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    May 2016

  • May 1st: The East Becktown Defenders are formed. Founding members: Staubach, George Strongarm and John Dorian MD.
  • May 2nd: Staubach contacts the Dunell Hills Police Department, requesting assistance in East Becktown.
  • May 4th: DNA extracts logged for all three known members of local zombie group, the Daubeney Resident Zambahz.
  • May 6th: Booker Little joins the EBD.
  • May 7th: Help from the Dunell Hills Police Department arrives in the form of Damien Laplant.
  • May 10th: Benjamin Moore joins the EBD.
  • May 12th: Damien Laplant leaves East Becktown and returns to Dunell Hills. Caiger Mall falls into undead hands.
  • May 13th: Kaiden Inshabel joins the EBD. A massive influx of zombies enter East Becktown.
  • May 14th: Benjamin Moore contacts the DRZ in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations.
  • May 15th: Evidence emerges that the high number of zombies in the suburb are a result of zerging.
  • May 16th: Kaiden Inshabel contacts DRZsmall.jpg the DRZ using their own unique dialect in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations.
  • May 17th: The huge number of zombies in the suburb begins to take its toll. Many buildings and TRPs fall to the undead threat.
  • May 19th: Almost the entire group, scattered across East Becktown, are killed and looking for revives.
  • May 20th: Johnny Threefingers joins the EBD. The EBD apply for official allied status with the DHPD.
  • May 21st: Dhpd.jpg The DHPD accept the EBD's application for official allied status.
  • May 22nd: With the EBD back on their feet, repairs and barricade construction begins in earnest across East Becktown.
  • May 23rd: 53 zombies seen inside the Attwell Building. A chance meeting between Kaiden Inshabel and the DRZ results in no one getting eaten or shot.
  • May 25th: Piromaniack joins the EBD.
  • May 27th: After working busily for days to restore the suburb, the EBD are again hit hard by zergs. Most of the group are killed but quickly revived.
  • May 29th: Staubach contacts the Knights Templar and the Soldiers of Crossman requesting alliances.
  • May 30th: SoC star.png The SoC accept the EBD's application for official allied status
  • June 2016

  • June 1st: KnightsTemplar.png The Knights Templar accept the EBD's application for official allied status
  • June 2nd: After much internal debate, the EBD reluctantly decide to evacuate East Becktown and head to Dunell Hills.
  • June 3rd: Benjamin Moore and Johnny Threefingers establish a working and secure field hospital in Dunell Hills.
  • June 6th: With the DHPD evacuating the zombie dominated suburb of Dunell Hills, the EBD establish a new field hospital at St. Werburgh's Hospital.
  • June 8th: DatBoi joins the EBD.
  • June 9th: Staubach gives the order for the EBD to return to East Becktown.
  • June 11th: The EBD secure a small cluster of buildings in the NE corner of Lukinswood to serve as a base of operations.
  • June 15th: The EBD establish their policy towards random acts of PKing perpetrated on EBD members.
  • June 18th: Although the SE corner of East Becktown remains stable, the rest of the suburb continues to be contested between the living and the undead.
  • June 19th: The EBD receive reports that Caiger Mall is back under survivor control.
  • June 20th: Lee Liu joins the EBD.
  • June 22nd: Several members of the EBD restock their depleted inventories at the rejuvenated Caiger Mall.
  • June 26th: Seven days of peace at Caiger Mall coincides with a week of relative stability in East Becktown.
  • June 27th: DrSmartz joins the EBD. Caiger Mall once more falls into undead hands.
  • June 28th: Simcoe joins the EBD. The group coordinate efforts to assist the refugees filtering into East Becktown from Caiger Mall.
  • July 2016

  • Jul 2nd: AssassinT90 joins the EBD.
  • Jul 3rd: The East Becktown Defenders feature on the official Urban Dead Group Rankings page for the first time.
  • Jul 6th: The EBD host a lavish party to celebrate their status in the Group Rankings, expertly organized by Johnny Threefingers and Benjamin Moore.
  • Jul 10th: Caiger Mall is back under survivor control.
  • Jul 13th: MicoolTNT joins the EBD. The East Becktown Defenders launch Operation COWBOY.
  • Jul 18th: Operation COWBOY concludes and is considered by all a resounding success. Within 5 days, the entire West Becktown area has been mapped and secured, with 43 buildings being reclaimed.
  • Jul 23rd: Staubach steps down as leader of the EBD and leaves the group.
  • Jul 28th: Benjamin Moore is appointed the new leader of the EBD.
  • August 2016

  • Aug 1st: The DEM Badge.jpg DEM accepts the EBD's application for official allied status. The EBD starts Operation Lukinswood.
  • Aug 3rd: Major Jack Levanski joins the EBD.
  • Aug 11th: Operation Lukinswood is concluded and considered a success.
  • Aug 25th: The EBD accept an invitation from the Knights Templar to participate in a joint operation in Santlerville.
  • Aug 27th: Operations start in Santlerville, with a skeleton crew manning the stations in East Becktown.
  • Aug 28th: Santlerville seems to be firmly in the hands of a horde calling itself the Nazi Zombies. EBD Leader Benjamin Moore falls as their first victim at St. Emelia's Church.
  • Aug 28th: With the main force of the EBD in Santlerville, local zombies take their chances and attack several hospitals in central East Becktown and clash with EBD members, including Piromaniack.
  • Aug 30th: The first attempt to reclaim Dowdney Mall is cancelled after a preemptive strike by the undead on several gathering points.
  • September 2016

  • Sept 1st: VGStrife joins the EBD.
  • Sept 1st: Combined assaults on Dowdney Mall have drawn most undead forces towards it, leaving the rest of Santlerville open for reclamation by the EBD and Knights Templar. Several TRPs are put back in action and barricades pop up around the suburb. Chivers Avenue quickly becomes a revive hotspot.
  • Sept 3rd: A small group of 5-6 undead attack EBD positions in East Becktown. Most buildings are held, but several in the south of the suburb fall to the horde.
  • Sept 4th: The zombie horde in East Becktown has grown and now occupies most of the EBD bases. The Powe Arms falls for the first time since the EBD Stat Party 2016.
  • Sept 5th-6th: Odd reports of almost two dozen peaceful zombies inside Stickling Mall pour in from the EBD/KT task force members. Apparently they are not ransacking the building or attacking survivors.
  • Sept 9th: EBD members report Caiger Mall to be decorated with Christmas lights. Johnny Threefingers reports he feels disgusted by the amount of kitsch.
  • Sept 12th: A free running corridor is set up in Santlerville to enable safe passage into the Mall.
  • Sept 15th: Dowdney Mall is in survivor hands for the first time since the start of the operation.
  • Sept 17th: Piromaniack reclaims the last few buildings of the EBD Bunker. Only Gresley Cinema remains in zombie hands.
  • Sept 19th: Johnny Threefingers takes a picture of Dowdney Mall after the hordes retook it.
  • Sept 23rd - 28th: Subsequent attacks on Dowdney yield little results. Chivers Avenue once again is the busiest place in the suburb, as many members of the KT, EBD and even some of the SoC require revives on a near daily basis. Losses are heavy, but overall morale is great.
  • October 2016

  • Oct 2nd: TheRileyQuinn joins the EBD.
  • Oct 3rd: The Op with the Knights Templar ends, and the EBD head home.
  • Oct 15th: JakeG joins the EBD.
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