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We're standing Beck to Beck!
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"It's alive! It's alliiiiiive! Thank you. We will now proceed with making horrible amounts of template calls for very little use."

This is a general list of tools the EBD has developed.

Danger Reports

Event Templates

Wiki Projects

  • Random Stub - A template that spawns a random stub location, to be fixed by the person who clicked the link.

Handy Templates

  • EBDQuoteCycler - The template that cycles between quotes on the EBD Homepage.
  • EBDTRPStatus - Creates a coloured block, based on the status of the building's Danger Report fed to the template.
  • EBD/ZedCountCycle - Counts the amount of zombies in a suburb, based on the EMR fed to it. (reverse engineered EMR)
  • EBD/PowerLevelCycle - Gives a description of the amount of lit buildings in a suburb, based on the EMR fed to it. (reverse engineered EMR)
  • EBD/SafeHospitalCounter - Asigns 1 or 0 to buildings fed to it, based on whether they're safe or not.
  • EBD/SafeHospitalCounter2 - Counts up to 6 buildings, based on the above template.
  • EBD/MPMStatusCounter - Asigns a 1 or 0 value, based on whether the MPM is active on any location fed to it.


These projects are works in progress and are not guaranteed to work properly.

  • Project 6 -The demo page for the EBD SitRep.
  • Project 18 - Prototype of a complete revamp of the East Becktown page.
  • Project 20 - Prototype dashboard for the EBD leader.
  • Project 21 - Barricade Policy template for EB non-TRP's, based on Project 13.
  • Project 21 (TRP) - Same as above, but for TRP's.
  • Project 23 -A 5th of November Countdown Clock.