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Therefore, enlightened rulers and good generals who are able to obtain intelligent agents as spies are certain for great achievements. Sun Tzu the Art of War

Welcome to the Unknown Armies - The Underground Intelligence Network

The Malton branch of the Unknown Armies was formed in Dec. ‘05 by Sgt Milton to provide additional support to organizations, mainly obtaining and analyzing information about the enemy. A second function of the Group is to act as a "shadow force" for the client, engaging in "covert actions" such as sabotage and assassination.


The Unknown Armies is under contract by the Eastonwood Ferals

White, Grey and Black Operations

Gathering Information

The main purpose of the UAG is gathering Information of enemy groups - analysing their strength and weaknesses. Therefore the UAG is maintaining a profile database of enemy combatants and agents.


The UAG Agents are trained in eliminating enemy agents and operatives to slow down recon missions and sabotage operations.


The UAG sometimes carry out missions with the target to destroy infrastructure and communications and to weaken enemy fortifications.

Misinformation and Propaganda

UAG-Agents are using a wide array of propaganda techniques to weaken the moral of enemy combatants and to confuse them. Common techniques are the destroying of signs of designated regroup areas and the spray painting of slogans on walls and buildings.

Art of Spying

The Unknown Armies do not use meta-game spying like infiltrating enemy forums or boards. We only use in-game and public information.

Art of Killing

The Unknown Armies members, when revived, are members of a PK group.

Illegal Operations

The UAG does not use illegal methods i.e. Multi-Abuse, Zerging or Hacking to obtain data or to eliminate their targets. Furthermore the UAG do not use inappropriate or insulting propaganda. Spray-paintings that attack a group directly with low content are definitely not from an UAG agent.

Trenchcoat Disclaimer

The Unknown Armies is not a "hardcore militaristic super soldier group". We try to give revived zombies a RP background so that they can fight against the survivors even in human form. Most UAG agents are in zombie form most of the time and get reactivated to UAG duty when revived.


  • unknownarmies@mail.ru
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