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We're standing Beck to Beck!
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Our dear Defenders, Friends, Knights, Cops, Soldiers and other assorted vagabonds,

This year’s commemoration of our humble founding in 2016 will also mark a second, less joyous occasion.

On the 1st of May, 2020, the East Becktown Defenders will officially end its operations within our glorious city. For 4 years now, the EBD have been a constant in Malton and it's been one hell of a ride. From the early days, when we celebrated each new member as a vindication of our existence, and the parties in the Powe Arms, all the way through the endless back and forth at Caiger and our surprisingly friendly (yet undead) neighbours within the Daubeney, to finally end now, in the twilight of our group's history.

A special thanks is warranted to all friends and fiends who made those 4 years so memorable and enjoyable, including but not limited to:

  • The Dunell Hills Police Department
  • The Soldiers of Crossman
  • The Department of Emergency Management (including the MPD, MFD, MCDU and the Marshalls)
  • The Knights Templar
  • The Ridleybank Resistance Front
  • The Daubeney Resident Zambahz
  • ...and plenty of others that I'm sure we're forgetting for the moment, but know that we love you nonetheless.
  • A very special thanks is also in place for those among our own ranks who have defined the course of the group over the past few years:
  • Staubach, the founder and first leader of the EBD, thanks for the kick off and we love you, wherever you are these days.
  • Benjamin Moore, who took over when Staubach left and has been leading the EBD through the majority of its existence.
  • Bob Moncrief, as solid a force to be reckoned with within the EBD as in every other part of UD he's involved in.
  • Johnny Threefingers, for being the most shenanigany of us all, we also wouldn't have the wiki prescience we have without your hard work (btw, NO, YOU ARE NOT OWED A POOL TABLE).
  • Our regulars, who have made sure that everything was bigger, more fun and considerably more difficult to do than we initially planned: MicoolTNT, Matt Langley Heron, Simcoe. Thanks for giving us smiles, success and grey hairs, you crazy bastards. A fond and nostalgic thank you also to all of our members that have come (and sometimes gone) over the past 4 years, including (but not limited to) George Strongarm, John Dorian MD, Booker Little, Kaiden Inshabel Ted Franken, Piromaniack, DatBoi, Lee Liu, DrSmartz, AssassinT90, Major Jack Levanski, VGStrife, TheRileyQuinn, JakeG, Bobb Johnston, Chuck Webb, Gipsy Danger, Jack Anthony, JoshuaAcquin, Kit Owens, Latyon, LuckyT, Scruffles02, Stevey Plant, TyGuy6, Keicomb, Uncle Leeroy, and many, many others. We've set our final day as an active group on the First of May 2020 for a couple of reasons. First of all, being active for precisely 4 years seems like a clean way to finish this adventure. Secondly, it'll give us time to make sure that everyone involved with the group knows what's happening and can move on in their own ways. Some of us will continue their adventure within the boundaries of Malton. For others, the EBD is their final stop before moving on to other, less zombie-infested pastures. For all of us, it's been a sort of family in this weird, obscure game that somehow still exists. The good times and the bad. The repairs and the ruins. The parties and the zergs. The good allies and the great enemies. There will come a day when the last citizen of Malton will wander around and see nothing but crossed out names on his contact list, and the memories of the EBD will have faded into the darkest and dustiest corners of the internet. But we are happy and utterly grateful to each and every one of you for making sure that for 4 brief years, we were part of Urban Dead's history. If you think of us, visit the Powe Arms, that little brown square in the center of the larger square of East Becktown in the west of the very big square that we call Malton. Search for a bottle, and throw it at one of your friends. It's what we would have wanted.
    Signing off for the very last time, The East Becktown Defenders {2016 - 2020}