Easy Company, 2nd Battalion

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Easy Company, 2nd Battalion

Easy Company
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Abbreviation: E Co
Group Numbers: Combat Ineffective
Leadership: Lieutenants
Goals: Grow, learn, make mistakes, have fun, help survivors.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all non-PKer survivors
Contact: Contact Easy Company through chain of command
During the first days of the Malton Incident, the British government pled for help from anyone who would listen. The result was that foreign troops poured into Malton. One of these units was Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Facing disbandment after the Second World War, Easy was eager to prove itself. However, the jump was a disaster, and most of the men were separated. The ranking officer, First Lieutenant Sean Malarkey, is currently trying to link up with the bulk of his men and prepare an LP/OP in the city.
Recruitment is open so far. Most members of the group are low-level, however we are not "noobs." Forum is located here
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Unit Roster

CO- 1st LT Sean Malarkey
XO- 2nd LT Carwood Compton
Company Sergeant- 1SG Albert "Top" Royle

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