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East Becktown Defenders are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 05:43, 2 May 2020 (UTC) Not Inactive?

We're standing Beck to Beck!
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The East Becktown Defenders have ceased all official operations.

Thanks for a great 4 years everyone, it was an amazing journey but all good things must come to an end.
Signing off
The East Becktown Defenders {2016 - 2020}

The Official Announcement | In Memoriam

We've Got Your Beck!

The East Becktown Defenders are a formidable confederacy of Military, Scientist and Civilian classes who strive to maintain a strong survivor presence in East Becktown. While our priority is to keep Tactical Resource Points up and running, we can often be found liaising with our allies and locals of the area, having deep conversations with the less-than-alive Daubeney Resident Zambahz, or making the occasional field trip to Caiger Mall.

The EBD were founded on May 1st, 2016 by Staubach. Having spent a few weeks prior patrolling around Caiger Mall and the Darvall Heights/West Becktown/East Becktown borders, Staubach decided to dedicate himself to the protection of the Tactical Resource Points in the suburb of East Becktown. Having previously worked on a short term reclamation project in April with George Strongarm and John Dorian MD in West Becktown, a project assisted by the Dunell Hills Police Department, Staubach decided on a more permanent solution for the neglected East Becktown.

With his two colleagues from the previous project by his side, the East Becktown Defenders became a reality. They were soon joined by several other survivors on the NecroConnect forums. Later, they moved their central operations to Discord, where they organize to this day.

East Becktown Defenders
Once you go Beck, you never go back!
Founded: May 2016
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Benjamin Moore
Goals: To maintain the safehouses, TRP's and Revive Points of East Becktown.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors. No PKers or Death Cultists.
Contact: Find us on Discord

EBD SitRep

Get the newest report.

The streets are empty and every sound echoes through the abandoned buildings. East Becktown is a ghost town... Over 60 zed here. You can bet your sweet behind barricades are coming down left right and center.

EBD Scouts report the suburb to be completely ruined. It's a big mess if you ask me.

All reports suggest the suburb is engulfed in darkness. Not a good sign. The Mobile Phone Mast in the Percival Building is up and running, and so is the one in Richmond Hills.

Loney Row PD is in ruins, which means we'll have to get our firepower from outside of the suburb...

The Daubeney Building has been ruined, looks like the Daubeney Resident Zambahz have reclaimed their home again.

All reports from the Soldiers of Crossmen are saying Darvall Heights is safe right now, however their HQ has fallen.

Current Status of East Becktown's TRPs

NecroTech Facilities:


Auto Repair shops:

Police Department:


Fire Stations

Current Activity

We are currently in East Becktown!

If you need to be revived or could use a First Aid Kit, feel free to let us know on the talk page or send us a message on Discord.

The same goes for anyone who would be willing to join the East Becktown Defenders.

- - - -

Note that all current activity will be purposely kept vague for safety reasons.
More detailed reports of our actions can be found on our History page, with a short delay to guarantee the safety of all Defenders and our allies.


Staubach, in reply to Kaiden Inshabel, talking about the EBD graffiti
No doubt that we're the hottest rising and dare I say coolest pro survivor group to be a part of at the moment.

I honestly think we've breathed a wee bit of oxygen into Malton and UD.


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