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EDU is a pro-survivor group based out of Edmund General Hospital in North West Grigg Heights, and a member of the Malton Hospitals Group and a supporter of many causes including: Sacred Ground Policy, Malton Rangers, Uniform Barricading Policy, West Malton University and many more!

We aim to eventually include all 4 Edmund General Hospitals of Malton (Grigg Heights, Shearbank, Peddlesden Village and Judgewood into one group. So if you operate out of any of the above, let us know.

Rest assured that by joining our innovative Staff you'll learn many of the finer Surgical Arts including, but not limited to:

Need more? Hear what our adversaries the Lebende Tote had to say about us:
"Edmund is a good survivor group. Hopefully they will get more members so then there will be more for us to kill!" --Doc Smith
"These guys know how to operate! Within 2 minutes of breaking in, they had caded back up to Heavily, repaired the generator twice, and thwarted all my efforts to infect them." --Grumio
"Harman grab mah banana manbag...harh harh harh harm harmanz" --Sticky Jones
"The Totes can attest to Edmund's unoffical slogan 'We want your bowels moving'. Our super secret zombie spy, Mouth of the Totes, stopped by to grab a few FAKs. During Mouth's stay, Doc '3 Fingers' Smithsfieldsoner did a battery of tests on a sleeping Mouth's innards. Mouth exited Edmund sore, but with a clean bill of health and a cleaner colon. Remember, get prostate tests early, get prostate tests often!"

STAFF VACANCIES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Medics and Reviver's, Security Detail, & Interns
Note: We accept all levels and all classes. See our application for list of skills required.

So stop by and fill out an application or request access on NecroConnect today! Your future in Medicine is just a click away.

--Last Updated 16:29, 29 December 2016 (UTC)

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