Earletown Rangers

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Earletown Rangers

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Earletown Rangers
Abbreviation: ER
Group Numbers: 0 Active Members
Leadership: None
Goals: Defending Earletown, healing and reviving survivors, maintaining barricades and radio outposts.
Recruitment Policy: See our Recruitment Policy
Contact: NOTICE: Group Inactive
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Private "Rangers Only" Forum

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This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

Group History

The Earletown Rangers were originally formed in November 2009 as a sub-group of Zombra's Pub known back then as "Zombra's Pub Rangers". The sub-group was led by Taco2, a sassy no-nonsense woman who knew how to get the job done, and the group's primary tactical objective was to restore security to Earletown after the Militant Order of Barhah had rolled through and destroyed the entire suburb. Taco2 began her recruitment mission in Dunningwood where she hoped to find fresh recruits that she could mold into a deadly combat unit. Among the first to enlist was HiteiKan. With new members swelling their ranks the Rangers' first task was to travel from Dunningwood back to Earletown, all while dealing with any threats posed by the MOB or the many ferals which now roamed the streets and ruined buildings of Northeast Malton. Eventually the Rangers' efforts to help rebuild and fight the zombie menace attracted the attention of Sgt Erikson of the RHVP who worked together with the Rangers. Eventually Sgt Erikson would depart, returning to his home suburb of Rolt Heights, however so impressed was he with the Rangers that he chose to later return as a full-fledged member, Ed "Lasers" Zeplin.

After Earletown's zombie situation had settled down, in no small part thanks to the efforts of the Rangers, Taco2 decided to break from Zombra's Pub, thus officially forming the survivor group you see before you... the Earletown Rangers.

In February 2011 the Earletown Rangers were officially listed as "Inactive". It was the end of a group whose proud legacy of defending the survivors of Earletown would live well beyond their time.

Historical Group Operations

"Firefly" Campaign Medal Operation Lightning Bug - (Nov 12-Dec 12, 2009): Reclamation and Restoration of Zombra's Pub and the suburb of Earletown. This operation contributed considerably to disorient the remaining zombie forces still within the suburb and permitted Earletown's resource buildings to remain unmolested long enough to recover from the Militant Order of Barhah's invasion. All those who participated in this operation were hereby awarded the "Firefly" campaign medal.

"Candy Cane" Campaign Medal Operation Candy Cane - (Dec 20-28, 2009): The campaign began in Yagoton where the Rangers were conducting long-range operations to acquire new medical and ammunition supplies. The campaign concluded with a sweeping operation along 5 suburbs which ended with a dramatic arrival back in Earletown on the 27th of December. During the final leg of the campaign the Rangers restored both Clare General Hospital, several local factories, and reclaimed the Acourt Arms. All those who participated in this operation were hereby awarded the "Candy Cane" campaign medal.

New Year's Eve Ambush New Year's Eve Ambush - (Dec 31, 2009): While not an official campaign, this ribbon commemorates those brave Rangers who were ambushed by a massive zombie mob while defending St. Alban's Hospital in Rhodenbank. The Lieutenant, Alpha and Charlie squads all bought the farm that day.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.58 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Earletown


The Rangers are a pro-survivor group whose mission focus in Malton is threefold:

  1. Conduct regular recon patrols along Earletown's border and inside neighboring suburbs.
  2. Protect all innocent survivors currently sheltering inside Earletown's borders.
  3. Conduct long-range missions to gather recon, medical supplies, and ammunitions.


There are three hospitals located in Earletown: