Echo of silence

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Echo Of Silence
Abbreviation: EoS
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Pixelguy
Goals: To wipe out the zeds in wyke hills
Recruitment Policy: Humans and zombies
Contact: [1]

Echo of silence is not a normal zombie group as it's leader is human it is a group made up of those zombies and humans that bellieve malton is bias towards the zombie hords as the zombies seem to be slowly taking over malton.

what we believe in

In this group it is believed that zombies are slowly are slowly completely eradicating the humans from their own city and that the complete ransacking of entire suburbs is wrong so we make ourstand now as for many years malton has been a broken city we the humans have been shun conquered and opressed by those zombies we put in the grave but now we take back the city we fight all those who oppose us, we take back fort creedy, we uphold the honour of shearbank we conquer all that is zombie.

Where we stand in Malton

We currently opperate in Wyke Hills inside Screech Lane Police Department and the blocks adjacent to it.And we try to keep the police station extremely heavily baricade and St Celestine's Church St. Emelia's Church,The Lodder Building but we leave Chessman Bank enterable by humans.

But untill more people join we stand in Stickling Mall in Shearbank

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