Bank and the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile have accepted invitations to participate in polite discussion on our forums.

November '09 - War has been declared between the Dunningwood Warriors and the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile. PKing has occured on both sides, but despite rumors to the contrary, random civilians have NOT been targeted by either group.

November '09 - Representatives from the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile have accepted Warchief Necrolepsy's terms and have agreed to leave the suburb of Dunningwood. As a result, the Defenders of the Gummer Bank have agreed to leave in peace.

November '09 - With the Militant Order of Barhah (M.O.B.) only two suburbs away and a clear path of suburbs in the green for them to follow, the Warchief has issued an order that all Dunningwood Warriors are to advise local survivors to evacuate until M.O.B. passes through and is on their way. The Dunningwood Warriors will stay behind and do whatever can be done to wage guerrilla-style warfare against M.O.B.

November '09 - The Militant Order of Barhah has come and gone, leaving a big mess behind. Most of Dunningwood's buildings are in ruins. Many of the Dunningwood Warriors are dead and there are dozens of feral zombies roaming the streets. Things could be worse, though. The number of zombies in the area indicates that many civilians listened to the evacuation advice given by the Warriors -or were just smart enough to see the writing on the wall- and fled the suburb. The Warriors are hard at work getting their members revived so they can help revive others and rebuild the suburb anew.

December '09 - The wake of the Militant Order of Barhah passing through is huge and has left a very large path of destruction, including Dunningwood. Members of the Dunningwood Warriors have been working as best as they can toward rebuilding, but with so many zombies out, it has been difficult. Many of the Warriors, unable to get revived in their own home suburb, traveled Malton, going as far away as Yagoton and Richmond Hills before being revived. After stocking up on syringes, they have finally returned and have revived a number of zombies and repaired a number of key buildings. Many grateful survivors have told stories of having been waiting for revivification for weeks. With much help from these revived survivors, the Dunningwood Warriors have begun putting the suburb back in order and hope that this influence will spread to neighboring suburbs that are also having trouble getting back on their feet.


Before you sign up, give some thought as to what role you might play in a guerrila organization. As stated before, the Warriors don't just march down the street with guns blazing, annihilating anything in sight - finesse is required, and until many more survivors join the fight our policy must remain primarily defensive. There are three positions one might fill in the Warriors, with secondary tasks assigned by the Warchief.


Ideally, anyone signing up for this responsibility should at least have First Aid. Diagnosis is a great boon, and Surgery is optimal (but since there is only one hospital in Dunningwood, it is unlikely those who need medical attention will actually travel there from across the suburb, especially when infected). Any medics spending a great deal of time at the hospital are encouraged to look after the barricades and generators as First Responders. The rest of us may not get there in time if trouble arises and you do nothing to stop it.


There are three NT offices in Dunningwood. Obviously, Lab Experience is a must: the rest of the Warriors are not depending on you to simply record zombie data. NecroNet Access can be beneficial, particularly in dealing with rotters standing in line at the revive points. Though NT employees can expect the full assistance from the rest of the group, it is primarily their responsibility to maintain barricades and power at NT locations. Furthermore, if a choice must be made between preserving the safehouse and maintaining the revive point, the NT building itself is the higher priority.


Otherwise known as skirmishers or guerillas, this branch of the Warriors needs no introduction. It is critical, however, to remember our primary objectives. Making Dunningwood safe for survivors to call home again does not necessarily mean "Kill every zombie in sight." In fact, doing so may cause more harm than good. The zeds will get the picture if we only blast them for tearing down barricades or mauling our neighbors while out for a stroll. If a zombie isn't a threat, it is not yet an enemy.



The clearest way to spread word about the Warriors is in-game through tagging. Otherwise, though, those with this distinction might find themselves in charge of updating the Wiki page or cruising forums for new recruits. Never forget that a positive message and some much-needed assistance go a long way toward bringing more survivors into the fight.

Crowd Control

As stated before, unless there is a mob standing outside a safehouse or the zeds are actively harassing survivors, they should be ignored. None of us have an infinite supply of ammo, and finding more takes time - time which could be used to help your fellow Warriors or innocent civilians. Having said that, in times of relative calm there is no harm in dispersing the zombie hordes. If there are, say, 5 or more zeds standing in one spot, even if they aren't doing anything "wrong" they should be neutralized as soon as possible. XP for you and a stern lesson for them. If you are a zombie, Dunningwood is no longer a safe place to be.

Power Monitor

When resources are running low and the Warriors are scattered through the suburb, we must each do what we can singularly to preserve safehouses and protect as many survivors as possible. But when things are going well, it may fall to one or two Warriors to make a routine circuit around Dunningwood, restoring power at St Odile's and the NT buildings (as well as the all-important Halliday Bldg). These individuals should have plenty of fuel, as well as extra generators for when one is destroyed.


At one point, The Cater Building's adjacent revive point was indoors at Gill Building. This caused many problems as locals seemed utterly incapable of grasping the concept that it was not a safehouse, but a revive point; and that any barricading done there would prevent zombies from being brought back to life. After repeated warnings; and later, outright threats; repeat offenders were targeted and slain. It was explained to them why this had to take place.

Subsequently, Necrolepsy decided future revive points would be open-air to avoid further confusion. Sadly, a handful of Warriors who took part in the executions were placed on a PK List with bounties placed on all of their heads. Upon returning from Treweeke Mall and resting at Lord Blvd PD for the night, Necrolepsy was slain.

Upon further investigation, this list proved inaccurate and difficult to maintain. It has been decided that anyone pursuing a bounty within the suburb of Dunningwood have effectively declared themselves enemies of the Warriors. Empirical evidence of the reason for the bounty must be provided or any kills made will effectively make you a PK, instead. You will be treated accordingly.

The instigator of the bounty list incident was Olivia Hunter. She had been caught in the crossfire of the Gill Building executions, and sought revenge against the Warriors who had killed her. This obviously caused great discord between both parties. After weeks of shots fired back and forth between some members of the Warriors and Olivia, it was decided that a truce was in order, as survivors killing each other only furthered the zombie cause.

As of such the Dunningwood Warriors do not honour bounties. However there is an exception for all residents of Dunningwood where by they are allowed to kill a person who is on the Warriors KOS list as long as they anounce their intentions before the deed. The Warriors only place people who have been seen by Warriors commiting malicious acts such as player killing.


There is a policy you may have heard of before which stipulates cemeteries all over Malton should be treated as revivification centers. Dunningwood does indeed have a cemetery within its borders (Cemetery 90,20) but zombies should know not to expect to be revived if they wait here. We have three NecroTech locations and each of these boasts an active revive point in an adjacent empty street. It can hardly be said these services are inconvenient. Then again, if you stop and wait at the cemetery you shouldn't necessarily expect NOT to be revived; that would be very difficult for us to enforce.


The Warriors run three Revive Points at Penni Street (94, 26), Risdon Boulevard (97, 27) and Horler Square (97, 21). We try to keep them running as efficiently as possible, however sometimes revive points can get overcrowded. In this case we ask you to please check the other revive points for shorter ques if you are currently in one of 10 Zombies or more. This allows for quicker revivification of your character and allows civilians to find you easier.


The Warriors have instituted a new Barricade policy for Dunningwood. All buildings are to be maintained at the maximum degree of "Very Strongly" (otherwise known as "VS+2") unless noted otherwise here:

A) All office buildings (indicated in purple on the city map), of which there are thirteen in this suburb including the three NecroTech locations and our cell tower, the Halliday Building, are to be maintained at "Heavily" or above. The only practical purpose non-NT or cell tower office buildings serve in the game is to allow unwilling survivors to commit suicide and return to undeath; this policy impedes that objective as well as providing multiple islands of extreme fortification in a sea of already very defensible locations.

A.1) The Halliday Building (Dunningwood) (96, 25), our cell tower in the suburb of Dunningwood, is to be maintained at the "Extremely Heavily" level. Communication among survivors over great distances is one of our most significant advantages in-game and is worth protecting.

A.2) The Cater Building (97, 28), one of three NecroTech locations in Dunningwood and the one closest to the center of the suburb, likewise needs to be maintained at "Extremely Heavily." This is effectively a secondary headquarters for the Dunningwood Warriors but also has the highest traffic at its adjacent revive point and is thus a priority target for aggressive zombie mobs and hordes.

A.3) The Vetch Building (Dunningwood) (93, 26), one of three NecroTech locations in Dunningwood is used by The Dunningwood Warriors specifically to revive zombies with Brain Rot. It follows the normal guidelines for barricading, but Dunningwood Warriors may tear down the barricades for a short period specifically to accommodate a zombie with Brainrot that wishes to return to the land of the living.

B) During a time of crisis, the barricades at strategically important buildings (the hospital, PDs and NecroTech buildings, specifically) may be raised to maximum levels to help ensure that the occupants of these builds remain safe and able to help other nearby survivors.

C) Some nearby suburbs are a nightmare to navigate due to overbarricading, even to those with the Free Running skill. The Dunningwood Warriors will not tolerate this in our own suburb. In instances of extreme or repeated overbarricading, the Dunningwood Warriors will send members with crowbars to bring the barricades down to a reasonable level. This is done to ensure the safety of all survivors in the suburb.

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