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Surgical Tips and Recommended Inventory

Rocs says: "Be Prepared!"

We here at Edmund recognize that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips we've gathered to make your stay here (whether as Patient or Staff) as comfortable as possible:

  • Newspapers! We've all been throwing them away, right? Well, don't! They make great Christmas wrappers, and are equally suitable for stuffing gaping chest wounds. As an added benefit, the specialized inks used by the Malton Gazette contain antibacterial properties not found in other Malton publications.
  • In the event that you don't have access to a Mall Sporting Goods store, shoelaces can be used in place of sutures, i.e. Tennis Racket strings; either your own (acceptable), or those of the recently deceased (preferred).
  • Though wirecutters are discarded routinely by frustrated Maltonians, we at Edmund recognize their potential. From Dentistry to Proctology, these handy little gizmos have proven their worth time and time again.
  • A fencing foil has been used on more than one occasion, in lieu of the titanium rods preferred in the medical community, by Doctor Meddik, for joining large bones rent asunder by angry zeds. A Golf Club could likely serve in the same capacity, if you can find a Doctor willing to give his/hers up. Good luck with that.
  • When viewed through the reverse, binoculars make an acceptable microscope.
  • During a heavy siege medics should carry a Length of Pipe for use as a snorkel if the dead bodies become too deep. Also useful during emergency thoracostomies (use for chest tube).

While FAKs are obviously any physician's number one priority, they aren't the only tool in the arsenal. It's recommended that each member carry a mobile phone and a DNA Extractor.

Communication is essential. The Ashwin Building (3, 56) houses the phone mast in Grigg Heights. If you're passing by it, or through, take note of its status. While not our highest priority, it's nevertheless important to maintain power and EHB++ barricades at that location.

The DNA Extractor has proven its worth in the field, even for those uninterested in a career with NecroTech. It will give you the option to be selective in your targeting, observing which zeds are more powerful, and hence more dangerous. Why waste ammo and AP taking out that Level 3 zed wandering the streets when there's a Level 38 knocking at the door of the hospital?

Very important: Do Not Combat Revive, Ever!

Revivification needles aren't weapons, don't use them as such. Save those needles for your comrades who may fall in battle, and will actually want to be revived. You may log in to a breached Edmund, with no weapons or FAKs, and the temptation to use that needle to drop a zed might be great, but resist! He will only stand right back up and wreak havoc, perhaps worse than before since now he'll have access to buildings via Free Running. Instead, use your AP to maintain the barricades, and once they're at VSB++ spend a few searching for FAKs. Don't use all your AP doing it, though. It's better to do nothing, but have the ability to react, than it is to be caught sleeping due to lack of AP. Check in often, instead, because you can be sure that's what the zeds will be doing. Does this make you a Meatshield? Possibly. Is it geared toward the survival of Edmund General and the Doc's who'll be working hard to heal and revive? Definitely.

What goes along with this, obviously, is the idea that the nearest NT Buildings are of greatest priority. Without ready access to needles, these policies are much less effective. For more on this subject, including alternatives, see Dam Tactics, River Tactics, Distributed Defense, and Anti siege strategy.

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