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Ejército Maltano de Liberación Nacional

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The EMLN believes in these six pillars of free Malton, and encourage other groups to support them.:

1. No citizen or group of Malton should be subject to the laws or rules of another.

2. No citizen or group of Malton should be persecuted based on their beliefs alone.

3. Citizens of Malton shall have freedom of speech.

4. Citizens of Malton shall have freedom of movement.

5. Citizens of Malton shall have the freedom to defend themselves from any invading force, zombie, pker or survivor.

6. No citizen or group of Malton shall make use of any type of cheating.

The EMLN'S Personal Constitution:

Article One: No EMLN member shall kill innocents. Every death must be a means toward an end.

Article Two: The EMLN shall recognize no laws of any other groups. The EMLN is a seperate entity and as such shall police and govern itself.

Article Three: Important offices within the EMLN shall be chosen through direct democratic vote, and office shall be held for a amount of time determined by the office in question, as specified below.

Article Four: The EMLN shall assist any group in their fight for freedom, as long as the fight is for a good purpose, and manpower is available.

Article Five: The EMLN shall consider any unprovoked attack on itaself or one of it's allies as an act against freedom, and shall react accordingly. Provoked attacks will be allowed, as any citizen of Malton has the right to defend him/herself under Pillar Five of Free Malton.

Article Six: Those who die in the name of freedom shall have their names recorded and remembered for all time.

Election of Officials: The positions of Comandante and Subcomandante will be decided through direct democratic vote. Voting for comandante will be held every four months, or until he decides or is forced to step down (also a vote). Voting for Subcomandante shall be held every two months, or until the subcomandante resigns or is forced out of office. Officials may run for as many turns as they wish. Elections will be held only if there is a stable group base (decided through vote).