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Earletown Rangers

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The following are a list of alliances arranged between the Earletown Rangers and other like-minded pro-survivor groups:

Allied Groups/Organizations Suburb Operation Zone(s)
Burchell Arms Regulars Rolt Heights
Dulston Alliance Dulston, Pescodside, Rhodenbank, Rolt Heights
Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol Rolt Heights
Zombra's Pub Earletown

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EarletownRangers sm.png Earletown Rangers Alliance
A staunch ally of the Earletown Rangers.


As a member group of the Dulston Alliance the Earletown Rangers work together with their fellow allies to uphold law and order within Malton by executing those criminals shown on the Alliance's Black List. However, in addition to those individual criminals who have been convicted on the Black List, the Rangers have compiled a list of other hostile forces which have murdered our members or sabotaged our efforts to secure Malton against the zombie hordes. All enemies listed here are to be executed on sight.

Hostile Groups/Organizations Conflict Reason(s) Status
777 Group members are wanted for serial murder and "zerging". Truce
Big Coffin Hunters Group members are wanted for serial murder. Truce