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What is EH-bitching?

EH-bitching (pronounced Ee-Eich-Bitching, sometimes pronounced "aei-bitching") is the act of deliberately barricading a building to Extremely Heavily Barricaded for no good reason. The term comes from the abbreviation for Extremely Heavy, EH. It refers to people who cannot follow instructions (in this case, the instructions are the Uniform Barricading Policy or a polite request to lower the barricades). In some player circles, it is an act of griefing against newbies who cannot yet buy freerunning. New players who buy construction and "EH-bitch" usually are not considered as such if they do not know that what they are doing is wrong. On the other hand, by the time most players buy construction, they are familiar with the rules of the game.

What proponents believe

Proponents of EH-bitching generally believe that barricading a building to EHB is a necessary precaution to take to ensure that hazards to the player (zombies, PKers and others) remain at-bay. They argue that it is perfectly reasonable to expect many building to be at EHB as zombie groups are rapidly becoming more organized (MOB Strike Teams are a perfect example). Also, zombie players (especially career zombies) target lower barricades all of the time. Barricading a building to EHB forces those who want in to either have freerunning or to spend 30+ AP to knock it down. It is also a great strategy to use during sieges and large-scale attacks, because buildings barricaded lower than EHB are immediately knocked down by larger hordes. Also, freerunning is not a very difficult skill to obtain; it's free to military scouts, costs 100xp for civilians and costs 75XP for military classes.

What opponents believe

Opponents of EH-bitching say that it is incredibly counter-productive to do so due to the large numbers of newbie survivors who do not have freerunning. Freerunning is, in fact, a very expensive skill for all but the military class: it costs 100XP for civilians and 150xp for scientists. For new characters, this may take as long as a week to obtain: an entire week in which they are unsure of whether they are safe or not. In many cases, having freerunning as a starting skill (choosing the scout class) will have you labelled as a PKer and killed. Because many resource buildings are EH-bitched on a constant basis, many characters fail to receive the resources they need. Newbies who use handguns or shotguns cannot get ammo for their weapons, and therefore cannot make enough XP to gain freerunning. This is especially true for scientist classes. Many survivors, especially newbies, cannot find a suitable safehouse within their 50AP limit due to EH-bitching and sleep on the street or in an unsafe area, thus waking up dead and having to spend many more AP heading to a revive point and waiting for help. The zombie-to-survivor ratio varies, but there are generally more survivors than zombies, hence there is no good reason to overbarricade. Opponents generally believe that EH-bitching ruins the fun of the game and does not help anybody but the ones who do it.

Badges for your wiki pages

Padlockunlock.jpg No EH-bitching
This user/group does not support barricading over Extremely Heavy without a good reason. Remember: overbarricading kills. Literally.
Padlocklock.jpg I'm EH-OK!
This user/group supports barricading to Extremely Heavy no matter what the costs. It's an inevitable part of the game when 100+ zombies are knocking on your door.
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