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Edmund General United
Abbreviation: EDU
Group Numbers: Somewhere around a dozen souls
Leadership: Majority vote
Goals: To keep Edmund General open for patients day or night and to support any and all who fight the zombie hordes
Recruitment Policy: Join up on NecroConnect
Contact: EvelynEmrys

Welcome to Edmund General Hospital

of Malton

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.31 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: N/A

We are Edmund General United, a small yet growing group of highly trained Medical professionals dedicated to providing valued healthcare and keeping our hospital open day and night for the citizens of Grigg Heights. If a zombie's gnawed on your toe or you're feeling a bit out of sorts after a Rotter bit you in the neck, come on in! We're here to help. We are based at Edmund General Hospital in the North West area of the suburb, and we also specialize in revivification through our very own revive point, Sherring Place, located one block south of the hospital at (1,52).

Our ultimate goal is to unite the 4 Edmund General Hospitals of Malton (Grigg Heights, Shearbank, Peddlesden Village, and Judgewood) into one Group. So if you're based in any of these suburbs, and wish to help us, please visit our Forum [1] or Send a message to Eve on her Talk Page and let us know.

Forum & Recruitment

A forum at NecroConnect has just been made, so if you're a EDU member already, sign up there. A public forum is there, for anyone wanting to contact us in that way.

For member access:

  1. Sign up at the NecroConnect forums
  2. Click on "Preferences" at the top
  3. Select "Joinable Groups"
  4. "Request Approval" for Edmund General United
  5. Include your profile link in the notes
Edmund General United
This user is assisting EDU as a Non-existing Entity

Let others know of your support!

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If you're new or old to Malton and Grigg Heights and would like to assist in our cause, head on over to our Human Resources Department to apply!

In The Lobby

Items of interest overheard in the lobby

  • "Grraaanhh? Zmbahr rwa brrhaannzzzz! Hr hr hr!"
  • ""very nice .. now go find somewhere else to ransack! shoo! shoo! zombies Shoo!""
  • "Who shit on my desk?"
  • "Harman grab mah banana manbag...harh harh harh harm harmanz"[Sticky Jones]
  • "Nam nam nam! Harman bra!nz!"[Grumio]

Edmund Lobby Magazine and Newspaper Rack:

(Please read while you wait)

Top News from the city of Malton
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News/Story the testimonial of the last man alive at the fall of fort creedy, Edited by Harvey Levin
News/Interview A short interview with Alpharius of the Gibsonton Nationals, By Les Nessman
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